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November 9, 2016
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February 25, 1999
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June 22, 1950
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25X1A 17.. . w1? 3+F Approved For Rely i -9.99 0SEfC3iA DM,2-00457F~tI 067 ~tn CY FI!;Err : L y O I REPORT CD NO.. /151 COUNTRY Coiomb' a/&c:uadcr/ Venezuela DATE DISTR.. o2 j7 SUBJECT Expulsion of 1; .reia Lucas do Machado NO. OF' PAGES 2 from Colombia PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 4. 25X1X 25X1A,* 25X1A - , "0" NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X REPORT NO. 1"a ?ia !&,j fiucas do ?Oaehi o9 estranged ,r1fe of the Venezue c 1,rz u.ist leader Gustavo I'"aehado Morales., has been expelled from Colombia at the Instigation of the Chief of the Foreigners' Section of the Colombian National Police,* Under arrest since 27 ""ay 1950 and under surveillance during the last 24 hours of her stay in Colombia., she departed Bogota vii. Avia.nca for '?uitop, Ecuador, on 3 June 19 50 U 2Q tier expulsion was prompted by the fear that her husband, who is understood to be in hiding in Venezuela, might come to Colombia,, The police intended to send her to T'enezuela, but at her request they allowed her to go to Ecuador. 3, She had lived in Colombia for several years and showed some disposition to appeal the eznu].sion order to a higher authority. She offered a Conservative lawyer, Carlos Reyes Posada, 5000 pesos to take the case to court? Reyes Posac?.a, refused after t?ilking with police authorities who were determined to remove her from Colombia... 25X1 X although Maria Lucas de "'nchado has been a militant Communist for many year., she has not been particularly active since early in 1949 when h?r, "il.ri distributing company, cito Fi1-s, was no longer able to distribute Russian films in Colombia. Communist Party leaders, do 25X1 X not have implicit faith In her because of her immoral habits, Co_Y enter "'aria Lucas de Wnehado, also =down as Ida Machado, was mana- ger of ~Exito Films in Colombia, a distributing agency for Art'd.no Films of New York. Exito Films was founded In A,ngust 1944, and distributed Russian, Argentine and "ecican films. In January 1949, ! ania Lucas de Vaehado announced that Fcito Films would not show Russian films as it was no longer possible since the departure of the Soviet Legation from Bogota. She also said that numerous difficulties had arisen over the exhibition of Russian films in Caracas, Vs:nezuerl.a, as well, despite the niesence of a Soviet Legation in that country. CLASSIFICATION Cot FIDE": IA.L Document No. -- No Chance to class. ~- --------- . 0 ;aulfietl Class. Changed Toi TS S C Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-R !0t H05000670005-2 -- --------- pp ------- Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005000670005-2 CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 A Fa.ria Luca de Machado 1.s reputedly a woman of great intelligence and i4 allegedly an enthusiastic discipl{) of Communist doctrines. She was -alleged to have coooerated with the Partido Socialist- Democratica (former name of the PCC) by receiving l)trge quantities of Soviet propaganda from the So-,-let Legation for subsequent distribution to third parties. She is reported to have contacts with various Communist Party officials in Venezuela, Chile and Mexico, attribu.uted in pry.,*t to her husband" s orestige as a known revolutionary Cor nunist. It has been reported that she served as ^ contact between th_7 Soviet Leg'.tion and the TO., and although at the time of that report it did not qppeqr that she bei: nged to the PCC, she reportedly cakrried a membership card of the Internationiil Communist Party, issued in Mexico. Maria Lucas de achado, who wa., born in. Bretagne, France, went to Russia In 1934, and while there 7ti;ended the 17th Congress of the Communist Party in Voscow. She returned to Pari,, in 1935, where she remained until 1939. From Paris, she traveled to berxico and reoortediy joined the Communist Party of that country. It was ;'.wring her stay in }roxico that she married Gustavo Machado Morales. The 'iachadorj then came to Colombia and with the financial assistance of Guillercro Machado, a wealthy brother of Gustavo, they started Exito Films. Marla r3oorted1;7 joined the PCC in 1943 and later withdrew, allegedly because o~L-' pressinf- business activities. When the PCC changed its name to Partido Sn '.aiis to Damocratioa in August 1944, she applied for a new membership and tsar, L%cceptr c on 10 September 1944. Liter, she apparently again withdrew fr~jrn Party activities, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005000670005-2