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December 15, 2016
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June 2, 2004
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January 31, 1950
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INTE110FAX I Approved For Release 200"~W 1 CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY, Solicit Zama of Ga many Soviet Ti ilroad ShitamentE thrau ,h Fh.', ?i.EURT/Qder TOPIC 25X1 EVALUATION.) DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES 2 REMARKS LACE OBTAINED 25 October to 13 11ecember 1949 25X1 -ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE), 25X1 1. The folio 1rrg trains carrying Soviet troops and i:cateriel passed, throug$ FR?NK"URT/Oder (0 53/V 63) (frorrm 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) 9 1 October-194 1,.est~bound train of 40 railroad cars carrying troops, tanks and field kitchens. 4 October 1949 ".'es,.-bound hospital train of 12 railroad ears occupied b,r soldiers. 5 October 121+9 a. toast-bound train of 32 railroad cars carrying rotor vehicles and troops with red epaulets. b, ?'.est-bound train of 42 railroad cars carrying troops and T34 and JS tanks. 11 October 19. 9 a. rest-bound train of 34 railroad cars, carrying troops, trucks and passenger cars. b. .;est-bpund train of 39 railroad cars carrying troops, trucks and r"assenger cars. 1 , Uctober 19 '":est-bound train carrying troops, guns, trucks and passenger cars. l October 1.949 ":est-bound train of 34 railroad carrying troops, tanks, trucks and passenger cars. Nfl0E'NTIP.. CLASSIFICATION Approved For This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the b(6t2Ab4V@7Mb'$t4? CIAaF@?P82-00 Next Review Date: 2008 25X1 aument No. Ca a lass 0 eI sid _ C gd T S S h I R, 0. 2 25X1 25X1 2. A train of four coaches occupied by officers and men of older classes, two coaches occupied by women and children and seven boxcars loaded with billeting; equipment left FRANKFURT/Oder for BR ST on 23 November 1949. The train had been assembled in FRANKFURT/Oder from shipments b. ":est-bound train of 35 railroad cars carrying troops, passenger cars and trucks. 2 October l94I a. ..hest-bound hospital tr.-An of 13 railroad cars occupied by soldiers. b. Vest-bound train of 37 railroad cars carrying air force troops and trucks. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 21 October 194 a. ":est-bound train of 36 railroad cars. carrying troops, trucks and passenger cars. b. West-bound train of 39 railroad cars carrying troops, trucks and passenger cars. 26 October 1,942 a. East-bound train of 32 railroad cars, carrying troops, trucks, passenger cars and one field kitchen. arriving from DESSAU (M 5,-/R 17) and FUERST ;N`':ALDE (N 53/V 33). -X* a. A train carrying 26 guns of 122 mm caliber passed through FRANKFURT/ Oder on 26 November 1949 and proceeded east. *38, b. Trains carrying twenty-two 37 --an AT guns, twenty-eight 76.2-mm guns and twenty-eight 12-2 -mm guns passed through FRANKFURT/Oder on 28 Novem- ber 1949 and proceeded east. ** 1'. ML DE Approved For Release 8 :CIA-RDP82-00457800440017 003-9 carrying 28 rocket launchers, Oder marshaling yard on 3 December 1949. to the passenger railroad station. which had come from ZULrTLN== was standing at the FRANKFURT/ The train was later shunted 1 Decem er 1949 4. A train of nine coaches occupied by 200 to 250 troops 25 to 35 years of age, three boxcars loaded with baggage and boxes and two gondola cars, each carrying two new, six-seat passenger cars 25X1 e t'KA URT/Oder for BREST on 13 December . The troops were a ege; y replaced and on their way to the M0SC0"' area.*** 25X1 Cormnent ? most of the trains presumably carried units which returned from maneuver areas. No comparable information from FRANKFURT/Oder is available for that eriod of time. '' 'Troops with baggage and dependents who returned to the Soviet Union for demobilization. **', Outgoing shipments of weapons fro r, the Soviet Zone of Ger%aany to the Soviet Union. The train observed on 3 December 1549 was presumably also east-bound 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004400170003-9