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December 15, 2016
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May 19, 2003
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February 23, 1950
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FNT1gL1 COUNTRY - i':.acao ''China iw i\ JJ SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 25X1 THIS OOCMa1MT COWTAIWS 1NPORHATIOU APFEC'rnoTM8 UA7IONALDSP2RSE AP TRS U711TED STATCIO tmtmSnS VHS UBANRNO OV T81I IISP1OIAS! ACT SO S. S. C.. 31 ACID 52. AS ACIENCSD, nV TRARS3I3SICt1 CR TWS REV2LATION OP ITS COFIT-I ?C;1 IDI AMY IJAN11S11 TO AR USAD7RO111SSD AEQSOEI Is FRO- 31811610 ST LAW, R1PRODUCTIQ1 Or THIS Form is MularYND, Corii,runist Organizations in lgaoao CLASSIFIGAIION t~P"" Approved For Refe PBOAM ~31:~ I 457R0043 bR9ff0hQ? I FO ATION REPORT CD NO. DATE DISTR. ') ~-Z r-- " 25X1 J& fi 23 F;350 NO. OF PAGES 4 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1 25X1 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 Of the seventy-seven organizations of Chinese registered with the government of Macao, about one third are dominated or controlled by the Chinese Comrcun- ':'arty? Cornunist tactic depended largely upon penetration until the Nationalist defeat in South China_ when the party became openly active., hr e orr ari _zat.i can have been particularly recognized as Communist groups: Overseas Chinese Association, the New Democracy 11s;aociation, and the Chum; Ima, _ ducati?ona..I. A.ssoc:i.ation.: controlled or dominated include the following, with the principal. officers of c'ach.; addition to these organisations, other groups in Lacao which are Communist Associated Trade Union of Foreign and Chinese Tailors, chainia.n LIrNNG associated trade Union of Department Stores in cacao;, secretary YLR ' u-. ju g s - iiarber?s ~ Uri:.on, secretary 1,111 T u "to ct.,, Charity 1issaci ation of Ching iiu ( Li ~) iio pital, chairman. HO Hsien (~ ~ y hospital chief, K10 Lin r Chinese Chaiaber? of Cowercc, director, LIU Po Yung (:% .4 ), with d.eputie s HO li51C.1 p and W . i t et--yir'~eh : .~ ~r~.^. ii:, "r, Ch ins i 4an ( ) Fellow Ci tizens t Association, secretary, LT Shen !.. -J Kuci (> ~ , Arid CNUU Chao (i ] hun Hugs Educational. Association, chairman to be elected in late Nov mbs;r i949, secretaries, 2"U Lapp ( ), HO Pa sin-yuon (t ?y'4r, and CH 'E'N' Tao-kEn ___ CLASSIFICATIONI ~' ST,47t= 43~C VY ?f NSREi R P T ARS~iY X AI R c~' fs Director of ;try! 'ntet lien to the Archivist of the United Stages. NexAp iowedaFor ease 2003/08 05 : CIA-RDP82-0 letter r.. ite staurant and Tea Loom u?- loyeo s' Union, secretaries LLANG Ch' ier.. ( It '. ) , I10 H eUan and LIANG i ei (4, ). um Shipbuilding Workers' Union, secretaries OU Yin g (& -) and T'AN Tien ('~, ) 4 v. 5,ra Yi ('' El) Fellow Citizens' Association, chairman LIIU Po--yinga wo Teat Rice, and Noodle Shop Trade Union,, HUAelG To CH' Ell Non (. j , } and CHiAO 'i u i-p' axe; (: = : ! xo Tea Shop Employ e s' Union, secretaries TAX Ying ( ), KAN Kuart, and " ,I Esin (.X y. Tung Huan (' ; ) Fellow Citizens' Association, secretaries CH'EN ; o- chih (E r. MO Prei ylieh,, and YEH Tsu-ju., z. Plumbers and Electrical dorkers' Associated Union, secretaries CHANG Shu-tt'sag, KAO Tech'tian (tiY f-- ' ) , and OU YANG Sheng (I 'K f h %: ) Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300490005-0 Approved For Release 200L /0 /~05h-LIC - pPA 0ff57R00430049000 -0 25X1 3, The Chinese Communists have a special commissioner for Macao, with an office staff organized as follows:' a. Special Conid ssioner : NEI wen-ting ( - j.: ) 0* b. Secretary: LIANG Chia (". ) ; c. Economic Section: MEJ VJen ting. d,. Liaison Section: NEl F/en-ting ?a. Organization Section: K'O Lin. f. Operations Section: LIANG Chia. g. Propaganda Section: WEN Chih-sheng ( ., - - )? h. Recruiting end Training Section: LU Wei 4r, The Macao branch headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party includes the following personnel: as Chief Commissioner: K'O Lin. b. Commissioners: LT Shad pai ( b )) KUO Using CHENG Ch' eng hai and YANG leg-mil (, An , c. Secretary: KUO Hsing. d. General Executive Secretary: CHEEN Chih-sheng, deputy PI Ying ( x)? e. Education Section: CW NG Ch' eat;-hai. f. Propaganda Section: LI Shao-pai. IC Operation Section: YANG Ching. rdr?. Communist policy appears to be to restrict action to propaganda until the situation of Hongkong is completely clarified. Some conflict for domina- tion of local Communist activities appeared in early November between the Overseas Chinese Association sponsor KVO Lin and the leader of the New Democracy Association HUANG Chien They issue separate propaganda materials, the more forceful coming from HUANG and the more subtle from Kc0. HUANG has strengthened his personal prestige by open opposition to Macao government authority9, while K'0 has worked through his own organization and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. 6. The Communist offices in Macao received orders in December 1949 to investi- gate the Macao attitude towards the Chinese Communists, Macao government trade tranw ".cttons, s"Ppliss and trading stocks on hand,, and the amount and type of supplies and property belonging to Nationalist elements in Macao. 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300490005-0 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300490005-0 Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004300490005-0