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November 9, 2016
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February 17, 1999
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June 9, 1950
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4f tt I $l4 CLASSIFICATION C(- 'p" '3 25X1 A2g Approved For Release i )04NI W-F - 6%g%W05000400%49-Z,1 00" INFORMATION REPORT CD NO, 0 COUNTRY 0h spa/ ATE 01STR. SUBJECT Chinese Commxnist; Support for V:.etrdn1 Military Activities 25X1A6a "? 3Ui'' NO. OF PAGES 2 Under instructions from Peiping government authorities., YEH Chien-ying (- ,s`rJ ) ma ?or of Canton and governor of Kwangtung was to buy and send arms and ammunition to Vietminh forces in Indo-=Chinas through the facilities of the South China Trading, Company, controlled by his brother !EH Tao=wying (- .F . '~ ) The branch office of the company,, established at Shi.hchi (113 22, 22f730) to facilitate shipments 'oy sea, on 24 February 1950 sent to Iradr, ..China one shipment of arms, ;onsi sting of 1,9420 pistols and rifles, Because small profits v% r?. gained and the hazards of imnnirq-," the Nationalist blockade were great, the office made no further shignents. YEN T. o-ying, however, secretly engaged in exporting and importing profitable commodities for his private profit and was estimated to have netted Hong Kong 10,,QOO,OO0 since the establishment of the fiirmo* 2. Because of YEH2s negligence in carrying out its orders, the Communist govern- ment ordered the company dissolvedt, changed its n rre to the Chu Chiang lading, Company,. and placed it under the direction of the vangtung Government 't'rade Bureau., it was to be established in Canton on i;5 arch 1950 with LI P e. (j ~ ) as general. manager and CFHOU Ytzan-shen (if] ;% ,1J) as assistant manager. Because of the urgency of arias shipments to In dory-Chile a, a Shihchi office was set up on 17 .a.,rch at '73 T`r an Feng Chi "r C Tioad and plans were made to ship to the Vietminh forces arms and ammunition transferred from the former South China- Trading Company,. 3, Another agency sh3 ppin arses to Vietminh,, as v ell as to Malaya and the Philippines is thy, Hsin ai U J" 111) Navigation Bureau of the Hsin Li Shipping C*vr~tpe y~ ` This firm has its main offices on the third floor of the building opposite the Grand Hotel on Hsir: Ma. ( t -) Road,, HHiacao, and branches in i{ring Kong, Canton., and Surmui, Shipping points are Yeh LI Shan (Y ;' 5 J-i ), Hsiangchou (13.3-32, 22-14) Chi Jep S 1 ( & ), Wantzu (1i3 3l, 22=16), anal Sha Li T E ou in Macao., A power boat, the ,,- (a~{ } ~) ZI 1W carried cargo o open water, where it is transferred to an unidentified Snv-let.. Since January 1950 eight shipments have been made in this manner, Two of the company's vessels also run regularly to Kongmoon STAY{: ARMY Director of Co.ur iigence to the I CLASSIFICATION rNAVY :WNsRll This document is hereby regred CONFIDENTIAL in acaordan the letter of 13 October from the Archivist o. nited States. b 4f e 1999/09/09 t~l -'7~ f I L TY Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82,46457R005000400013-2 4. 25X1A2g At the fourteenth meeting of the South China Poiituuro on 17 :arch 1930, attended by PANG Pp e, ( ), deputy chairman of Kwangtung Province., TA AN Cheng-?wuen (V? . g commissioner of the Canton Public Security Bureau., HSIAO Hsiang-junk; ( 07 Banister of Propaganda of Kwangtung, I Hsiu- hsiar Finance Commissioner of Kwangtung, and CH EN Po ( 5 deputy commissioner of the Canton Public Security Sur eau,, *~ - - it was decided to supply HO Chi Dinh with 20,000 rifles he had requested.. Surnius food supplies from Indo-=.China were to pr for the rifles, and deliveries were arranged as follows a7 6,000 rifles to be supplied by Kwangtung Military District and 89OOO from the Chu Chiang Trading Con an?y to be delivered by the company bd sea to an unspecified point in Indo= China b