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November 16, 2016
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April 11, 2000
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April 13, 1950
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COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE Approved Ford X %fRPP82-004g(I}0 2X1 A f MATI REPORT CD NO,. Germany (Russian Zone) CONFIDENTIAL Production of Aircraft Training Devices at Z,ei ss, Jena OP TF74 UNri'b:D lTA~s 871S1it97 TC4R Gi'ASQI149 OP R1PP. 23P102tA98 ACT 8>?: Q. ffi. e.., Si AAD at. 511 AgQPJ PZ?n., TP6 TIIARBPi it+Sl. 1 OR f !R RL'UE JTi0tI Rl ITO COHTNT3 19 AMT 1!1 1'! ? TO AN UsAiT 03iC80 ps low to PRO1 FJP01700 3' Lap. REP ROP31 ?.T:O7! '39 T415 P02 W PRGPPIRRL'D.. . SOURCE DATE DISTR. 16 AP? "0 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT T REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. The follocling production is planned by Carl Zeiss, Jena, for the Soviet Air Force for 1950 and 1.951. c.. 8,000 cdmeraa to-be installed in fighters, and possibly bombers, t:a be coordinated with 5'uns to keep ohotobraphic records of fights / ,vith rnemy planes. The original order called for 2,000 cameras, cut was later revised., 2 pilot I.3dels of training device to train bombardiers in bombing rues. S.finulation is done through movie camera. For 1950: an 200 each of - fighter gunnery training device produced for gunnery practice to simulate flight of conventional type aircraft, not let prcpelled. For 1953 200 gunnery training devices (see la) 200 of the same training set but different only in that the device should simulate flight of jet-propelled aircraft. x.00 bc.mbing training devices (see lb) Recr:rtly the Russians brought one of the new Russian AC fighter gunnery si r:;.1~s to Zeiss, Jena, to inquire if the firm cculd reproduce it. No agree mc:: j were reached to date. The sic-hts are vorv nrimiti.vely constructed, but J1_:~ .JUd. A sciei:tist uho corked for the Gernan Air Force during the war c; nicer':ted, that ttia sights are very simple, but seem to a complish the same a. Gerruan sights, with the added advantage that they can ,7ithstand more wear tit tear and mishaudlin ,;iirl Zeiss, Jena was recently informed by tae L astern zone government that my non developments made: at the plant's research department, would autom:_tically I'tecome the property of the DDR. CONFIDENTIAL srnrE NAw IVSRB ~_ _ DISTRIBUTION ARt+IY ~ AIR App This document Is hereby regraded to CONFIDE ! '.L in accordance with the letter of 13 C',. uber 1978 from the Director of r'en r3l lnte! igence to the Archivist cf tcie United Stateli. I*8 cI FOrv Retle 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004600580006-6