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December 14, 2016
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November 17, 2000
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Approved For Release X001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R00510O 2 0 -7 CENTRAL INT LLIGENC E AGENCY 1/ Annex I R-13/30-Gr0Erfurt Fire clay o off' 1o Le-s ~ a-te Stat on S pp ng ~a S on of origin Fim of des- of AR car tination RR cars 1 Sep Hermsdorf Hescho Insula- tors 1 Sep Hermsdorf He s cho Insula- tors 1 Sep Langenberg Brick- Roof yard tiles 2 Sep Eisenberg 2 Sep 2 Sep Fire clay factory Langenberg Brick- yard Zeulenroda May . 2 Sep Fepe-Ost? 3 Sep Jung en.b e,rg Brick yard 3 Sep Gera Hbf0Derutra 3 Sep Herrnsdorf Hescho 5 Sep Langenberg Brick yard 6 Sep Liebsoh-- Derutra 'Witz 6 Sep Langenberg Brick yard 7 Sep 2eulenroda Blell 7 Sep Langeuberg Brick yard 7 Sep Hercnsdorf Ilescho 7 3ei Gera-Sued Dorutra Reparations Rostock 1 boxcar Rostock 3 boxcars Kovol 2 boxcars Basa III Brest 5 gondola rasa II cars Roof Koval 2 gondola Bass III tiles cars Furni- Poland tore M chines Stettin 1 gondola car Roof Koval tile s 2 gondola Base III cars Machine s Stettin 6 flatcars Force- Rostock 4 boxcars lain Roof Koval 2 gondola Bass III tiles I cars Machines Stettin 4 gondola cars . Roof Kovel 2 gondola Bass III tiles cars Machines Poland 1 boxcar Roof Kovel 2 gondola Bass III tiles cars Insula- Rostock 4 boxcars tors MIa- Rostock 3 boxcars china s Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005100220008-7 25X1A Approved CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2/ Annex I 0008-7 8 Sep Langenberg Brick Roof yard tiles Ko vet 2 gondola Basa III cars 8 Sep Hermsdorf Ilesoho Insula- Poland 2 boxcars tors 8 -Sep Poe llwitz Derutra v1aehines Rostock 1 8 Sep Zeulenroda Derutra Aachines Stettin 2 9 Sep Langenberg Brick Roof Iaove1 2 gondola rasa III yard tiles oars .10 Sep Langenberg Brick Roof Kovel 2 Gondola Basa III yard tiles ears 10 ;:sap Hermadorf Geiss-- Profa- Brest 5 boxcars Basa II ler bricated. houses U. p3ep Hermsdorf Geissler Prefa-. Brest 5 boxcars Basa 11 bricated houses 12Sep Hermsdorf Geissler P efa- Brest 9 boxcars .Baca 11 bricated houses 12 Sep Jena-West Schott Glass Rostock 5 boxcars & Co 0 12 Sep Gera-Sued Derutra chines Rostock 1 boxcar 12 Sep Gera-Sued Derutra Porce- Rostock 1 boxcar lain 12 Sep Langenberg Brick Roof Kovel 2 boxcars Bases I11 yard tiles 13 S' p Langenberg Brick Roof Kovel:S 2 boxcars Basa III yard tiles :.s yep I-Ierrasdorf Geissler Prefa- Brest 12 boxcars Bass bricated house 14 Sep He:mr. dorf Geissler Prefa- Brest 9 boxcars Basa 11 bri Gaited houses 14 Sep Largenberg Brick Roof Koval 2 gondola Base III yard tiles oars 15 Sep 2eulenroda Derutra Machines Poland I flatcar (machine factory) Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005100220008-7 25X1 A Approved CUTRAL INTFLI+IGENCE AGWNCZ 3/ Anne$ 1 15 Sep Zeulenroda May Furni., Lure Poland 2 boxcars 15 Sep Langenberg Brick Roof Kovel 2 gondola Vaasa III yard tiles cars L s t of Coordinates Eisenberg M 51/J 97 Gera I'll 51/K 06 FIernnsd or? Iii 51/J 86 Jena M 51/3 66 L,iebschwitz M 51/K 05 Langenberg /Gera M 51/K 06 Poellwitz DI 51/IC o3 Zeulenroda M 51 03 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005100220008-7