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November 16, 2016
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April 6, 2000
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January 9, 1950
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Approved For Re leai6 d6b/66TAI~- EQ-FRtW??Y00457R( Ob6 bO , L H FORMATION REPORT 91D NO. COUNTRY Chile DA"'. SUBJECT Critical Review of Party Activity by Political Commission of PCCh NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED (L1STEO BELOW) DATE OF INP 25X1A2g 49 JAN 5G 2 SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X6 REPORT NO. The following confidential message prepared by the Political Gomrri.ssion, Chilean Communist Party, was distributed to all Regional Comm ittees: 1, "The strategic line of our Party, as elaborated in the 17th Plenary Session of the Central. Committee and ratified and developed in the meetings of the Political Commission which followed the Plenary Session, is contained in the reports, manifestos, declarations, and articles of the Party. In these two years of illegality the Party has carried forward its work according to this line, which has been justified by the results. The Party has successfully vithstood repression and continues to go forward at the head of the masses-, because it has acted according to this wise political line.. 2. "Nevertheless, the Directorate of the Party considers it necessary that the entire Party have a more complete understanding at this time of the strategic line and the tactical line. Individual and collective study of the documents of the Party, from the report of 17th Session by Comrade heinoso, continues to be the order of the day, Fully armed with the fundamental knowledg of R"arxism and the political line, the Party will be in a condition to orient itself and the masses, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances 3. 'A general orientation of the Party work is not lacking. What is needed is a complete absorption of the Party line; its correct and rapid transmissa on; less quarreling about its justice and more .fight for its practical appl'ieation4 Fore attention should be paid to the form of transmittal and the application of the political line; to the couriers who must function rapidly as the times demand; and to the organic measures for putting it into practice. As stated by Comrade Stalin, 'After a correct political line is drafted, it is the organiza- tional work which determines its success or failure' 4,, "It has been observed in several sections that the orientation circnxlars of the Party have arrived very late among the cells, and in other cases have not arrived at allc, This must be changedo Because the Party is illegal,, extra efforts must be made to handle Party affairs more efficiently than ever? The orientation circulars and the resolutions of the Party rust be transmitted within 24 hours or less, and as has happened in some regions, the milit rit a lac he content This document i ereby regraded to CONFIDENT AL in a :-dance with the letter of 3 Oc!.obr 73 from the Ucclo1 Sri. _. l7tc'F_ ce to Cie Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004000360006-6 SEC 5X1A2g vrith transmitting them merely to intermediary addresses such as local or communal committees, without knowing whether they arrive at the cells and above all how they apply. The practice must be discontinued of waiting for weekly rueetings to consider the resolutions of the Party without taking into: account the fact that some of then. cannot wait,, This informa- tion must be forwarded with rapidity dictated by a more accelerated rhyt3 n of work. It is necessary to hold special meetings during this period V..,hich should be brief and to the point The comrades should not be overloaded with meetings but they should be required to study the changes taking place daily and at each moment, so they would be in a position to take practical measures to accomplish the asoigned tasks. 5. "The directors of the Party must study the methods to be employed In their own region or locality to assure the rapid and correct transmission of resolutions and orientation circulars. Of utmost importance for the regional and local committees is. to have an 'Activo Agill* who understands fully the Party line and not only knots how to explain it correctly, but can also fight for its application and help the local cell directors to see practical ways of con- forming to the line in accordance withtho conditions of each place and each political moment0 The Party must become an agile., active and combative Party a.s is fitting in tiro present circumstancoso The Commission of Propaganda is also called upon to play a heavy role :i.n the transmission and application of the Party line, not only in relation -t c the Party but in relation to the great masses. It must use circulars, manifestos, illegal public-ations.,, flash r,.eetinus, slogans, and must continually make plans and put them into practice, keeping in mind that Comrade Lenin said that when the masses have been penetrated they will be transformed into a powerful material force., 0,. "All effort. should be wade to find out where failures of organization are responsible for assignments not being ful.fil]ed and where passiveness, the worst form of opportunieEn, must be corrected. When means are found which vej.l.l bet-ver Party work in the field of transmission and activating the Communist line, the organization of the Party must be changed. Great strides will then iaavo been made toward fulfilling the work outlined for the militants for the well- e thg of the. people and the :independence of the country,", 25X1A6a i:,i?er! The tcrrii 9Ac tivo Agil"' refers to activists of the Party- who are outstanding in their work as militants and do not hesitate to make sacrifices to attend meetings and do the work assigned to then, Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004000360006-6