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December 14, 2016
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April 29, 2003
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May 16, 1950
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Approved For PWA DmM P82-00457R005100480001-6 _ 25X1 CCi4T't~' _..,_,.>. `y:'_'.Wt N0.. TOPIC; He0 L.-aur . , on _of' Locomotive r fljc dag_ l the :+1I LUAT10M 25X1 I L..JD ACE OBTAINED-_1 DATE OF CONTENT_ Late arch 19W ._... _.. ~,,.~._.. 25X1 DATE OBTAINED- -_-DATE PREPARED- ,? i 1650 25X1 REF'ERENCES._... .._..__.._ PAGES ..ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) -----------_-.K. -a REMARKS_a._. _...___ 5Kr 25X1 25X1 0 25X1 L Until now several. locomotive bricades have been ors enized into so-called colurnnso Source s ..d that as far as he Lows there -re 15 such columns in the soviet Zone of Corr y .. i a. Columns 1. 2 and 8 are stationed in Fran /Oder,. (1) Column 1 (sic) has been deactivated. (2) 4? In wue?.:1.-infurxaed tiro .co it is kno ;tan that the 15 co1utns are to be reduced to three.; (3) 5, As could be seen on occasion of the deactivation of column l.,j the local ovives of these columns will be confiscated by the boviets.,. Locomotive -.person- nel f on erly assigned to locomotive colurms report that their locomotives are said to have been turned over to Poland and huma..nia0 (4) (111 The stated number of locomotive columns and the erition d location in 1'rankfurt/Oder of columns 1. 2 and 8 is in ai ree.nient with previous information. (5) Column 2 was transferred from 1erlin-i arlshoret to i'rankfurt/Cdera Lesides the three wientioned columns column 3 previously std tinned in Berlin-Panko 4, is also asst ed to be in Frankfurt/Oder. (2) The deactivation of locomotive column 1 was previously reported (6) It reriaine to be seen whether this measure also includes the dissolution of the personnel organization. This document Is I4er sby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL In accordance with the leer of...16 Oetpber 1978 from the Director of Catjntral IQtetligence. to th AWhivisrot- the Unlt6 P%%%@ K NRxt` Revie+a... pate: 2008 25X1 C 003/08/11: CIA-ROPY2100457R005100480001-6 25X1 (3) The intended reduction to three columns is reported for the first time and requires confir- mation. The measure appears credible an condition that: as Soviet interzonal shipments be taken care of by the German railroads. b. Soviet passenger traffic between the 6oviet Zone of Germany and the Soviet Union (Brest) be handled by Soviet Column 4stationed in Brest.. c. whe formation of a reserve for an inorvased transit traffic through Poland be not needed. For the present traffic c olumebthree complete columns (about 90 locomotives)- appear adequate. (4) This statement must be viewed with reserve. Locomotive Colugn lhad to transfer its locomotives to Soviet Column 4N which also took over its forme ? missions. (8) So far there have not been any indications that the so-called brigade locomotives, a total of more than 400, ? are to be transferred to the East or turned aver 'to Soviet satellites a, Howevert such a. procedure is possible= since the Soviets consider these brigade locomotives war booty or reparations goods which were only temporarily left in the Soviet Zone of Germany.. 25X1 25X1 CONFIDE TIAL Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005100480001-6