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November 16, 2016
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April 10, 2000
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April 12, 1950
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V '11014 004 Approved For Relea k0 UqC&_RPE8 f R004600 7NQ, 25X1A RIVIA79014 REPORT CD NO. r:OUN'TRY Chile PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF 2M1- CONFIDENTIAL DATE DISTR, APR 50 Pedro Enriquo Alfonso Barrios. Chilean itinister of Interior 25X1A NO. OF PAGES, NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. .., The newly appointed Chilean t iniste:' of the Int= rior9 Pedro Enrique Alfonso Barrios, who is excected to be actin,, president while Gonzalez Videla is in the United Str:Lt;as in April 1950, is reported to have had cordial relations with the Corriunists in the pant. He bel_on;s to the left wins; of the Radical Party of Chilo (. In October 1945, he was appointed a -vice president of the Instit-xto Chi.lene de Relaciones Culturales con la Union Sovieticn (Chilean-Soviet Cultural Relations institute) r a Conranist-front organi ration. Ia :September 1947, Alfonso was renortod still to be an ninnort.ant" rienber of the In:,titute. Howw ever, it is noted that on 20 Deccrtbe ? 1945, Antonio Rios, then President of Chile, net with re'resentatives of the Central Co* :ittee of the Communist Party re7ardinp? conditions under which the Cooinnzn.i.ets would ant--er the Rios rover .ent,. One of the Communists' conditions w .s that Rios should not appoint Alfonso a member of the proposed cabinet. 4? Information obtained in October 191,2 indicated that Alfon,,;o, together with t oracio Walker Larrain, the present l'inistor of .Foreir n R1 lations, were at that tine both members and Probable "legal counsellors" of the Orguni zcion do Defensa Juridica contra el Espiona,Je? nazi-Facista, an organization desi :ned to 2 iX . t llazi and Fascist espionage activities in chile0 _ uCo*nlent~:} Although Alfonso has been considered pro-Communist in the pasty it is believed that, like Gonzalez , idela, he has changed his viotrs recently,, RMv.__7 '._AIR CIASSIFiCATION " FOMN pNfIDENTIAL NSRB I ! ( DISTRIBUTION This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDEN1-IAL In accordance with the letter of 16 October 1078 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Approved For ellltlitt;/05tr~ $A-RDP82-004 Document No. Me Change in Dcl# WLi MR srt twL 1i!