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December 20, 2016
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January 24, 2006
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January 12, 1950
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~e1t ~.=1.1 -0. r; r ! ii I!' ", C;..',r,.. )?TL' Approved For 2elease 202 22102: CIA-~DP82-b0457ROO3900620 CEK' NAL IN"i EL IGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. I COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF I 25X1 CD NO. 25X1 DATE DISTR. 12 JAN 5C NO. OF PAGES 6 NO. OF ENCLS (LISTED SELOW) 25X1 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. r 1C DOCOL33C3T COOTA3f351C:709MAn0A APLECTIDO TR3 DATICC3AL0E7tt1'I03 OF TUB ONSTED GTATEB C31T10 3 THE L1HAC1110 07 T113 00plonAom ACT so D. 0. C.a O9 ACID $2, 40 AIa3C30CD. 1TS T31AC32t38s30C1 00 TRG 34EV3LX1I0O OFF 1W CORTCC3T0 83 1OY MAC:= TO AN Ctt'AOT1103123D PEMOS I& D32b 11CIT60 6T LAC/. Rapp CT1a7C1 09, TINS 7ORL3 Is PtORMITtD. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION ,r?m nast~~: , ~a? Ti' e `':oirie t A . G, at:r ~r>s{,afflrc 2I~C.f ;1,:'.ed the 1'C.I I owir1 The Gea fin rn naL C~.`a".f?1 lt? - of the c terp)?-..:;e h?.^' a"E$~s i,e3fJucr r-LrcCtoro ~L? v chef t t ~Ier i2.: i;1',_ Jiir t .ea.' SS JI-Ine 19h9 Schroder, was 15149 T itn.C 7t:"-ac "t:CS1." : `i 4.nF'~~ 5? i,i?"LIlhru. 7" . Ti:?~ ~'_ . i '.s l:i,a 1~ i~fG9 y^f "F ICT.1L! 11ILY CLA.Sc9F ICAT10N is ie 'arrner Ba-yerische ?ik ' rke It~G I FO AT I O R E T Go-,nanny (c ussiar_ Lone) SAAG Sticksto?."tror?c rigs NFIDENTI 25X1 Pies t r'itz., .;,t ':eloncs.,'G the nc?i ~ra.c,.o ?1yla v ? n , zich 7ncIuddcs the IG-..._.olvirg ' Irks uiltl;EP "L``tteif br?1 ~ELlni , a?:ia?uen aabrii vets^ GIIy Sticks i offvrcx?k L-ci iii ' 'axe cor11+ ire the d. .section of Acre zerav Rrrsi . } o ? I3+^ , ri a~x ? rigin '1 iv::tr .:a Ieum , The Piester?.t?7 E`.'x'tarprise YS, f 1,".`a~Lnes + cornect?orr' tt.U1 :i.=1 aeuK .a '+:'o3Se`13 and .B tt fe"W i with the ilenb `(~ ce1 I.~J "1 3' Us"a~W!?'7S'1 e y ua~'T1C~XIlu~~~1ania. trhe Thais 11 C~ i :1.c mltd4' "iwzro , tha ;'ssftrt ?otassIiy-i wlor:a,? the Gie`+uhert- P?d jot nit ~ac.htar: M Cav--? ttry in L Sip ft,P -up-> y tiu:3or~ "iShe RitCai a? dir ct on C1 i he 'ie teri 1:,2. viorik`.~ ?~ ~,'en S3 S 1`c~ t7y".i i^?~` COY >Genera ".: u Fe 'a.11 of" - Pegs mry- 1949 I"gin. P; - :?v Febr ' r^, ?a e J9l9 Grag or1 ";ico1_.evitc l xs~s_. ex June 19Lt9 Ch'i31 EY.:4 ;:1.r"_'eI" '`.! . j:._ ... s'.: `.;._. `,?3 1 3 S i% 9 1 CU' F. '.ra.'i ~V !'! ch r >r Ys y 194.9 '~'eo ? ce t 3v "t S 1:a1'.o u+ 'cY .')f the 3,i 'ti i t"' ?tse e tr, ma.yf'L_U1 p1: t st1c-tr1t,J G .PtO i'"'rrts to be sep1 ced 'i y rn3 T; ~-t j or from Tessa w.Y. 49 ',bc rnd or' :1.,,.~.. Caap i :',1.t;3,ia_ia This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in acco.dsnce with the letter of 13 October 1978 from the Director of Central lne:Cgcnce to the Archivist cf th3 United States. roves' rOPelease 2006 e:nt.. 8a2; U.S , rl ' ' CI[.s, ITT Appr edI For Release 2006/02/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003900620004-1 _0 0,311CY 37 ~:j CP;, T''AL I rj. *,T-LIG.. 5=.1es Di reec tor, in cha. ge of selling as well as huyi; - : M i l ell 7cyrks~vCou ~cil t p q y~ ~Y i1s t cite. i'n"tatl: .,erchens Irtii in Sscc:ad Gha~:`eys3.ti: 1 Bier I he vaar'ioue m d their heads are as follows: Car ba.mids and dicyanc.iamide Phosphor?ut Carbide Plastics (Praos-stuff ) Cale ir ni,rd ~ .1e and ca'4 clu?u ea bide d5.~in~Fe r^a'p an All of ,er? depart-iLeats 4. Production: Dil rector Neubner De Hepke rout Weer Steir-bruck 11r Hey ~ past :,r Soinmar Dr, Hoelemann 25X1 a,. Calcium cy chide. In 1946/1947 the average daily production was about ~~ CoriS y u d'....".f(.'i _LY crea aed to an a eragre 200 tc2113 per day in 1941$ o'at-7.- L.".',.. i lr9 the average I3-roc ict-i_on reached 300 tons as a result of the introduc tior, of the Hennecke shif':, system However., at the sane time the q 1 ity of the product dropped; use of ill-i~urnt line and low gaCli t coke t, ith high Impur G.tier of ashes and vtar reduced the calcium carbide content oa' the xeoE .acct t,a 6 ~:.w c enc, as compared. to 75 to 80 percent during, Vie ear -Maw Thfer coke -,ns used. The coke Presently. in use cones :"rom the a i ci:a a region, The l isnt works w fish five 120 KV (IL .lovolt) carbide resi Stance kilns over 20 years one of then: is always in repair thi.1 e the others are wo l n~ ~ T of `che:,a have thodern transformers. The la-eg3s t and .:host modern kiln with S8dcr?berg electrodes and a daily capacity of 100 ions eras dismantled and shipped to Russia in the fall of 19b5, The carbon electrodes for the kilns are furnished by Siemens-Plani.. in Berlin Licht nberg , The lime co es from a line plant in R.rlbeland near Blal,,2.kenb rg (Harz) .i ch belongs to the 'iesteritz enterprise. This plan?'t has Muse ldlus and a crew of acot-:t 350 (ho are included in the figure bete of 3,5')0 for the total crJ w) ;; its daily production of abut 200 tors of 'a unit t.;i~ss was recently increased an unspecified anioutit through the introduction of the Eenriecke system. The electric power comes from Colp-_ Zschorne ri tss (about 20 k to tee: s south of Pies-teritz) over a long-ddista7 ze PU,7or line with a capacity of 80 tOY, which sorrc ,imes car roe to 40 YV (sic"". Only about D per^c? nt ci the carbide produced in the pi ant is sold to Gen :~'3'~:eC"25'! es Iii the Soviet Zone or supr j.ed to military units thews to be used a vreld .r A Thc bulk of the production is used !]a the sutra sequent pr?cd.a.cticn of calcium cwre-z.amide and soot. b. Cal ium:a cyanamide. An average of 300 tons per month %a_n produced during 'lx;riod `,n ay though August 1919 aithough the production capacity -r tha p lent is much hir her. * * Fabrication. is too e; ppeasive 'because of the lo, -1 ity of such raw material. s as coke and. ? sane,, and the enterprise was not a.l'i cliTed to increase its prices In May 193.9, in spite of the ur?;e 4 : need for calciim cyanide (c;/~ananile?) in /he industry of 'she Soviet Zone a. the enterprise had a stock of 6,000 tons of this product which could nzo,", be :old beca'ase of the lack of elosed freight cars needed for transportation Production vi-as therefore reduced c o Soot , The 's;n.,ks produces so-cal..:ied. split sort (,~paltruss) . The average Teic1uction ii'i 1948 was between 1 CO and 600 tons per month, and by Augusts =I 2 th:i. h a i -i.ncrtascd. to ? about 850 tomq a monfih ~ x The u l? of the SE,\,iiT/:`/U TTF..0L U.S. CFFIGiALS o;hI,I Approved For Release 2006/02/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003900620004-1 Approved F"a I e _2006/02/6'2. ,CfX- 82=0 MP r .?__,.,.1T -~^~7~,-,zIGL, 7Cr AG ICY r, _3_ In CNTIAL 30c)"C. product:Lcn goes to Russia; in June 1949, 600 tons wn i shipped there by -,.-ay of Brest-Litovsk. Shipments to Yugoslavia have been e'iscont? nued.. Part of lc: sod: production is sold. to the Luna ':1or?tom in Schkcpau and to the rirbbrex works r c i., x_.nide of sodium, rotE~s:iurn and sodium ferroc~ idem Production of these ter,~;scor ~rsue'~ ce sp,ecause of the existence o'? an tuts a table stock of about 100 tons? The socbxm cyanide was put in ;sheet metal tins for the subsequent production of hydrocyanic acid, :ti orka norm called Piathem. This is an insulation agent of solid :'oamy, porous consisvery light and hygroscopic o It is produced `,Yzr ough condensation of carbemide with j.f~ormaldehyde and subsequent, tx'eat- cent with fr~cthing agents (Tlekal Bx) O 1 Production is courted by volurrce, not weight. Output of this item has been steadily increased: in August 1949, about .,000 cubic rieters was produced; scheduled production for September 194.9 -was 4,0O0 cubic rm ters, and for the period from 1 August i.VSir ul (}iltpuG rrr