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December 14, 2016
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October 13, 2000
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January 12, 1950
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, 1 l 7 f roved For R J e 2Q 1 Q I I P82-0044; Q CAMTR1 Boll.i.via/1Ur&2guay Iwr. _,i a it i +~ f. q DATE .UW,9EC 1dc:e tin of Victor Paz ?.,.~tenssorra and Pani.el. PAC i turralde in Mon 3v r d .o _ACE ;~CQUtREE 25X1A 25X1A 12 1O, C; ENt LS (LISFEC, 3;-.LOW) 'P 1. ''~ ~ F fl TO 1'EP#>tFNo. 25X1A :t.,, It has been repor";ed th .t Daniel Fernando jCu:~,xa: c':c e font ev Bolivian Mi. n's. e in Uruguay duria ? he r:,~girae of il.i.arc~e:j.s ar~."?ived in Mont. eider, on 17 D-, idoe;oro. ; tur:ralde l1as been touring tin Amer.-I Le P,,; the United Kati ns re ,3x ,> ntaxti,,re it .itae_;y t?o.a CjjiiIC to i.e gi;i 3.?.: 25X1X Buenos Aires, `turralde had vacationed in Bol:xia& :tuar?ra lde coun.s pied Fa;z .J'&tex assoro no,, ? o partici !at.a~ in or offer support to a ay revoLutioniai7 moves tents aa;ainst the present x r; a. R.;a in i3oliviar, Itur'ald oaid that Paz Esteussorol's prostit ra in Bolivia constantly increasing ., and his participation :;.n any .:vch rv,,vamen t that nrigh s, fail would adversely a :,f ect, his pres:,tigo -snd night prevent, his returning t,~ Bolivia, Iturralde said that the present regime in Bol:;.via had vex*a, little chance- ~, eiu-viving as it was conFA.-aptly losing popular support and Si.;ssideaat g;rou ? rs appearing an all s;.des. He felt that, Pa: E tem soro should allow tiis situation to 1sntenl:aa.fy until the moient a xrtvc:ci when Paz 1+I-,t nissoro tirou1:'. be requested to re ur'ra to Bolivia to head a rew t; e nAi tnt , c S: E,`.';'"v-1rissoi'c. assured Iturralde that be did not intend to lc:;ad any rebellious ,;?roupe the,, near ftture.' Ittrralde furnished Paz Estenssoro with photo ta?gsic copies.-, o,` two which appeared in a ncvrepaper callers M ios Tiiirpos? putrli4si1ed in is;acha `sr o h C T P..~Thi1 ; e r~ on 29 November s)I.g, One of t`ze_ r!. ~c r.~+:s ., of posed to the Bolivian govern ent,, The second article was inn ult naturm L,-::)iii the political prisoners in the Bolivian Batiox 'al of these article.v are ? attachedh 5r. Itur. raaide said that an e:'ndeavor had bean madet, without S'. mns t. rave :,:so questionnaire putrb].ishe d in Chile and P rgentina.o He , u E ev ec that Pay. 1 stenssoro try to have :.t published in tirli ua, i n ordae. - to o."fsa k: ?,ropag .-:e i being put out by the Bolivian ;cve. aar4.ent 25X1X Pa.-; Estenssoro I) a:3 c.iescrihed 17turr: .dF:e as "one of tLv most outst;nndi,ng 1 oli i.a_?n ante;.l,ectiv.13.,1' fdiorihe would apao _nt Minister :;. Foreign Affairs,, if be -.ere to h;e:co -.-ie . a e:,:~.i.dea?:t of Bo1 L'"ria:: Paz ?. , ters,: