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June 6, 2008
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January 9, 1950
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Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 OM]" CENTRAL INT LLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY China ~6UB,ECJ' The China Lrv1cfJati~UI~lFIDENT0~4L Conference in 1'ari PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF tl FIDENTIAL FO. DATE. DISTR 9 JA-; 50 rwO OF PAGES 10 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION v rioilz; Chine-m-, appointed arctrbers to f e.? ;l a. Chen. se dele a~ic~ri,. Twcr' y--,3c; sren otie appo ateee ;:-et at the ?eking Hotel in Ileip or. 24. Ha~ro'~ h and for-a-a~.1y establshed the Chinese dalega'W.Loi., a ec ed V o.y.'. ",f ~sa.ca2?s aG~Iwuto~w a ~~i t{ a' l t^ 4'~ ti~..G4 7C.'?~ti:. 1.4.;i.S, L~ ~ favor Ilr'F'i e7r l?l"i' sikppor for en ar84re ^ r{'. :': ?r and .F l A for p a ~ JCi _ ~ .?.r.~."'?e.:.(,]dJS. ~~I,'L C:. ~ 4CJ-ML~~g...C.. ~J ... 'y.1~~%t'N CiemCJw? cracy end a uecT;~a,zaezt peace.,' sA cable was sent to i:acwme Cott n on 27 Larch ^~af~S-{ c3Xt.nciy ia,.i ', the L'="g'C!ni zat1vns rep ro.C.'c ef~h.l a e 2+,,.~7 ercly i s '.i^n.. f J.. .M~ .,J.j~A 4.. L1. f.1 ....'.~.'1 ... 'Qf v4a~ ti... date of the de"` e c` t ?xnl a) E C' 7 .~'trre f.','c" d& `eg t ec rtho u ere in Peiping and 'our .'a"~^ c!ar ;' a$epe"' ed by upeev ia1., train i 29 "J.aroh. **v. their pat, age tih1: o pji `1 cats" n th';?t de a116- rn r? a t`;` r 7? 1, ,h efo G:. 3 ;in ts^yy they were greet by 1"3C al. 0:U1, c.? .. v crdi ~. r'rr z 1 I ~"''. r : ? i fj 4' Th SS-011d -.t ,,.,s G a. dell. , r=g :,G C r'1. inl , f. L S;, C .. 2 u T.h :... to the delegation Left ei `e?! g -L:u t i April, after :o..-rv. ..- p semen' 0s of de'ie,. gates . 25X1 number of :-ho de3.o " tt1.0n w s fir'si set at fory but was !Ater 3na-easef. Wit) i'~irty-.four "df'fors the group departed ., o ~e rer, the original .:,Let o:, r delegates vas t nsa.derab i_y altered, some b?e: -g cr i.tted and some -11 P This document is hereby regraded to CON,i;DE ;AL in acco,dance with the letter c' 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. RE L, 7,1 r CORDS CENTER IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE JOB$2 3-7 BOX io2 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Document No. -_ ------------- No Ghak Ir .~ SLJ- Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 5. CO::I") ,r AL C:;-tMUhL I: r LIG,~:IC.; AG,~~Td -2- from one organization to another, At the last minute, also, the COP Central Committee decided that some of the best-known personalities in the delegation were more urgentl, neeaecl for service at home. L U.0 Ch ' eng--cha h (, - 4, o) and CHU Hs leh fan for example, who had been part of the second group of delegates, were retained in China to work on, respectively, the formation of the New Democratic Youth Corps and the conversion to Commux ism of Shanghai labor forces* The list of delegates as semi.--officially issued on 12 April ",if included the following: 14 a. ll-China Literary and Artistic Workers' Association (Chung Chtuan Kuo -1en I Kung Tso Cho Hsieh Hui. '"' f 14- 1J .I, f ) 1) KUO Mo- jo 5) TS' Q YU ( ) ) 2) TsIHan ( >V ) 6) KU Yuan( iii,) - 3 HUNG Shen _ -. ) 'I) CU--YANG Yii- ch s ien OK 47 ''' I -M) 4) CHEI'G Chen-to (.,p ,y) 8) MA Szu ts'ux:g (+ , ~ t) b. North China Literary and Artistic s*orker s' Chich Hsieh Hui, t. .. f ~) 1) HSU Psi hung A) 4) 2) TS' AO Ching-hua ( Jj 4:) 5) 3) TAI Ai-lien ( ,. ) 6) Association (Hua Plei kien 1; CF,: &G Yen--eh c iu (41- H$IAO San CHAO Shu-ii ( co All-China Scientific -rorkerst Association (Chung Kuo K'o Hsieh Kung Too Che Hsieh Hui fij Mit -i- I 1) P'EI Tien-chung (* y.. 3) 2) CH3 IEI!s San--oh' iarg (% ; 3 ) 4) TING Than (TI LU Yii--tao ( t ) d, Liberated Areas Journalists' Association and China Young Journalists' Association (Chieh Fang Ch'if Hain iken Chi Che Lien fio Hui Chi Chung Kuo Ching 14ien Chi Che Iisffeh Hui "'/2T- , e * M 1) HUM Hsiang ('! ~i I) 4) SA K `ung-liao (!'i ` - 1 ) 2) K O k'ao-ch'iian ( ~ ) 5) CHIN Chung -I a (i 4t' 4 ) 3) HUANG Ts=ao-liang ( e. Group of Democratic i1rofessors: 1) CHANG Iiei-,o (~. 2) RS J Te-heng 9 ) f. All.-China Federation of Labor (Chung Rua Ch' uan Kuo Tsung Kung Hui 4 ! 0 AS .1- V` ) : l) LlW Wing-i -F "") 2) YEH ~ Iei-fin (,- ! . "v ) 3) OT} YANG Tsu--jux: C9,k Pep ~Y.. { fr, ) g. AU-China Federation of Democratic Oomen (Chung Hua Chan Kuo Man Chu Fu N Lien Ho Hui f A-- 131 & i l LU `'e' ui (i.. 5 ) 4) TING L.ix ( T - ~? ) 2) uU Ch'ing ( - -~ ) 5) KUNG P Q u-sheng 3) LI To--ch' n (s i, - ) by Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the All China Youth (Churg Kuo Ch s ing Dien Lien Iio Hui Ch c as Pei Hui i' 1, Federation r 1) CIPEN C aA-rz ,;ng ( ;L 2) 011"3 1121 Cbi~n-jui ( < t' ) Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 CI:TflAL LT ::;LL Gi XE : G, LCY QNflj : COIF ID-i 3- i. All-China Union of Students (Chung Hua Chan Kuo Hsieh Sheng Lien Ho Hui ,r , A &-* ): J.) K 10 Tsai.-shua (*J? f E. ~%F) 2) ON z U Y':ian (I, iU 3. Shanghai Union o People's organizations (Shang Hai Jon Min Ttuan T'i Lien No Hui _t JIB '%'f fit`" ' ): i) HSU Kusng pIixng ( )' - `) 2) KO Chih-ch'e k. Religious Circle: V'iU Yao-tsung ( if to Chins, Association of Academic i-iorkers (Chung Kuo flsueh Shu Kung Tso Che Hsieh Hui Sri) 3) CF{M, #'o-tsar (, s! I y", ) 1) MA Yin--chfu (A9 2) MG Ch=u-min ( p ;17 Z ) 4) HOU t a3 .u (j) k Jf.) ) 6. Since the swK was supposed to have been pro+noted by cultural and scientific workers.. most of the Chinese delegates, as shown in the last above, were chosen from literary, artistic, scientific., and journalistic circles. The officers of the delegation, however, were selected with attention both to this point and to Comnuudst purposes. KUO 1 o--jo was elected chairman, MA Yin-chQu and LIU Ning-i deputy chairmen, and CH9IEN Chitin-jui secretary gen- eral. The assignment of KUO as chief of the group gave the proper literary cachet, but Communist observers made it clear that the real control and leadership was in the capable hands of labor representative LIU King-i., and that official reporting would be handled by CH$170 Chian jui. as mouthpiece for the Hein iiu Nets Agency. The inclusion of MA Yin-oh ' as an officer was considered a concession to the Communist shortage of economic experts 7. and a personal inducement to }LA to bind him more closely to the Party. Greetings to the y+orld Peace Conference were officially offered by several groups in Kongkonngg, including the local branches of the All-China Literary and Artistic +iorkers& Association, the Chinese Academic Workers' Association, and the Scientific Workers' Association. The complete list of signatorios%fi: of the declaration published in Chinese on 2 April. 1949 was as follows: CHANG Chun hsiang (5& gj ) CIIA NG Kuan,C r (?q. '/~L CHANG Tsieh-sheng (iL " .) CF 1 G Ttien-i (rj",L ( CH' kN Chun pe.o (''t *) CH'EN Ytiazn ( if, fit ) CHL2 G 1-hung ( rj ) CHoIA0 Stu (t CHIN Chung-hua (t i ~' ) CHOU Frh-fu (t y i ,) CHOU Kang-ming (iv~1?] ) . CHOU TO ai hstian 1,159 * " ) GHUNG Ching-ien (5i? ) 'T j FU Lo-fei HAN Pei p i 3 ng = HO Hsi ang-ning ('II a .) USIA Yen ( 1% j ) HSIAO Ch' ien ( A~ ) HUANG Hain-yen (' , l5 ) HUiXG Yao-Imien (p, ~ V } KO Chain ( J.) Kd Ling (*9' ) CO1 TIAL CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Ole, CiiyT .Ah I I.T. LT IG.. YCu AGLI:CY -4-- CONF DI IA - z ( SU'J Haju--wen (,gt ''~ ii.) eng KU1IG Y -hsisia () ) IAO Men SZU-M11 ien--shen () ? `1 i.4) g L L- U Szu-u ( ~1 ) ) LO Pin-chi (?%n- T' AO Ta yung (* ~`.. TS s AI Ch' u-:hang TS' AO Ji.h-ch' ang JP !) ig )-5-) IOU Shih i ( :tAl ) TU Shou-ou (~ , ', ) ILA Chien ( WING Tc-chao (; - ) Mil Fan' u o; W! '!G Ya-nan ( . - ) MA CCU--Y MG Yu-ch' ien (Ili. i'~7 J PAI Yang (' ? * j) SA Kung- U-20 ( .. SHAO Ch' (,gyp I ) SHAD Tstx:i?c_` an u 7 cc MIAL !ANG Hui ( , -) YANG Tung-chun . YJ11 I--ch$un (' ,,\ YID Hsi-ch' un (J k ,r) YO Li,-chciin (f i ) Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Denied Iq Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 MMUil.. I 1;L I IGENCL AGi :ICY -9- 7 C' i n R 7~a~ in the list of de]Lgates showed sc :~ .. ?~-;r. es offiCia1 Vfd ?L,-F> i - x M changes fro z~ the original list to the ] Later sea. later published lest in the Cha D.r~ e a Diuppl list 39. The cch@nges .T!7) c The ofi'.icial list numbered 44, the 25X1 vr, tar .zed as folloz1 ~h a,, The 1111--Chirac literary and i'a't sJ;tic -.or1:e ?s! A:3soeiation and Its Na China branch ;ere lumped toy ther in the C3 .na lli with eleven r ; p G Chen toy TS P n;, resentatitines: KUO Lo--jo, TVL N Han, HUNG ::den,=CH ii ,is ~C~ keno :;,:, i~? !u., TS 2 AO Ghing - hta9 HSIAO San, KU Yuan IISU t Pey h~a y ? , 1 and TAT Ai lien. .'Tis Onitted CU-YiFFG 1L. ch len and )AA t1GCOs did not appear on the origiiia] list., and 'CHi;tl Shu-1io also to a C mMlist sauY?ce, C?I,~~U ST! ~~1osa an-9 Chse9 -cboth hih,~,hho a at vs and se`s.-Moff .c3.a3 lists., as replaced T_-A'4 wjp on neither, nor in the C.. ?) e % The original..7ist assigned T o the All-Ch: Assocas~s:i~.n_; but In the offici .1. and Vab ishr i lists; she was a representative from the #ACFJM.. b. SA Kcung_Ilao and CHIN Churlg--hua were not inc:liided in the oria-`al .. or the p;' est fist for the North-China Jo,:rnalists' AssociatO.on' c. 'L'A'NG Ch?u?-min Was given as a representative of the Dexeocrat LY!OS in the semi--official list. In the Cs na ID Ue t;.s group iL cal", "Representatives of professors in Peiping and Tientsin.." d, In the trade union representation, the oori{.istdescluded CHUL' sVF ric -U fan and an additional third person (*_ given) list important, YFH l ei. gain was substituted af?'te r the origin d he tT ro;. r , 1 j; Co m'nlist sc' ?'XCe fo\""` 1.:l.. He eh-fan, acr~a_ ca a a rent's CU VaiG Tau-Jun- and less important person is ap CONFTDt c L ' F Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5 25X1 CO iFID; ..L C,air RAL I 'T 'JI IG,:;1C:,.; AGE i1CY ea Of the womenr s representatives, LU Ts t ui, LI 1'e-chi t an, axkd WU Ch'ing were on the first list, but TMG Ling was then a representative from the All-China Literary and Artistic Workeret Association. The DAM D est lists all five name. f. According to the original list, one additional representative was to join the delegation from the Preparatory Committee for Establishment of the All-China Youth Federation. S, The original representation for the China National Union of Students was composed of LIANG Keng 04 ), HUANG Chen-sheng and CHIEN Chen-chung (1~. ~) ty these three were excluded and two other persons substituted was not explained by either official or unof- ficial sources. h. The representatives of the Shanghai,. Union of People's Organizations in the first list were MA Yin eh'u, HSU Kuang-ping, and probably LO Shu ehang. In this list, the China Academic Workers! Association was not one of the organizations represented. In the final list, MA Yin-ch?u was transferred to the Academic 'Workers,, as was TENG Chru_min. The latter had originally been a delegate from the Democratic Professors, but his importance in the Democratic League was considered so great that his participation in the ;WPC delegation was concealed until the semi-official lists wore issued, according to two independent Co mmnist observers. i. The religious group representation in the original list had been thought to include SIM T'i-lan in addition to_tiJU Yao-tsung. In the final listing, however, SHEN's name did not appear. The religious group is denominated An the G.I &a, D' as ' :eepresantativa of All Progressive Christians in Chit a is Comment; The official greoting was published in the Ntka Sht~L _ ,r ?;, 25X1 tib ~h ,l'ac,, and Ta o X~ko on 2 April. 1949 in Chinese and on 4 April 1949 in the China Ui. est, Vol.. V, No. 12, in English. The complete list of names was given only in the Chinese publications. Some of the signers left for TiAntnin nn thn day of the publication as delegates to the Con- ference. Approved For Release 2008/06/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R003900700001-5