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December 14, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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December 20, 1949
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111TFLLlttAA 14 Approved For Release 2000/08/17: CIA-RDP82-00457R004100690003-2 ('-(7 V,I I a 41f C MI TI A i C- C ASSIFICAT I0iti_... COJi,s t ~`~'~~ e~~ raL .CCU C c ,:-a--u and ~_?'ORT CV is 1, w?-.C C?, c.~rr r. -- p D,Y. E OF COIXIT _NT DATE 08TtA,3I'1ED....I RE =ER NC S.-..- PAti.IE-' I- .. ...m... ,. .Ei'iO OSURES (NO. Cc , i._..- fRE5'1?:'pit,CS....,-...-,-- -DA;E I/ F.~'r ; F: -a :~V Dece ev 1.949 ~a c 3 G: "a ry f1 Q' {? j: o r~.:,? i bound for BE ,I = t jt~77~~yy?`~7~1 f'. e~.~ ...3yry~ .l. ~`.~ coming, from ~l~iv f. ._. c u? o n 0 f 3.s: 1 DA V.I. N 4 r v~ ?? {d(E+C r C': (n 7 i. CC. ../f r' :r ry- ~qq ~lS:. hi /v ~?; ~t~(~. 1~.>~? 12ii-E~~3C~19~7f ?.A 6 a L W a m l~:~. ,. I t- p: c c: e e c e d Yiop Y 1 a.,f. d K V~ i lU I C V.~.7.te.1~ .. L "~ ( ~,ai' a J'! 4-0', 2t 12:10 Aff"tor 10 [*-'e _ c 3u yJI d to the train it moved to the :! or'ino?' Germ n airf~e l_?... '7t7"u ~7G ,?w riG by the OM m lG viest of tovn0 The L~ o~I'v?d t~. tf n d hen. G d"ecs vied i thou` the cars to the railrotcid 21 la': ;o? er :L9ma 2 '" e `' 71 1 :5 Ou E C' the .I,oc omo'y r ? -b C, a .m,. The bo rcas C ~?a f e, as fc.oi,{, as ~-74(r.L '! .x~? -L tj e. j- -0 n train ,o tli 106 a e -ac the s h_Parce.... b :reCOI' in;Z No 4007v It ~c~~ 05- . G v.i:,,1:;I'IIA I.S?i (11 52/A Di) rFeal' I left ~:.-,11v rGU-s LC at 8:10 a.m., arrived in x1t jTRI-I3 at 10:20 a.m. "d le e it was examined by Polish e3. stom3 0 C'fjo a1s it left :Stet-,E3Ts~~T`? ` tj ' n l~ .5 n m. , ar p ivied (0 53/. T 63)