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December 14, 2016
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March 27, 2003
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June 26, 1950
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CLASSIFICATION evio.LCONFENTIAL 4d FitrElktimeirMi9e3,/gAofi _RE#2-0045718515*30p08-6 ONFORMATION REPORT D NO. dc COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE 25XACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. LacaolOrkina communist Orgarazartions DATE DISTR. 26 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO, trU/T 2 25X1 50 25X1 25X1 4,4444.-A e- t, .....yomloWn.maasimery 4, ? aliallaini=44.4.42122! THIS Mica:1=r 'CONTAINS snrouremutort AFFSCTRIO TOR RATIOTIAL ORIER2C OF T1/1.7 UNITED STATE:. VITSISS SUE URAPARCI OP TRW ESPIontlos ACT SO U.S. C.. 81 ARD U. AS ALISIMRD. ITS TRANSIOSSEOR OR Tin PlatilLATIOP OP ITS COMMITS IS ART LAMES TO All 013:10TROMILTS0 PREMOR TS PM uisnro 1:11 LAD. azPiontICTION OF TRIS MAO Is PROHIBITED. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 roopo.r.v.; e May Day proo lama ti ous 'issued in Pei pj ntvi,o or4ani 7: t orxs have been formed in Macao, both advocatinz? the abolition of foreign ?con- .43.-ol in :Flom: Kong, Kowloon and Macao. Since the tNVO, groups , acting inde- pendently, have been attempting to obtain a favored position ?with the Chinese Communist Party, friction has devsloped between them.* 2.. One of these groups, the Macao Branch Cop-mission for: retaking Hong Kong, Xowloon and N.%.cao, fumtiolas under the direction of the Chinese Communis commissioner for ltucao.g, Members of the Overseas Chinese Associa- idon form the nucleus of this -,;roup. Its committee wembers include the, f!ollowing GIPEN Chi hug ),-*** h.d of the Overseas Vovement, section of the South Ohine. Politburo's branch office in 'Macao. 4 PENG Chu-wan (:)!A 0.1j ) *** HSIEH Tsai henF 17" KO Cheng-p Lha hese: of' t he Culture and ciucation ti on of the Macao office of South Chl na :Pon tbur0. *** K 0 n 4i5T" )1.-* c hi -).1' of the South China Eu 1 i t".:Jur s 137:-Arich office in Macao.**' inMo; -hsin (4, af frt.. )*** ANCr C hi la- c hi h , ) . The other oranization. is the Macao b-Association for the Liberation of IiorK; Kong, Kowloon and Macao, -ohich is under the direction of the Nev Doirto- oracy Assooiatioxn Comrpittee men are follovqs: Kuo-chieh s 6.c ti o.n ? , one of the leaders of the 116,6 Dooracu ROI CONFIDENTRAL STATE 1./ NAVY Lin...A.)11 I LI 1 NSRB 1 DISTRIBUTION I I ___L__I IT ARMY. _ MR FBI Approve This document is hereby regrade CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Cern Next Review Date: 2008 , t 2-pq4g7 ? ? 5X1 Approved For Releat8 eatirtmormla, CE. TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY BSI Nei-k9eng ESB Man-ch'iu Olorkers' Onion. I; , ipt00457R005100320008-6 ae : HUAN(I Ping n11.4 e 7 -2- 25X1A ), leader of the Students Association. V), one of the leaders of the Automobile a- ale LI K'uoi .7A-), one of the leaders of the Shoemakers Union LIANG Hui-min (0-4 AJ), Association. one of the loaders of the New Democracy LIANG ?Nei ( Ar.), head of the Labor Movement Macao branch of the South China Politburo, and One the Cabinetmakers and Framers Union. T,AN Li-ming (144 ) a) TU Lan (#. )40, head of the Organization Branch of the South China Politburo, and one New Democracy Association.*** Section of the of the leaders of Section of the A.,acao of the leaders of the 14_ The South China Politburo has sent a twelve-man operational team trained in terrorist activities into Macao. The assassination of LO Kuang ( J ),**** former pro-Nationalist chief of the Canton Seamen's Union, on 7 May, and the bomb explosion in the Hua Chia Pao, pro-National- ist newspaper, are indications of increased CoMMIOlet activity in Macao, 25X1A r-----LComment: Conflict between the Overseas Chinese Association and the * New Democracy Association in Macao has been previously reported; see 25X1A 25X1k* 25X1k* Comment: According to previous It I- MEI Non-ting ( Comment: The followina; persons available to this office: 25X1A 25xir reports, this position is held by 25X1A were identified from information CH'EN Chih-sheng; General Executive Secretary of the Chinese Com- munist Party in Macao and also head of the propaganda section under the Communist special commissioner for Macao; 25X1A PENG Chu-wan; Member of the Overseas Chinese Association and the eommittee to increase remittances from this Assoctation; Cheag-pling: 14alaber of the Overseas committee to increase remittances; Chinese Avsociation and its 25X1A vo Lin; Head of the organization section of the Communist sneciai commissioner for Macao, and sponsor of the Overseas Chinese. Aesocia- tion; LI Min-bein: Member of the Overseas Chinese Asaociation and member of the committee to increase remittances; 25X1A TU Lan: Secretary of the Chung Hua Educational Society; 77? f1Comment: CHU Kuang (kj ), deputy mayor of Canton, has also been reported as LO Kuang, but is obviously not identical with the LO mentioned here The assassination attempt, acoording to other sources .was not successful, -191,PrApttome.ftL e -3EINDENTIAL Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005100320008-6 25X1A 25X1A