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December 15, 2016
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April 3, 2001
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July 12, 1950
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Ci,.~S~"ai~`IC}~T ion Approved Forte 1;~3 ~~~~~~~`r ~~ Ca N0, CQUNTRY Chilsft-~atellite Countries LATE Diai'R. 12 a~TL 50 SUBJECT` cate3.lite Dip~.aa~a tia Ifiegrer~ntation in Chile NO. QF PAGES 2 25X1 C PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF iNFQ. 25X1A Af0> OF ENCLS. tusr~ aEtawa SUPPi_Eh4EN3' TO REPORT N0. srAra ARMY fa17.o'Erir.~ a~e~nrt covers the current status of diplam~ztic a~~.atione between Chi3~e and they, eatall.9.t+s csvuntries. At the pre,3ent fifes, there is na dip:~amati? -a~presentatian of the satellite aourtt~.ea9 is Chine ~ and with the e~csptiox~ of Yu~oalsvias camcuerafa,l and po3itia?xl re],ations betwaan Chile and these orations hra~ been inei.gn3.f'3aanto Yugoslavian Tgie Yugasl.av~ 3A~atian is aarstiaCa was ala~ed and its ger:soanc3l requested to leava the cQUatr9 3a ~.91~8. Sincc3 that tine a pea-Tito, uaoffiaiecl Yugc-el>sa~r ~'Coae~te" has base ape~ated by Ivan (Juan) Rs,smfl3a I3ed~.lav3c st Cal. t?Tvn~itae 5~,3, Ssntiagv. In 194~r Bogdan Papovia of floe Yugoslav Legatia~a ~.n Buenos li`iret$ tr~cn~aferred the fileas of the closed Legation is Santiago to Buena~e Aires. It bas been asaertaix~id thrst aomm~lniaetionas between the Yugosl.a~t colony is Chile rind the Yugoslav Legation Set Ba~enas Aires ale m>sintained thrvu~*~t two different chanuelaa* One is operated by Ivan Ra~milia, awaer of the FlateZ "~~Y~ a~ntiagoo and head a~' the vnafficial Yugasla~r ~'Ca>aeulate" in Santiagoo fine ether is regartedly aa-ntral3.ed by I~aila t?Tatulic IIil~f'i', i'orr~r raparter of the Cc~uxYist ~P$~ ~ S, ,r~ o etas ~,~p,~, is Aatvfa,~aate, Chile ~ who has litied in Chile ~iasat , of tbo time sines hie birth in Antofa~;aeta in x.91.1.. t~Tatulia alle~d],y s~endel pgricsdic ~~- porta on the Chileaaa Yugoslav cola~q to the Yugc-slav I~gativa in Buena~t Aire, It has i`ta~rther been nscertmim~ed that as iaa~ parEnnt in~`ornatioa of rya 3ntelli~enco nature ie a~sha:z~Cad between the Buenas Airao Yugoslav Lxagatian and the ~ar~-Tito Yugaslavenu~ki Daa~ (Yugoslav G1.ub) in Ssntiaga. Th~.s a~~:~1 of c~iaatioas ie apparently avoided to +snabl.e th~a Yu~slav Club to sppeax to maintain a position of political. rbeu~tralitq. Albania: 'There Y.,ae z>~evdr been diplomatic z~preseatation betwee=t Chi1,e and Albrsrllie;-d Bulgaria t The Bulgan~ian Can>aul.ste is Saaxtiago wale closed about 1.93 ?~nd has oat been rr~-apr~rr~id ~c?F~~~~ A/~~,t~~A1~8r00457R i CLASSiFiGATiON NSRD f81 ~. { / D~c~rmer~t 8~?, _ ~~ ~. Next Review D~P~~BY~d For Release 2001/11/26 :CIA-RDP82-004578005100730003-6 This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter - of 16 October '1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. i3y: Approved For Release ~ 578005100730003-6 f ~~ 25X1A CEIJTR~.L If3'i'ELLTGETJCI A~TJCY Czechoslovakia: The Czech Lega~t3an in :'ant3mga was cloned :in 194 mt about the brie that diplorntia relations were broken between CL~ile and Yugoslavian Runaniat The Pumanian Legation in ~'axztiago wes closed in 193' snd has x~ot been s^~-openod a Iiunvarys There is no diplar~tic represant$tion bett~een Chile and Hun~aryp A few r~nths aCoy tho Chilean I'orei~n relations i?2~.nistry pu?olishad a notice in tho Santiao necuspapers to the ei'fect that no da.ploruxtic relations Umu1d be astablishod batwben Chile and the Caru~u~nist regime in Hun/;mry~ Polmnda Thera is no Polish diplomatic representation :).ra, Chiles Until recently Poli9h 3ntc-crests wee I~and3sd by the Consular "action of the French Er~basgy in SmntiaCa and an o#'ficial ai' that ~.baasy, Henri Ceratid cIe Calassus8 s~,int~ain?d a special office frt the Embassy rrarl~d "Consulst de ~'alo~ne"~ 25X1A an unidentiPidd Polish~ew women clArk wor&ed In tHat of~iceb ~.Ccamment, It ;i.e Conoidered oi` interest to note that the $wq separatA comrlun,ications clarznne+ls degeril~Qd herein which have alleradly been eetabl~shed i~etween Chile and the Yugoslav Legation in Buenos Aires sacra to fallow tYle e~rzr,-ple of Soviet co,~u~=unieations systems ~ tine cht-~nnel apparently is u~d to check inf'orr~atiom rncaived via thc~ other route. ~~ ~~~~. Approved For Release 200111/26 :CIA-RDP82-004578005100730003-6 SEC cw`"T