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December 15, 2016
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March 24, 2003
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January 17, 1950
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ONFIDEN I IAL Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300010014-2 COUNTRY. Grey-nanV.. ~.,.W.~..,-.._._-, .- I PIC: 60V apt ts:A1.' - . s vnrne:r1:q ''bTnzix?h 'R'io.IK1+'iii7T/Ckoa,r EVALUATION....... DATE OF CONTEN!T.._...___4ePc' '9810W_ 25X1 DATE OBTAINED[ 25X1 REFERENCES. 25X1 SOURCE 0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 g ee tie: l ow S'! ACE 0!3 TAIiMED _E.NCI-OSURES (NO. to TYPE). 16 October 1949 ~ATE PREPARED 1'7 a o One train ?akththe follow in , cars loft FR .`KFW T/Oder (0 53/. V 63) f c E.NZ 2 One passen }er coach 11 class, occupied by officers wearing golden-black epaulets; One passex:i er coach III class, occupied by ,ham wearing yellow cross-braids on t'._eir epaulets; lour boxcars, occupied by 24 to 30-year-old. a',1 wearing red- bordered black epaulets and black-bordered red epaulets. They had xau_ch ba(paage t' ith them; Fourteen gondola cars, carrying trucks b ~ The train passed the folloti;win ; trains on its way to the east :: (1) About 10 males before ER T: A westbound train of 28 railroad cars carrying 28, heavy guns of an estimated 150 to 180 mm caliber**. (2) About 6 miles before BREST: A westbound train of 30 railroad cars carrying ,.)heeled and caterpillar trucks". 28 October 1949 Ai train carrying about 50 field howitzers of about 150 mm caliber left j'RAI:KFURT/Oder, headin P east. The howitzers were allegedly new 21 to 31 October 1949 The following soviet rail shiprients were observed in i;;h tKFURT/ Oder: CLASSIFICATION C0I1FIDENTIAL This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDti ; , iAL ?sn accordance with the letter of i6 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the jveuthe jjnited States. For Rel 2003/08/05 Next Review Date: 2 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Train carrying 17 tanks, leaving the marshalling yard, heading rest 00, 9 Hovember 1949 Train carrying 26 rocket launchers, standing at the marshalling yard at midnight OOH 3.1 Lovember 1949 Train of 36 boxcars, comic ; from bL TENE'1ALD. ; (N 53/0 53), carrying; rocket launchers and baggage, leaving the marshalling yard across the Oder iiiver bridge toward Poland***. 25X1 25X1 25X1 or Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300010014- a , One railroad car with unidentified cargo, dispatched from 10TRITZ (INN 53/Z 19) to nS.iut4KFURT/Oiler via RUDM..M +L SEURG (N 53/Z 94) Receiver: "i ,iVK.BT0RT/Ochre b. One railroad car with unidentified cargo, dispatched from sS:I Tti_^C L i (A 52/J 99) to FRA XF'URT/Oiler via I'J.Lii 4L-SRG sd 52/: 74). Receiver: as shipment dispatched from I JL V!:RS.DORF (N 53/Z 80) to .1;EUI Ui0S..E (1' 53/V 42) via FR Sa[A. ti iTfOd y. n R ce ver: Unit :,.{!.E' LLROS],. b. One railroad car with unidentified cargo, dispatched from UETEREOC UL-52/E 69) f% "RAIX UkT/Oder via RU:L.. LSEUhG. Re- ceiver: Train of 56 boxcars carrying armor plates (5 to 50 mm thick) axle steal (20 to 150 mm) and, corner iron (lOxlO), running from Elt P to ,[~71:t -1'ZT 3Cli (N 52/J 22) via COTT1b1J$ (TAT 52/ 4. 5r ) ? B~4.~ il' JULtS. \Tp Lint of 29 October 1949 Train carrying 56 guns of about 7602-mm caliber, with 17 to ; o--feat long barrels, dispatched from L REST to an unidentified destination in the soviet Zone of Germany**. {sight of 30 Oetobev 1949 Train carryliw 20 tam trucks tahieh were unloaded in FRA URT/ Oder, o 6 to 28 L4ovcmber 1949 d. The following soviet rail shipments were seen In FWaiKART/odor: Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300010014-2 25X1 'frain of 3 flatcars carrying 35 _ heavy I.T guns; standing At the railroad rassen~gger station., e puns were observed for -:Frio first tine; they were of about 100 am caliber, had a 1.7 to -21'0-foot long barrel with muzzle brake, recoil brake and about 16-foot log split-trail gun carriage. The train had no 3.ocor otive 0/ 26 'ovember 1,01419 Train carrying 26 guns of 122 mm caliber, standin at the -passenger station, ready to null out to the east * 28 :ovembor 1943 rain (without engine) , carrying 22 AT guns of 37 _rim caliber, -runs of ?6.2-rrsm caliber and 28 g?u.ns of 122 mnm caliber, stand- ii w- at the . narshalin yard,, ~ Corsrre~~t `,, ; stay ..- a ^ jJpe_n s :assorteC trucks ...ecz 1):I.v) n ~~!?~..~ ? ca:~r.? l?r~ ? rsonnel going on fu ough or to be discharged a.,d bef nitely shir:mnts of materiel going from the Soviet Union to the .soviet Zone of Germany. 4-,bout 56 guns of ?6.2 zt caliber, 28 nuns of 1150 to 12.0 am caliber and about 30 trucks were seen, Definitely ship:ients of materiel going fron the Soviet Zone of Germany to the .oviet Union. About 50 field howitzers of 150 mm caliber, lc rocket launc!??rs and 26 guns of 122 mm caliber were k 3e 11.> 0 presumably also shi -raonts from the aoviet union. \T guns as described (102 mm caliber) were Previously observed with the AALi IvBURC 38th AT Arty brig (x). Component units of the 7th Gds ..ecz J iv (Cadre) which returned fromi the Lis!,.~.SAW. & training area. Ip to 25X1 25X1 ~, N ~t NTtAL Approved For Release 20031 . 9IA P82-00457R004300010014-2