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November 16, 2016
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March 31, 2000
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January 5, 1950
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Approved For RpIRML2q WC?`I 1 EC 9 FOR VVA1 iOi `R ~%O~ N T4-hV Peru w3JBJECT Departmental Labor Congress in Arequipa 25X1A DATE DISTR. 5 JAN 50 NO0 OF PAGES 2 1" The Corrmunist Party of Peru 0"P) is attaching considerable significance to the i)epartrrefxtal Labor Congress of Arequipa, being sponsored by the Communist influenced Confederacion de Trabajadores de Arequipa (CTA), which is to be held in Arequipa 17.22 December l969o* Kanuel Ugarte Saldana,, Secretary i eneral of the PCP, recently arrived in Arequipa and Jorge del Prado Chavez, another Corprunist leader has been there for some time4 2, Source reported that the Peruvian Communists will take advantage of tlhh.e congress to map plans for the line they will follow with relation to the Odria government, and to -receive :instructions on international policy.-. f tf'te objectives of the Communists will be to one o ceorcfint to sotarces obtain the congress indorsement of a demand that the government nationa.liz the Peruvian petroleum ind}.sstryo t from Chile will reportedly attend the corrgrt s.s d Carrmuz"is An unidentifie This individual will enter Peru clandestinely and will not figure in the proceedings He will remain in hiding and play a behind=thems".enes role in guiding the. actions of the Peruvian. Communists at the congress. Source reported that original plans had called for the sending of a 1! axican Communist to the congress, but since the entry of such an individual into .Peru vould have been difficult a Chilean Communist had been substitutedo 4 In connection %ith the. Arequipa labor congress source reported that other and similar labor rnn ,~es5e3 are being, planned in other Latin A,'-erican countries ~ Specifically named by source were Ecuar, or, Panama'. Venezu' la, and Bolivia,,, Instructions for these labor congresses are said to have been inL.t received from t'exico through the Chilean Commun.i.s-.5. Pablo Nerudao The e;?eneral plat. envisages a coordinated Communist in Latin America aga -those governments in the hemisphere which the Communists consider have '"sold out to United States imperialism."** 5. Source reported that an outgrowth of the Arequ congress and those ir other Latin American countries may be the ,'ormation of a group of Latin A rica.n (;c. monist 'leaders ehioh wool.ct be a counterpart of the Eu opear~ 011M., 25X1 A pages 2`"3 CE..ASS1FICAT10i1 a - _ "~~ _ '~NSRt3 _ _ ll1ylR90U's'iC?t~l AR: v This document is hereby regradod to CONF')DE"?NuIAL in sccord.snco with the letter of IS Octoter 1370 from the Di:octcr C Central lnta;ligenc0 to the A F~re~tP Ilia ta1000/05 J18: CIA-R Next lcv:c.Y Date: 2008 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004000160007-7 25X1A sue CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -.2 25X1A 25X1A Comm'& o This report tends to confirm paragraph to 25X1 A yet been able to ascertain whether Poterto Morena, Brazilian Communist, established contact with the PCP on his trip through Livia on 29--30 November, At this time it seems unlikely since t!~a lead- ing Peruvian Communists, Ugarte and del Prado, were not in Lima at the time. VT Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004000160007-7