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December 19, 2016
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March 16, 2006
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November 29, 1949
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L ljizl : Irti/;it ~tJtV ., rt!!?rt i stnelirvrv~ ,.,,.?s A...t ta.,J U .1,1 Approved Fopww,14 e M69w `~ I-A*kNI-00457Rb M@i8 i 2-4 COUNTRY USSR DATE DISTR.: 2fit NOV 49 CONFIDENTIAL 614FORMATION REPORT CD NO. SUBJECT Groups of German .Scientists in the USSR NO. OF PAGES 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1 DATE OF INFi ,TURN TO (IA LIBRARY TU19 OOCUIIRNT COwAIGN %MFORUATION APPBCTINOTRtt 11ATIONAL8ZFHNGN OF Tt1Z CRIYQ0 OTMls 1O1TN1p Vila OCAM1310 OR TN2 POPIO11A0d ACT 60 a. G. C.. Of Apo U. 60 At111NODO. ITO TRAFI901991O I OR TUU RRVCLA71CO OT ITR CONTSI:TO IN AIIY UAIUDO TO AS CUAOTTWIIIDZO PORSCII 10 000- CID379D OT LAW. 080CODOIC71Op 01' TRIO FOR0 10 P110III1ITZO. 25X1 . STATE N$R8 _ DISTRIBUTION ARMY AIR FBI `' ecument No. Change In Class. El Dedarsit;sd . : aag_d Toa T` MAY Approved For Release 2006/04/13: CIA-RDP82004A 1 3-80OO8 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPPLEMENT T REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION Living and t-,orkiv Conditions of Leuna Fersonnel in Dzerzhinsk from 1. tilthough a few Leuna scientists live in the hotel in Igumnovo (approximately 560161N - 43?35), the majority of them live in a large newly built, (1?47) block of small flats in Dzerzhinsk (56015% - 43?24'0 - 2., The following scientis.te are known to be living at these addresses in the large block in Dzerzhin,k: 3, who suffered from-gall-trouble, was offered a six weeks, cure on the black Sea, Fearing that he might not return, he refused the offer, 4., The scientists receive from 5000 to 9000 rubles a month, whereas Soviet workers pet an average of only 300 rubles a month. The food situation has imlroved; food is obtainable on the free market. Textiles and clothes are very expensive o .5~ Beginning in 1949, the scientists, children have been going to a Soviet school, where they are required to learn.Fiussian:. 6. All scientists in the Dzerzhinsk area are allowed to move about freely and often use the Dzerzhinsk-Igurnovo train to get to their place of work. '4henever the political situation is tenser however, (e.g, at the time of the Berlin crisis or the Four--Power Conference) the scientists are escorted by armed guards wherever they go., COW1 INi IAI CLASSIMCATION ns~m i,L__US 01 i rC7i f 0ta1 y r -1y Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003800080002-4 $ /CONNTi3OOL-US CFFICI,S ONLY CONFIDENTIAL CJ:r1TI.AL 2 TT?:LIGcNCE ikGLNC` 7. Airmail letters from Austria to Dzerzhinsk take an average of-15-25 days, Often a month's mail is accumulated before it is delivered to the scientists. A telegram from Austria to Dzerzhinsk and return takes 36 hours, 8? When the Leuna Werke machinery was being unloaded at Zavodstroi, the Leuna scientists #ho 'were standing by were dismayed by the state in which the machinery arrived. They estimated that it would take at least 5 years to reconstruct the plant as it had been in Germany,., Part of the machinery was to be installed at Zavod Yava, Launa personnel in Dzerzhineka, prinP_lq All Leuna personnel employed in the Uzerzhinsk area in the spring of 1947 were allowed to move about freely and frequently went to Gorki by train, 10.: On a Sunday in the beginning of 1947 two young engineers25X1 decided to visit their colleagues in oscowe They intended to go by train and return the same day. Upon arriving in b.oscow, however, they were arrested and promptly escorted back to Dzerzhinak.. 11.. E.a a result of this incident, none of the scientists was even allowed to go as far as Gorki without special permission. German Scientists in the Voroshilovgrad Area. April .o.. 12. A group of German chemists and engineers (not Leuna personnel) are employed a fet kilometers from Lis-Khimstroi?Lisichansk?in the Voroshilov- grad area.(48 34'N - 39?20'E)e 13, They frequently come in contact with the small group of Leuna specialists working at Lis-Khimstroi.* This is btably the correct name for the 'fLichinstroi" referred to paragraph 1. . CONFIDENTIAL a~/CONTROL-US OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003800080002-4