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Eiev April to (60`-281.N.' July 1949 30' 30 RE 25X1X 25X1 SEak roved For Release 2003108111 1 CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Installa tionc Location-. 1; quarters (eight- story building,, 100x45 meters) 2, Barracks (aixc--story brick building, 5OxP.O meters) 3., Barracks (70 meters long, five-story old boil- ding with brown plaatoringh in June 1949 still showing war damages About 1,500 meters SW of the main railroad stations on the SE 25X1A A esi I Occupations Remarks= Under construction in June 1949, scheduled to be completed in 19610 side of Geroyiv Stratoete-. ri Highway (Military Geographical Plan, Special lition IV,4l) (see reference No 5 on Annex 3) Opposite the mentioned "police school", on the same higivay (see re- ference No 4 on Annex 3) Bordering on the men- tioned barracks on the SW (see reference No 3 on Annex 3) 4 Barracks (about Bordering on the menti- 70 meters long, five- oned barracks to the SW story brick building) (sae reference No 2 on Annex 3) SECR ] 25X1 construction work was inspected by high- ranking police offi> cerc designated as police school by a Soviet foremanc Police unit (traffic and safety police) Small units were seen when drilling: A relief showing a gun was observed over the barracks gate, A unit equipped with AT guns moved out of the barracke. Designated as officer candi- date school, in which young offi- cer candidates (wearing orange= colored cross braids on their epau- lets) were observed, They drilled in the barracks yard, Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 Kiev (cont9d) 1948 to June 1919 25X1X 25X1 ApI i 1 or Release 2003108111: CIA- DP82-00457R004500140010-0 CENTEAL INTELLIGENCE AGEIOI b,, barracks (ono= Bordering on the men- brick building) 1, barracks About 1,500 meters S (one six or seven- of the main railroad story, Ecshaped station,, on SE side building) of Geroyiv Stratosteri Highway (see reforen- ce No 5 on Annex 3) tioned barracks to the SW (see reference No 2 on Annex 3) 2;, Barracks Opposite the mentioned (brick buildings barracks, on the some hghesy (see reference No 4 on Annex 3) 3,, Barracks (so- Year the mentioned veral brick buil- barracks on the same dings in an area aide of the highway about 1,000x1,000 (see reference "lc n on ;Z.,t: 'Z-IRex 3)) SEORET- Bare brickwork was completed in June 1849, called "Mili- tia Barracks; to be occupied by a "Vilitia. brigade ", according to a Soviet workman Militia unit of one regiment Twenty now kolotav trucks were ob= served with the unit 37-m A.A. guns on four- wheal mounts, about 100 prime movers, several AA guns of larger caliber (88 mm?) and ballistic directors for AA guns the inscription "Electric were seen in the, baarraoks area. Numerous motor ve- hioles, apparently belon- ging to the A W, unit,. 'were stored in an open shed of a destroyed barracks; NE u? the AA Artillery Bar-. I I e Attashment 3 25X1X 25X1X 25X1 In October 1848 an a lery unit marching to a reviewing ground. The unit was stationed in a barracks about 20 km west of the city Guns of more than 200 mpoaliberg towed in two loads by tractors and having barrels longer than 3 meters, more observed with the unit During the review several hundred tanks, apparently now, were observed,, about 50 . as of about 75 mm caliber under a wooden roof in the same street in November 1948 25X1X 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 25X1 Approved ace 2003108111 :CIA-RDP82-0 457R004500140010-0 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Kiev (cent walk past the barracks 4;, Barraeke (wall = About 2,500 motors NW camouflaged by woods) of the main railroad, station, north of the exit road to Zhitomir (Brest kitavsk pigh- way) (see reference No 10 on Annex 3) Barracks (six boil= dings, each about 80x25 motors,, ar- ranged in two rowsr, one building being gutted) bz, Barracks W perimeter of city NE of the military freight station east of a cemetery (see reference No ld on Annex 3) s1)ading coal at 8,: Barracks the freight station '.945 to repeatedly talk, &pril 1949 ed to and traded with sol- diers from the barracks in the nearby tractor plant About 2,000 motors 87s. of the Citadel (zoo reference No 23 on Annex 3) Two German Tiger tanks and some AT guns on concrete foundations were observed at the gate, Soviet work= men said that a tank school was in the barracks Designated as roTank Barraoksa Several rocket launchers were seen in an open shed of another barracks,; Trucks, apparently praiwio movers for? the rocket launchers;, wdre parked beside the shed Tsar unit of unlcnwlr ctrongth0 Canvas-covored tanks and about P0 SP guns were parked in se- veral rows in the barracks areas, western perimeter of Tank unit or tank sahoc1L, city, about 1,500 me= including officer candidates tore NE of the Seto- wearing a broad cross braid in china freight station the middle of their epauk to* on the southern side of Tanks,, apparently T 34 tanks, Brest Litovsk Highway were repeatedly observed, (see reference No 19 Small repair work on tanks wam on Annex 5) done in the tractor planto 25X1 25X1X 25X1A I Icon= firmed a tank unit was stationed in the barracks in March 1949 t civilian workmen said that a tank school for officer candidates was about 1,500 motors from the barracks.. Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 Kiev (oonv"d) i, 947 to March 1949 1948 to March 1949 25X1X 25X1X A SE po rove SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGLN E AGF T -RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 Military quarters Western perimeter (densely-wooded of city, north of area) Star*-Zhitomirski Street, west of a now gas works (see reference No 18 on Annex 3) 1. Military quar- West of the main rail- ters (brick bui1= road Station, on the dings and oanbon= western side of Gero= ment buildings) yiv=Stratosteri High= way,, south of a sta- dium (see reference No 7 on Annex 5) A broad entrance, deoorated with tank emblems, was on the eastern side of a. street branching off from Staro-Zhitomiraki Street to the RE,. Troops retur- ning from a tank training grou:.dz.locatod farther to the north, turn?d 1z, _:ic ~epoatod- ly observed a large AA unit unit with 50 to 80 guns, coming from the direction of the city along ";w'ulitsa Ma1eilm and heading norli aehind the western corner of a cemetery. Unit of about 600 men, e- ---played a; ca~arassg in the city a le nal unit according to Soviet workmen0 2c, Military quay- Some hundred meters Soldiers cleaned more than tern (two wooden SW of the afore men thirty 75-M AT guns in front buildings, each tioned quarters, on of the buildin_Is about three 100x30x4 meters) the same side of the timso a TMSek. On other days? highway (see reference trucks occupied by troops No 6 on Annex 3) arrived at the buildings took AT guns in tow and prop- seeded to a training area farther to the South. On their return from the training area the soldiers were trucked back to the city,. 25X1 doved For Release 2003/08/11 JCIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 25X 25X1A 25X1X observed a can on? meat, occupied by a tank unit with more than 50 tanks, to be in a woods in the area in May 1948 A jail i.aa F:'Cpioi z 1, q s?u4 w tonment ? 25X1 X F_ _J observed 25X1 a tent camp with can- vast'covered tanks par- ked nearby at about the same place in 25X1X March 1948,. Eiav bout"d) 25X1 up to late March 1949 25X1 1945 to November 1948 up to late Octo- ber 1948 25X1 25X Approved For Release 200310811: CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 5o CENTRAL INTELLMEICE AGENCY 3, Barracks (one brick building about S0x15x12 mo- tors) SW of the mentioned called "prooinct station of wooden buildings (see traffic poliaa reference No 4 on Annex 3) I c ea 1 C. Barracks On the came side of Very young troops wearing gold=bordered the highway, bordering epaulets, 5O'man units were seen on the mentioned bar- leaving towards the airfield racks to the SW (see in the morning The soldiers were reference No 2 and 3 on referred to as air force trainees: Barracks (four- Annex 5) story brisk building,, about 80x30 meters) Northwestern peri= meters of city east of the cemeteries on the southwestern side of Pulitsa-'aleike;, corner of Ovruteka Street(see reference No 15 on Amex 3) Barracks (four or Western perimeters of five large multiple= city on the northern story,, brick mild- side of the exit road tugs with annex built to Jhitomir (Brost- dings in the rear:, Litovsk Highway) (see surrounded by teens) reference No 10 on Annex 3) 1,, Barracks (25Ox Western perimeter of 600 meters) area, -city on the southern large; old instalz side of the exit road latione with modern to 3hitomir, east of furnishings, flat,, the point where the grass--covered roofs,, northern by-pass route unused railroad spur branches off (see rey> ferenoe No 19 on Approved F~ Transport unit,, hauling construction materials and supplies to building sites "An undisciplined,, wild bunch of soldiers", Mar4y Studebaker trucks Personnel of the unit More a red bordered black band around their caps Tank unit of young soldiers,, .equipped with tanks of type T 34 and of a lighter type: The unit was repeatedly ob- served to leave the barracks with both types of tanks: Designated as "tank school",, c handed by Gen (Tank Troops) Plotkin, occupied by about 600 troops,, including 30 Yu' goclavaF The barracks included, One three-story;, 180x25 motors, main building with large entrance, let= ture rooms and projector rooms One brick building about 300x25 r Release 2003108 ?tl RDP82-004578004 (' 'vins as billets for 25X1 25X1 Kiev (cont?d) Approv l lease 2003108111: CIA-RDP8 00457R004500140010-0 CYMBAL INTE1i,1GF E AGE 125X1 2,, Barracks (large four-story new bui1= dings with dark marble-walls) 3. Barracks (three three-story 150x26 meter brink build- ings, one in the center with gabled roof, the other two with flat roofs, sta- bles and garages, in an area about 360 me- ters square) 1 city sector on Artema Street 25X1A officers and U, One garage about 400x12 motors, with seven sections for 12 Studebaker vehicles each,: One utilities building.c. One parking lot on which about 70 T34 tanks, 16 armored reconnaissance cars, some former German tanks and three Czech armored reoonnais? same cars were seeno ficere were nearby, The "music sehool?" and a brick about300 men building with apartments for of- late 1941c Called "New Artillery School"g 25X1X commanded by an artillery gene= said that the ar- ral, occupied by about 200 racks, desiir*rated as trainees? equipped with lecture "music achool'", rooms., a large hall for sand= was occupied by sa table exercises and a music room-- infantry unit of N oivy perimeter, Designated as `C d Artil2 on the southern aide lery Sohool," commanded of Vulitsa NRleika by a generals occupied by (see reference No 16 about 200 trainees, On Annex 3) Guns were parked along the road to Zhitomire About 70 horses and 25 truoks were observed, Sevoral search- lights were on the flat roof of one building in which were the lecture roowoo I 25X1X confirms the follow-, ing installations at about the same spot in late 19476 14 Artillery school (near a music school) 2. Another artillery school, about 1;;600 m north of the main rail :cad station 3, Medical school !three large brick buildings) with about 600 students e 25X Approved For Release 2003108111 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500140010-0 Kiev (ooat'd) 1946 to July 1948 1948 to October 194' 25X1 Approved For Release 20 2-004578004500140010-0 SECR T CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGE ! 25X1X 25X1X NW city perimeter, on the northern side of Vulitsa Maleika, opposite the "Old Art 'ileryy Sus oo1" (see reference ?To 17 on Annex 3) "Military Medical Academy" headed by a general (Mad) occupied by more than 1NOO0 students, including some girls and some Yugoslavs,, The school was exceptionally well equipped and furn'}shed l barracks (6OOu200-meter) SE city sector, NW area (Several multiple=story of the Citadel brick buildings) (see reference No 22 on Annex 3) 2;, Barracks (4OOxl5OG metes) area (several multiple-story brick buildings) l Barracks (one four> story building, about 200x18 meters) One building ore the inscrip tion "Military Academy and Of- ficer Candidate School`., The barracks was Occupied by officer candidates wearing yellowcbordered epaulets and by numerous field officers* Drill practices with rifles were observed. SW of the Citadel Occupied to capacity by a tarp: (see reference No 23? unit of very young soldiers` equipped on Annex 3) with several types of tanks and 76,2 AT guns The barracks was designated t4tank school" o Warta a perimeter of Infantry unit of 600 men, equipped city on the southern with infantry weapons, not mcotorised? side of Dekttyarevekaya The quarters of a parachute unit were Street (see reference a djoining to the west (see reference No 12 on Annex 3) No 13 on Annex 3) SEC 4