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December 19, 2016
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March 24, 2006
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March 22, 1950
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CLASSii-HCAa1O1 I i l/1w L ff4 Approved F rLr~I ~ ~c f 4 J I RF -00457WO,~ 94 INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. 25XtOUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF 25X1A INFO. uco ,lavia~_3ul?aria CONFIDENTIALA E DISTR. 22 7019 00CUM2UT CONTAINS OV TNT UWa7EA 0TAYE3 ,wtTIIFII a'WE 6IEANIU0 OP TIaL ESVEONACE ACT BO D. S. C., Et AESD 82. AS AUR 132D. ITII T22t C7E5810ta OR 1 Q3VRIJlTION OP ITS C01472WTS IN AUV @aArMC TO AN UX.10T8O2IE2 PE MOM I,a p30- HIHI1EC D7 LAW. PtEP&ODUCTIQ2 r 7V 100 PD:t 11% PROIt68if8D NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. W 1 50 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION between ?.ri cho I? s Sn iyI_-..r &L; ,td ;:~tvvt 1snl:ti nett Tai.tIl unspecified Soviet envo 's to the Noar cast, it was said 'Y1 W *C to t? ke plac- in i:c~ceclonia, .:ith --partisan groups :: ror.: 3u.1 ;aria is-1c' `Uir_? rious in Yu; oslav I ac.;don:tao The objcct is to create a net. '',Macod-ionian ho:rol4itic.' to enc slo the Soviet, Union to irese It i::,tarnationtl :.;robien (t;r~et .lai~l~r uc1oru tho Uni"I; d N: L s) ar_.:: call for the a.utoncray o.t` all i'tacc4 Ionia (Yur.osla:r, Dul,.arian arcs Creak). 25X1 a certain Alexander Sasonov, ovie t c,ip or:: c er p oyeo, was expected I rr(xCi L;osco~, about the middle of Fe ruary 1D48O Comment: Please see New York Times article, 14 ':A arch 19508 page 13, entitled Balkan Invasion Seen". CLASSIFICATION MAY NSRB AIR .~~ X63 CONFIDENTIAL in accordancelwithothe letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 DISTRIBUTION NO, OF PAGES 1 Approved For Release 2006/04/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004500400002-0