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November 9, 2016
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March 12, 1999
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July 19, 1950
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CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL. CD NO. 25X1 A COUNTRY Bolivia DATE D1STR19 JUL 50 SUBJECT Dissension Within the Bolivian Amy NO. OF PAGES l 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF 25X1X ENCLS. NOIST.EDOFBELOW) (L SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. 25X1A STAY . Approved For Re1eT'9J2.EG-R0-00457 INFORMATION -PORT 1, The moa'ale of the Bolivian armed forces has recent 4 dropped considerably because of ill will created by the present Chief of Staff,, Colonel 16icardo RiOS I'osel- Ilia excessive political ambition has reportedly made enemies among the senior officers, chile the junior officers have been antagonized by his excessive and unreasonable demands on theme The older and more ex. perionced officers are reportedly turning to retired General David Toro for guidance.* 2. Jhen news of the current dissension within the army reached the President,, he allegedly decided to remove Rios as Chief of Staff and give the position to somone who has the respect of the army as a cahole,, possibly to Colonel Armando Iehazo.9 who is now Coordinator General for the Police and the Army,** Rios' removal is expected before 1. August 1950. Increased attempts by Toro to cause unrest in the army may lead to Toro's deportation to Chile. ME-C-Omp" *General Toro, one--tim president of Bolivia,, reportedly still controls a large portion of the army in spite of his unsavory career. He has made repeated attempts to regain power since his removal as president, "It has been due to the undivided support of the y that the gover zr nt has been able to put down two serious revolutionary movements within the past six months. Source uas of the opinion that once revolutionary groups learned of the present dissension in the army another revolutionary move would be planned? Approved !W CONFIDENTIA 0 This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL In accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the A h rc wlst of the United States. NiJr ea~"eD119 ?M/24: CIA- DP 2-