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December 14, 2016
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February 14, 2001
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11 I 4200150014-8 -Approved For Release 2001/03/17 : C80 5!;(`11.ti.U .1f": `.~IJ.i, l~.;t /tl\i.`'1 AGFNC! 25X1A t''.''.r year 1950 has hec;;a selected for intensification of Cox nnnist activities :;; _L~r.tin. America and dc stined to combat the capitalist influence of imper i lsstno To this and i has been resolved (apparently by the c=ontinental. or anization) t(.contribute with all necessary factors and elements in order successfully to combat capitlAlisr, which will soon reach a state of crisis, Capitalism has as its only refuge the American continent in which it exercises capitalistic hegemonyq maintaining the masses of the ayst in a state of national serviturle. The Asiatic continent is well on the way to achieving definite liberation and it is now up to Latin Americo, to show that it has the capacity to break the oppressive bonds which tie it to the Anericnn bankersa There a,:-e favorable circumstances which ind:l- c_te the pouusibi:ity that within the next year the Latin American pro- letariat. which has Eiuff'ered so long under American bondage, may obtain its l1bertyo However, this can be achieved only. through organization and 4 ts.cipl_ine like than *O.dented in sectors such as Chile and Bolivia. The pro~,ressive force: of Venezuela and Peru are trying diligently to capture xnc,ar (pre, uim biy by revolution), and it is not inconceivable that these ,sr airies will he incorporated into the system of popular democracies by thy; ftrst of "My. But it is essential that it be agreed that there be no isolated mov:imentk in t .,in American for these could easily be suffocated the inter-Ami)rican rysten which is controlled by international capitalism. In order to ach i. eve vi ztto.ry, there ?,iust be coordination, so that the liberation move Went will involve a vast international political sector, Vieretrrr insurin that its action root be stopped a.nd..pormitt_.rag other demo- cre;:c;iee to comae to its dk-?fense,. 0n;y in this manner can the contem )Iar ted ,ati_on be eff'ec', ive . We uust f ol1o;.c a coordinated plan based on fie otatIstics whs ('r) have been requested (in previous merr orandE) an i are now being co art ed in other Latin Ameri..in countries, the results of which :rill be submitted for the consideralion of the continental organization in order that it may plan that comt.tned action will be taken after February .1.950 it is poss'i.ble that a continental congress of CP leaders will be convened as soon ac the requested statistics have been thoroughly studied. 'The :eeeting, in tii,u interest of ti,e local proletariat, possibly will be held outside the N -,erican :.ontii n nt, but Latin American delegates who hill be charged wiLh the ex ecution of future plans will attend,, Persons with technical skills will also collaborate. It Is' imperative that you bear in mind this :r eeessit' ~r the afore-mentioned coordinated action) in order th' t you nay yubnit All that has beer. r quested. and comely strictly with outlined direr, wives CONFJ ENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004200150014-8