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May 2, 2001
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February 23, 1950
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CLASSIFICATION il-CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A iced, Approved F6EMAisfirtiadikAtik12-0045711W4NTAW0(111.= Ilk ONFORMATION REPORT CD NO ti) COUNTRY U33R (Cheleeabinsk Oblast) SUBJECT Tank ?lent in Chelyabinsk 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 1941 - 1948 DATE DISTR. 2$ FEB 50 No OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (mitt) BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X The toun of Chelyabinsk is located. on the right bank of the Miyas River about 70 miles se-let of the Tangaiski Mountaine,which are part of the Uralit The followthf! plant re located on the left bank of the river: a. The Chelyebin.sk Tre.ctor Plant (CUM) CIEIVIA.BINSKI TRA.ICTORM!' ZAVOD) b? Plant for .Ae;ricultura.1 tlachinee (SIZIMOKIASII) c. Tank Plant (TAT-7(.(7Y ZAVOD) The area covered by these plant% which e re considered to be one Kombinat; is about 20 square kilometers. The tanke.,.1a.n.t is t.Tur- rounded leortly by a brick valis partly by barbed wire. It is guarded day and. night by armed military guards. About 6,000.persons are employed at the plant. They ere engaged on a free contract basic. They must be party members and all poseese party books. There are trade union organieatt0113 representing eleven different unions. Daring the war a large 'Limber of women and yottthe were employed but the women have been replaced by workers discherged from the army eince the end of the war? Al). workers live in Mrxelyabinek or its suburbs and the COMM:del: Party and the local authorities pay close attention to their living conditions,-. Wages and provisioning, of the uerkere is very good in comparizen to conditions in other plents The entire :oersoreael of the plant is under MU supervision and almost every third worker is an official or secret VITD informer. The T.,)Oricing, methods are competitive,which increasee the production capacity but lowers the, quality of production. A tank school is located in the vicinity of the -plant,, There is also a unitary. technical school (V0YM1170 Trei:rfr/CITES17.0TE UCHMITOTT, iZAVL.DENIYI.- - ? 711.1370vhicll is attended by youths 14 to 1.7 yeariiOf - The lant produces seif-nroreried ault,ault (,,U)13g, carriers (TELMA r.? 7,71. (157-15, 7!Cti OTTONT) arid tanks? The plant does not produce the CLASSiFiCATiON ofIDEITIAL 1AR.mY FBI I T L - , ?ATE NAVY PISRB 1 p 1uirN ?????????1,1 Document No. do No Change In Class, O Declassified Approved For Release 2001/11/26 : CIA-RDP82 614/69434/040Tdb0874 SC Autha HR 70-2 Dates ......L.011,197.6-- By._ KRAFWENTIAL Approved For RAWA4-'26N-44/1t;.1biAlrii5PU-00457R004200500008-6 - 2 - 25X1A following parts: o. All rubber accessories, pines, rade, which -re delivered by the YAROSLAVL synthetic rubber tr4st. b. The ball-bearings,which are delivered by one of the ball- bearing ola.nts, presumably in to scow. c. Some moulded Parts4whiel pre delivered by the foureries 'coated In Chelyabinsk. d.. All optical a.nd :nrecision instruments,which are delivered by plants in 07echoslovakia. e? The armament,wMch is delivered by armament --lants nresunably in the South Ural. During the war and after, the bulk of production was of tanks of T-34 type for the Soviet, Polish, and Bulgarian armies. During the - latter part of the war, production of tanks decreased olightly but after the war production gin-passed t heore-wr level25X1X the following production figures which 25X1X July 1948: 330 ':1-34 type tanks August 1948; 345 T-34 tyne tanks. The cost of production of one T-S4 with full equipment end armament varied. between 1,200,000 and 1,500,090 rubles during the time source was there. Some of the T-74 tanks designed for the Soviet Army were equinped with a new anti-tank weapon described below. The trnks of the Soviet occupation troops were not equipned with this anparatus until the winter of 1948, presumably for security reasons. In July 1943 there were about -2,000 tanks collected rt the Chelyabinsk elr_nt, S-74 and other/ypes. They were not in storage condition but were ready for immediate use. 4, Some of the T-74 tanks nroduced at the -alant were armed with the Katyusha tyPe rocket run. Some self-propelled assault Puns were ?qui-Toed with the sa:le wernon. The reular guns have been taken away from such armored vehicles and they hay? bean turned into a kind of selronelierl assault Katyusha . Some of the T-74 tanks were equin-led with flamethrowerv, of Gerlan or Soviet construction, the details of which are not 1-noun. The T-74 tanks have been eoui mod with 759 VP Diesel en,inesjall of which were nroduced by the Chelyabinnl, The tanks have been nainted with dark green raint which is =noosed to be anti-magnetic. 7very new tank constructed by Coo -)lant is checked by the control-sunorvisinu. ?omission. Only when the tanks meet all the tests required by the romnission is it release from the factory and allowed to nroceed to the snecial receiving commission which checks it thorou,,hly. If the tank get,-, the receiving commission's O.K., it is sent to the factory's base,from which point I t is as-1,-ned to duty. Tanks which ;10 not nrsn ins-aection are re turned to the foundry. Defective tank amount to between 1" and 18 ner cent of the entire rroduction. East of the -,lanes nroduction open to the Soviet Army.althoush many T-Sills are dellvered to Vie Po1.111 and Bulgarian armies, Source has delivered T4s to ":odlin, r:iolandehere they were teen over by Polish military. 60 ner cent of the arnored vehicler of the Soviet occunation troons in Austria consist of T-74.e. $ rach tank reler,eed by the Chelyabinsk factory is -nrovl.ded. with a snocial control book -ith oil technical drtp and numbers written in. It is the duty of the tank commander to note all replacenents and -IMAM Approved For Release 2001/11/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004200500008-6 Approve;;4f6adVelE.A6faithiltctiapp82-oo457Romoo5 CONFIDESTIAL rennirs thrt are med.? on the vehicle, The nwTher of kilometcre trevelled by the trnk end the number of enlne work hours Pre plee recorded, in the book. 5. In the Tammer of l9e-g, the Chelyabinsk rlant nterted to rroduce a new tyne tank which iG nemed aftel: its inventor,mhose mime becen. with "K" end ended in "in". Source cannot recell the npme but thie:Ils it uesse zthine: like "KnOTO7T71 or "Y/RTI-P. Its ,c7terior resembles thet of the German renther. Actue1ly4,the yenta? is n combinetien of Panther end T-71.!., Its. weipht is p:hout 67 tons end it hes ceterrillnr chains with ribber r ogey vbeels, pdpnted to move 25X1X over soft terrpin. if the menufecture of th!,o trej- hrs .:ono on r lrre:e SCR e nroduction basin. ?, nurinr the last -erlod of the wer, the nlent eroduce4 P fe- of the sar)erehenvy tanks of tyre "Y" but they mroved to be P failure rrd t,7ece ? reduction wrs belted. They woihe Ill tons pnd could not be used offensively. There were no bridges which could beer their woleht rnd they were very slow,. After the wpr these tanks were knocked e0TM rn0 sent to the Per rpet,where source believes they have been included in the constal defense system. P. he 'Toe ,on eentioned in Pern.two nbove resembles the Gerqpn Penserfaust. The missile consists of two nnrts, en ejectin-r mechnnism end the missile oronerjend the ejecting mechnnism se,spretes itself frcri the missile rroner et about ten meters from the wean= nnd snurts n flnme phout ten meters lone. It is reroxted net no Soviet armor olete has been able to withstpnd it. It is on n rroduction basis so-ewhere in the Urpls and is pn imnroved tyre of the German Penzerfeust. The aiti-tank aiopr-tus is enuired -ith orticl dieter with two sights OLO7irir PUTS= OPTIMUM INSTRUMENT S 'Then the enemy's tpnk neners on the si .hts, rirlemrn croons the snfoty bolt end onene the srotectime; steel 1-te end euns the trigger. The -epk point of the prperntus in net it CPA easily be hit when the ,Irotcctinp- is oren end the ar-losion of the -Assn? itself would destroy the tnnk. 2ach tenk oeui,eed with this p-erpreZpas can fire bet?ecn fotr and cit' shots in on eneite;ement. The mechnnism is handled by the tank commrnder;e0 hes officer's rank elosure: Rough sketch of Soviet AT weapon. 25X1A *111111111111.1Coment: Ihie fiure in ecneuhat =slier than thns.s esactwmamouatawLauqmo,Mmtu.+s have been previously reported. PANy91.2114L Approved For Release 2001/11/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004200500008-6 25X1A ??