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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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October 27, 1949
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Approved For Release 2000/05/18 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700490003-9 Ci~~SICI(Ar~oN COU i~iTRY -- 4 ner'1 at urZn,~ n f .~a~s y+~~r~ r'tit~?_ `f'OFI~~_ Soviet 't'roops in the ~OS~iLl1Tu-':~E~:iVSL~C~'.~~' Ax?ea EVALUATION._.`s~e below ,.LACE ~it~iKYNED 25X1A DATE ?BTAItJED DATE PREPARED.... ~'~ (3ctr~ber RE!'E'RENCES PAGLS~ 2 ENCi.OSURES fNO. ~ rrPE),_,_._,_ REN~gRK~. 9 D as u,~sx:'t o ? ~ ~EGI,A5SIFIED _~ lass. C'TA:?~"'"~ T"? : TS S a0~ 4CE 25X1X Ateth hate: 23 .Au~;us t 149 p rAx~ en~inesr convoy of ].~ three--ton tx?uc:ks, carrying; pontoons, and 6 other truck< arriv?d in th? ROSSi,r~U~~ti~EI1kS ~' (^;9 52/~ 17j kassrne. '1'h? trucks had numbers of the seriesa 25X1A Onl.~ arivsrs and assistant drivers were coserve on the vehi- clesn 2~x tt} 26 I:u:7ust 1949 The l'ollowin~ ship~;snts arrived in ROSSLtiU; 24 A u~ru st~~3; Fibout 2O0 troops 1~ to 22 ears f ~ _ , y o a~ey arri- ~v~nf; a `ara a re~;ul ar passenger train. 25 iiu~;ust 1949: About l5a troop9, about ~0 yearq oi' a*e, v-~er~r.,.n:a, a tea den-anchor in:si~nia on black epaule ts, ca~~ryin~s sr~~ll arks ana l5 li?ht r:~achine ?uns, abomrd are~u lag passenr~er train. `t'roops towards the ?fi.~INSDORF~ kaserne, led by two officers ~.~ha had ertrivec3 at the rz~ilroad station in tsie passenger car 25X1A 2F Au~u3t 19.9; One trrxi xa of 2E3 frank ~.ars with gasoline rind scars v.zth to?oo~:ien boXP9 ~sx1c. ~arrcle . Z'he t r~~Iz~ was ghun#~eC to the spur track of tha :?'fEIP~~iDORk' kasern~~. ' 22 Se~atember 1949 3. '1'~-~e fo].low'nT ab$ervatian.3 wore ,iaG~s in tiie Po~,SI,~,:,_~:i~TrdSDC~?i' arena a. Camp ~;;ET1tiSI?nH~' {former i",?T'r~1n miZ i.tary post ac~mi.nistration, part of the former military post hospital., former +anMineer park anc~ former an~i:~eer officer candidate school) ; 4.'axik, artiZl~ry, en~;ineer? am motor- transport units o.f at least three thousanc. troops. f`I.AS~iFPCt~TlC9N S~ ~ ~` 7"!'Kr?.~:,/''S O)~I1C.LA;L OlyL~' ~t~~~~ '~ DATE OF C(3NTENT ~elo~'r Approved For Release 2000/05/18 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700490003-9 .Approved For Release 2000/05/18 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700490003-9 .`.yECG:t:`1'-COT~'1'ItOLJ'~S Okr'ICxAL;~ C~dLY 2 25X1A ~:r.?inner troops wore Gro:~secmaxe insiSnia and crossed-axe- anc:-spade inai~.ia. '1'Yle follotivita.::r ;16taT' vehicle nu