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June 6, 2002
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Approved For F19W20 25X1 C (4) (5) (e) (e) SE T/COIFTIML N& ' IYk-- 00457RO04700100I i 1a( merit Pants D ots (Alphabetical order) Berlin-Obersohoono idet (N 53/Z 94), in the forrlor Buessing-NAG Tzrks, .1-5 Ostondstrasso. Large-size motor vehicle roplaee ent parts depot and repair shop, besides, motor vehicle intercepting and distributing point; incoming shipments from the Soviet Union. Incoming and outgoing rail ship- ments. GOFG, (53 Central Repair Shop) (June 1949) 200 Soviet soldiers as guards, supervisors, and workora, 2,500 German skilled and auxiliary raorkers. Harlin-Obersohoenmoide railroad station (Berlin - Icoonigswusterhaueen railroad line). A spur track may bo available. Guards: Soviet soldiers. 2. (1) n bus (2) (r1 53/Z 96), in the former Berg ann armamont factory, on the Liopnitz higYvray, west of the Stettin Autobahn, in the woodland. (3) =.lotor vehiolo and tank repair shop, replacement parts depot, modern machine tools GOFG, may be Fourth Gds &Teoz Army, 1 -1 About 600 German workers, CO: A Soviet Lt Col Underground installations allegedly are available but not confirmed. Bernau railroad station (Berlin - Eberaaalde railroad line), spur track probably not available Guarded by about 20 Soviet soldiers (9) 3. (1) Ctz: (2) (U 51/K 60), exact location unknown (3) Large-size repair shop and replacement parts depot of the Wiscnuth SAG Plant designation: Devigatolig. Under SLIA administration. About 800 Gelman workers, constant new hiring of skilled workers Chenitz railroad station (important railroad junction of nwV railroad lines in the area of Sazony), spur track ? 4. (1) Dre aden: (2) (11 62/F 29), a) former German A 7W ration supply depot, on Koonigsbruookeratrass0, corner of Sohradorstrasso, b) in the area of the former Kraftverkehr AG Sachsen, on Mosohnitzerstrasso. ET/COIITI;.OL/1 25X1 25X1A 25X1 C 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004700100015-0 Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004700100015-0 SEC T/CONTROL, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2/ Annex 6 (3) a) :'otor vehicle :,rsk : ihri,e-size re )l:;ce,: ent prtrLa depot, presu;iab1, :use distributing ::oint b) :.otor vehicle flop 25X1 C (4) a) trob:ibly iLrs:,allation of ..(, iivsc Gus .'eCL .,rs;;- b) Under S- ., ad:,.inistrr,tiun (5) a) .:o info b) 350 Gene+n ski:iled v^.orlker_, .-L:,;.:es C. u.'1:: uf_'i::ers ctrar;:;a uri nov.n (U) a) Spur track brancnin` off from Lire Dresden - ; r&i_Lro,,: line b) UnLL:nown. (10) Uev3r'%:1 atx.r iust'111r;Lla:rs T1i'i: XC1U:.:r including: E04 ;,eprsir repot for li~_nt vehicles unkn Ovtn . otor vehic,e x u )air' silo;:) pit 5 ii.yrc. These to irr; tr llr.tions v. -e _:rob=.bly of 1= 1 i:.,aortance osrly. . Fuerstenber, (N 54/U 52), on the s.uLhern outskirts of tare town, Zehdenickerstr:::;se, in Lae ru c.a of sx forr,cr factory 25X1 25X1A 25X1 C 25X1 C (3) :.otor vehicle repiacement parts depot :nd txn; repair shop (t,) Soviet ;:roy, )resu ly, an i..stril::tion of be second Gras ...ecz k.nn. { ) r'uc.rct.enher,, r niiroxr . s t:Ation tI"eustrelitz - 1 er^lirr railroad i`.ne ) s~ui track (:) :.m;; enclosed by a board fence 4 rn hijh and strvrrgly e.urded. 6. (1) irci!moeae:r: (_) (F 53/- .L ), o.i L?re southern bank of Lie; ,-.Lauer See L'. tile for.I.Or-, ';,oi ch sb:?,h i re .: ai r? shop (;,) Lar; :e-size replrice,:,eot parts de;;ot and tank repair si:op, nu...erous incoming lord out, :oin ship;;rerrts (i;.) 1-3 Z.vod tan.,, repair strop) besides, apparently is another re:.%air u:riL. (5) v~.a;cix 25X1 25X1 About 400 Soviets, 4o0 to 500 uei'a .n fuse number is UeLie reduced all the ti.. e; UO of Lire depot: ~rr~:~~.blc, . 01 :nuabalin. ?:') Spur traco branching ofs: .iro;ri UA Gerlin rr icbur raiiro:.r,i One (s~) Guarded by Soviet; soldiers (t:anli~ troopers) ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004700100015-0 Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457ROO4700100015-0 ? S Ed D' T/CON,=L - CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AG EPNCY 3/ Annex 6 7. (1) Koenigswusterhaunens (2) (N 53/7 02), in the former factory area south of the Koeriigs- wusterhausen - Kitten lde railroad line, on the edge of a goods (3) Large-size motor vehicle replacement parts depot and repair shop, :may be distributing point for motor vehicle replacement parts. h oning shipments from the Soviet Unions outgoing shipments, in general, to Narkersdorf (refer to Para 8) 25X1 C (4) Soviet Any, (8) Koonigswusterhausen railroad station (Berlin - Cottbus railroad line), spur track, branching off from the Koenigswusterhausen - LEittenwalde railroad line, may be available. 8. (1) ltarkarsdorf a (2) (N 51/K 67), in a foyer factory area in the northern part of the town of Narkorsdorf, oast of the Cheamnitz -+ Grossbothen railroad line (3) Motor vehicle replacement parts depot and motor park, Army distri- buting point 25X1 C (4) Eighth Gds Amy, (5) CO of the depot: r to j I3arosyuk Dpty CO: Capt Ossipov (larch 1949) (8) Markorsdorf railroad station (Chemanitz - Grossbothen railroad line) (10) Incoming shipments of replacement parts from Koenigamusterhausen (refer to pars 7) 9. (1) Muellrose: (2) (0 53/7 52), in the former Todt Organization depot (Speer depot) 500 m south of the Tfuellrose railroad station, on both sides of the Frankfurt-Oder -- Cottbus railroad line (3) Large-size tank replaconent parts depot and repair shop, two separate parts on each side of the railroad line, eight large-size wooden and corrugated sheet metal warehouses, numerous incoming shipments of tank replacement parts from the Soviet Union and Kirohnoeser (refer to pare 6) (4) 123rd Tank Repair Shop (Kirobnooser branch installation), (5) Cos Lt Col Golonyov Dpty CO: T.Ia j lolanovskii (September 1949) 1 -1 One technical unit of 200 men was stationed in the depot (26 January 1950) (8) Two spur tracks (one for each component part of the depot) branch- ing off from the Frankfurt/Odor - Cottbus railroad line (0) Strictly guarded 10. (1) Nevbrandenburg (2) (N 45/U 66), in the former torpedo research station on Tollensee, south of IToubrandenburg 25X1 25X1A 25X1 C Approved FoIGMW607 : CIA-RDP82-004572004700100015-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004700100015-0 T/CoI;TROL CENTRAL INTELLIGEMB AGEI1CY 4/ Annex 6 25X1 25X1A (3) Tank repair shop and replacement parts depot, reconstruction of six large demolished workshops, one of which was completed (July 1949) (4) Soviet Any, presumably Second Gds Mooz Airy (8) Spur track branching off from the Uoubrandenburg - Ideustrelitz railroad line (9) Soviet guard detail of 60 soldiers 11. (1) Wildaus (2) (N 531P 02), a. in the former Sohwartzkopf Plant b. in the forcer ft!AG Plant (3) a. Motor vehicle replacement parts depot (may be central depot) b. Rotor vehicle t laoesn.ont parts and tire depot (may be a branch depot of pare .9. s. Incoming shipments of replacement parts and tires from the Soviet Union via Brest-Litovsk. 25X1 C (4) GOP G. (8) Wildau railroad station (Berlin - Koenigswusterhausen railroad line), spur track (7) (9) The installation is surrounded by a high board fence; the depot men- tioned under para b is off limits to Goxraan workers. 12. (1) Wittenberg! (2) (Id 52/T31 37), a. in the former Arado plant b. in the building opposite the Kant chocolate factory West of Wittenberg, between the Wittenberg - Coswig railroad line and the Elbe River (3) a. Tank replacement parts depot b. Tire depot and vulcanizing worms (4) Soviet Ax y (a) Spur track branching off from the Wittenberg - Coswig railroad line for para a; for pare b urIcnown (9) One Soviet guard company; four watch towers throughout the depot area, one of then occupied all the time. 13. (1) 17urzons (2) (IT 52/E 42), a. area of the forcer ~,`urzen airfield b. workshops on Luoptitzoratrasse (3) R. Large-size motor vehicle repair shop with replacement parts depot b. Lfotor vehicle repair shop, presumably a branch outfit of pare a. Approved For Release 2002/08/ - - 004700100015-0 S EC1 T/COITTROTJ/ 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R004700100015-0 S i +T/C0MTROL CT NTRAL I TNTt1~,LI G rMC " AG3T]0Y 5/ Amex 6 (4) GOFG Occupation Forces for Saxony) 54th Central Repair ?7orkshop, a. Automobil - Zentral - Reparaturarerketaette der Besatsungs- truppo fuor Land Sachsen (Motor vehicle repair center of the (5) CO : 11a j Sarayo v (s) Manager for the Garman v orkers a sgineor Guenther (late 1948) FFurzon railroad station (Leipzig - Riesa railroad line). Regularly incoming shipments from the Soviet Union via Brost. Spur track (?) 14. (1) Zeeson: (2) (3) (TT 53/Q 02), on the radio service area south of Koenigswusterhausen, west of the FGoonigewuatorhausen - Cottbus highway Large-size Motor vehicle repair shop, replacement parts depot and motor vehicle distributing point. Machine installations of the latost designs. 25X1A 25X1 C (4) 53rd Central Repair Shop, stationed in Berlin-Ober- 25X1 C sohoonoweide, probably a branch Ilation) (5) (6) Soviet headquarters consisting of 11 military and 4 civil engineers; SO: Cpt Tlorosov Spur track branching off from the Koenigswusterhausen - Hittenwalde railroad line, complotod late in June 1949. During recent months, ineoning shipments of motor vehicles from the Soviet Union by rail, probably replacement automobiles, which were distributed in Zeesen. CONTROL ON Ft ENT1PI Approved For Re ease 2002/0 - - 004700100015-0 CON HHDENTIA25X1 25X1