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December 15, 2016
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February 8, 2001
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March 26, 1950
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D2--o0 Approved For Release 2001/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500320012-8 CONFIDENTIAL COUNTRY Germ: (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Railxoad, Shipments via Frt/offer PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. STATEji ARMY URN TO (IA LIBRARY REPORT NO. CD NO. 25X1A DATE DISTR. 219 I-larch 1950 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The followinp trains lei t r'rrtnmC.furt/Oder for Brest-Lltovs 25X1X' net;; sleepers with spare axles V)r wide au e, cnanufactuved in the Uoerlitz (0 52/3 00) :railroad i-iepair Plant. 17 ovember: 35 nerj field railroad loccenotives, type 52 (w,irtirne loccnotivcs) 18 November: in the afternoon: 21 workshop c:rs for field railroa.d', in the morning : 1E k.ur-~ shop cars for field rai-t.road 21 November: 46 railroad cars with shipments of machine parts 23. i4ove: ber in the afternoon: 36 tan'; care (15 tons) #ro:u Uoehien (N 52/K 29), transportation number 51/18 957. Cons--L free: Unit APL 71 397. Station destination: Zhabinkao Train schedule nizmbe-? 1392 Na 22 Nl:ovember: 46 boxcars, shitatent not is entified? 23 ? oventber: 43 railroad cars loaded vaith machine parts for a power plant or ..ater works 13 November: 35 3' 0 ? 7 i+ove;n ;er: 40 new retri ,eerator cars ulth wide caus;c axle h 24 L:,venber: 44 railroad cars (freight c:,rs) shipment not identified CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION 1 CLASSIFICATION 45 railroad cars loaded with machine rp:rts for a Hower ti~.ant or water works. , _ Comment 't'ire 40 new refrigerator cars may have been sa.nuiactured .iti LLe Arlurtendorl' 92) Railroad Car plant (now assigned to the Prarrsni sh Soviet Corpora- tion). T, e 35 n::w field railroad locomotives are possibly delivered b., the nationalized i:ar1 '.arz Plant (formerly Urenstein & Koppel) in Potsdam- Babelsberg (N 53/Z 63). The 39 workshop cars for a field railroad are possibly irinnufactured by the `.eiinar (M 51/J 57) _taiiroad Car !'larrt nou assigned to the f'rans.rash Soviet Uorporation. The ' imar Plant is currently leliverinE field railroad cars to the Soviet Union. 25X1A This doe rn .-tt is !1e" eg;-uded to 1 CONFit3?4! in da ce with he letter of ac`obcr 1~?78 fE`