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November 16, 2016
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March 31, 2000
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January 5, 1950
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,11TELLOEg 11 Approved For R 9AL2000ffiflI18OEICAWROP82-00 [I FO R M AT REPORT , CD t4O 25)6A 4 COUNTRY Chile 1V DATE .. I,. JA 1 SURjECT Disciplinary Action within the Ccmm,tnist Party of Chile NO. OF PAGES 1 PLACE A \CQUIRED 25X1A NO. OF ENCL.S,. (LISTED BELOW) :)ATE OF IN; 25X1X SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1,, On 21 November 1949 the Executize Cr I :i.ttee of the Ceammunist Party of Chile (PCCh), on the recommendation t Gabo Gonzalez as head of the Patty"s Control Commission, ordered the e p 1?Fion of Dr. Jose Garcia Tello and Dr. Wario Contreras Villalon for not hw,, t ig given proper medical assistance to Ricardo Fonseca, former Secretary eneral of the PCCh, now deceased, during his illness and. oparat.3ond 2a The expulsion of these tyro ron has i ;tsreased the unrest among the lower- ranking Party members, who tad ear.l-i.c:? criticized severely the PCCh Exc.entive Committee for permittin_- the ? 'vover.~,r 1969 demonstration which culminated in a shooting fracas ir the Plaza dc Arenas of Sarttiia,7o and the consequeArrlc, adoption by the governvent of sever: repressive reasures against the Ccmrtux=ists. The Party ?s rank and file are comm ; to believe that Carlos Contreras Labarca has been given unfair treatment ar.C` that the expulsion from the Party of Contreras Villalon wa. - mainly daze o the fact that h,-: is a close co:? lano.rator and former secretary f;d' Con urera barca. 3,, Both Garcia Tello ai:, Contreras '':' LI.alon are regarded as outstanding srrF-eons whose recognized pro ' essi.onC has ,-eer., regarded by the Come uni.st rank and file as a credit to the Part,).- Contreras Vilialon is one of the a4,s- sta.nts to DrI. Alfonso Anse;c,head of V., I~euro-Surgery clinic of the Sa: vador Uospi t,al of Santiago. This document is hereby regraded to CON iDEN-IAL in co.o:d~ncc with the letter of October 107:3 trom the Director c; .:e:-;:.al I:t:.'fir;cn::c to the Archiv"s?: t -C e uaitcd Sste3. Next Review Date: 2008 NAVY AIR Approved For Release 2000/05/18 CIA-RDP82-00457R004000160008-6 CLASSU iCATION