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November 16, 2016
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April 7, 2000
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July 19, 1950
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-~ r 1ssI (CSI oi' CONFIDENTIAL ~~11 Approved For Releast ~ /5/~~FAW~~0052002*"E~7_ NO. 9 F RM TI RE-PORT CD NO. COUNTRY DC fCzlislore DATE DISTR. SUBJECT NO. OF PAG Personnel in the Czechoslo tan Legations PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. in Copeen 19 JUL 50 ES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. G~ a 1@ VaOIav a a clerk at the Czechosl i Legation in Coper en, is an arde C st with unshakeably faith in the USSR. At some time before 5 April 1950, ate a letter of complaint to the Czech Foreign Miniwta7 concerning the Czechoslovdmn L ister V. -d th tula? Details of the letter unknown e=ept for ms's statement on the Mini is failure to entertain other diplomats in Denmark., Turna pointed out that Matul a, Q a manthly sal=7 of 4200 kroner was being used entirely by b tula himself and that none of it was devoted to entertaining,, in spite of the fact that tlatula had attended receptions at both the Polish and the Soviet Legations 2. On 5 April. 1950, Matula and the Legation Counselor Horn= Rtaoko wem suddenly ordered to return to Prague by 7 April. 1950, They left Denwwk by piano on 6 April,, 3o On ZI. April, Turna received a letter from the Czech Foreign Uinistry order him to go to K1aokoQs home and personally to pack all of Klackots belongings and send them to &e Foreign r, nistry in Prague. TIis order was carried out on the deg the letter was received. 4. 25X1X On 12 April, Hatula returned to Copenhagen., alone; and promptly announced that he was giving a large reception at the Legation on 9 t 19509 Matula planned to leave Denmark in mid -Mav for a t -mon s vacs ' on, CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION eBMW AIR -14 FBI ire(rL~ i t 5"V ;cgs In Class. (J G2~i?SS:fiiBd Vials. Chnngsd Ts: TS S Auth.: HR 10.2 late: /.? -- - 2,c~ $Y? Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457 0052002 0001-1 I&