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December 14, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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January 20, 1950
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INTrrf Ing" 1A COUNTRY SUBJECT 5X1" ACQUIRED DATE OF IN pproved V.d5$tiYtf' 2 CENTRAL INFORM Rumax-is 01 LLIGENC - AGENCY REPORT NO. ~5X I IU6v Kfem.CCUt I CD NO. I I Information Required to be Furnished by Rumanian' Gaverrmtent ErApl oyos 0 and Applicants for Employment tm 0OOO0tarCOVTAUWt0FOtrsAuoeAtT/tcTt0GYAtnAT1011AGOSPntS3t: Ot TRZ onnto STATia unrnn u* uc*nltld or rH? EOIRO1SCR ACT aO 0. I. C. at AND U. As Anttotss rVa T"llaximoTI OA MR O'1V3 ATICU OF ITS oOAfwnTO to 49T UAMnan TO An o*AOTRO10*D OtlrsOt to rso- a4wito oT LAN. 4w ovaflo0 or Tum Pori to i40nitit7T0. DATE DISTR. 2) SAN 50 NO. OF PAGES 2 g ws~TEO E .O CGS. SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. 25X1A THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION SOURCE Employees and applicants for onnl oy}aout In certain Rumanian Goverrutent Agonoien are preaontly requirod to ccmp1o .o ?'.ho foflcring fora: PHOTOGRAPH Presented by teas; Christian Ztamo ttodyficationc of na c Conditiaazn wider rlhich ?i be rtod:i.ficaUon has been nado Damioile, Street, No. District$ Tolcphono Identity Card Date of birth; tcfirtm; province t,ati.onality Social origin. Dame and Christian mama of paronts Uaid?n name of mother Present domicile at psrentaf also' If living or not Political adherence of parents in ttihc pact cnd at proccnt. I ante and Christian name; age; studicia; proporty; prcfoseion; present einployment; political adhorence. lfarried; uxmnarriod; wida~red; d?ivo_-ced; prccocc of divorce None and Christian name of spouse Birth date of spousal place of bas ;:h Pro sent employm -tt or last entplcvrn:,nt of spouse Political adherence. This ocurrent is hereby regraded to CONFIDE'N' ;AL in accordance with the letter at 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to th! Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date. 2008 Approved For leas*2 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Q~(L1a ?4Z~,0@,7R004100690005-0 CM' LrI LLTGT UCL' AGET;CY Ramos ages occupation; presont onpl .n ant, political adherence Has spouse been previously candorncd by the Ih.snenian courts or foreign courts; has he been arrested or daportod, when and for what roaCons? tTILTaA zY S'i'ffUS Grade; Unit to which ho belongs Place of initial recruitment Center to which ho now is at i:achad Has he boon to officers' traiuinS, -c'hoc l; which 0u4 when? Ras he done tours of duty; whin; an whet unit? has he undergone forced labor? when; xhore; in that detachment? What missions did he accanplieh? Was he mobilised at placo of employment and at what enterprise? Decorations obtained and on rdhn?% occasion. PItOMSSIOTTAL STATUS General education and opociol ctadiea Begun in (year); finished in (ye r);, interrupted in Classes; Certificates rocoivod; degrees obtained ghat foreign languages does the undorsignod speak? Fluently; not fluently; (read; w~ri?te; spoak) Principal profession How long has he been in the field of work? Positions hold since the beginning of prate; ,ional activity, interruptions due to military service or to periods of instruction YIas he dismissed for reasons of budgetary restrictions, was be discharged, retired, where was he dimnisced and for what reasons? Being installed on the staff of our sorvicoo, would he retain other positions at other enterprises or institutions? Salary received, in any fozsa What interests has he outside of his profousicn? His aptitudes; toward what kind of work is he attruo ed? POLITICAL STATUS To what party does he belong? Date of enrollment in the party To what party did he belong boforo 21 February 1938? Before 23 August 1944? To what papa?.ar organization dock he bolcng? Has he boon an Iron Guardist? Did he have sympathy for the Ircn Guard? To what synidoate does ho belong and since whoa? Has he fulfilled syndical and political missions? Has ho successfully taken courses iL.. a Party school or syndicate? Has he been deported; whero; when? Has he been interned in a concentration camp? vrhoro; when? Has ho been the object of an arrests of a judgrent or an inquiry; For political reasons? 1hon, whore, with when? ItATERIAL SITUATI017 Furnish precise indications for the parson in question, the spouse, the parents, parents-in-boar and children. Real estate (address); rented or inhabitod by the proprietor Arable land Enterprises; personal property Have the persona in question boon, or are they still, shareholders in a corporation, which; what share did they have or have they nor? Have they represented or do they still ropresont the interests of a foroign organization; which? Ribose needs does the undersigned supply? With when does the undersigned l ve ; COiTIFIO .6o COT,TROL .. IT. S. MTICIALS C