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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 22, 1949
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i" LASSIFICA ioN Approved For ReWWRAZ Q M-kA Ng1 82-0045,FW7p8; INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Ecuador CONFIDENTIAL SUBJECT Revolutionary Plans of the Oprosition 25X1A PLACE ACQUWREDM 25X1A SOURCE 7q DtTE DISTR.. 22 NOV 49 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. Ecuadoran with good contacts in government and army circles 1. National Deputy Manuel Pug a Dillon, one of the principal leaders of the 25X1X 2. subversive revolutionary movem nt in ucuador, reportedly stated that plans had been made to a revolt on 17 October but that they had been postponed because of the death of Manuel Sotomayor y Luna. Puga added that the movement would remain in a state of suspense until Sotoraiayor a s replacement was announced,. If a Liberal or a leftist were elected there would be no revolution,* that the revolutionary movement has been growing, that arms for the revolution have been received from Colombia, and that Dr.. Jose Ricardo Chiriboga Villagroaes, msyor of juito, who is affiliated with the movement, was prepared to ask the traffic police in ,suito to assist in the movement. 25X1X 3. -also states that Dr. Carless Guevara Moreno, eampai manager for Rafael '",endoza Aviles, Independent candidate in the Guayaquil msyoralty elections, recently made a trip with Vendozas to iseraldas and A'.anabi in an attempt to gain support for the revolution in the military units of those areas.. 25X1 X4. most of the army s'ipnort for the movement comes froiii the muss tedt ranks anti the junior officers, while only a small number of high -ranking officers are involved. Major ;'r nuel ;%ntonto Saleado,, commander of the San Antonio tank base near Guayaquil and a stabmrt backer of the movement, is reported to have wined the supnort of almost all of the enlisted personnel of his unit and of most of the sub-lieutenants and the lieutenants.. Salgado had planners to place under arrest the captains and the one major under his command when the revolution tool, place.. However, since plans have been suspended, Salgado,, having gained time to make more effective arrangements, went to Quito and asked the Ministry of Defense to reassign his captains and the major or, the :grounds that they were incompetent and had exhibited conduct un- becoming officers. 25X1X 5. 25X1A - CQmr~eniy: If a Liberal leftist is elected to this vice presidency the revolutionary movement would sttenpt to stage a "constitutional" coup to unseat the revolutionary movement. rsonnel of his unit are prepared to support the Pregide t. STATE NAVY NSR6 I TRiBU7i01V w ARr4Y AtR / ft31 ~. This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next ReyllVpWVeV0Por Release Ruth Date: 2000/05/18: CIA-RDP82-004 25X1A ' R-.^ 77