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December 21, 2016
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June 6, 2008
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July 24, 1950
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-+-.?i~~ ~t~~~~.t..t~. .vr ...v.e ar',.._?:;' ?_~tt?.r.+t n erf,rnaa rc. ra: ~, to ~...m .Ir~r~1Si .~.~S. L.a'~ l.l~lL3 ?~"*""' Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP82-004578005300270002-6 ~~~_. 4l,.tY 1 tt/-14~ 1tV 1 L41..ti7G1YV4:. Ji~.1GIVV~I ~IZL-I"V7lI C{?UNTRY ~x~ (Ituas Za~?s) DATE DISTR. 24 .3TTL 5C 25X1 SUS~EGT ' P~~CE 4r.r,~tic~. and 4p k~-d~ir~,~ ~; o~a~ ~n t ~iaxt of the ~avh~- ~ Bias Zcxt~ I~O.OF PAGES N0 CAF ENCLS ~ _ Ar~Ul~~f~ SATE OF . . (L15TED [3EL04Y1 SUPPLEMENT TO 25X fNF~6. REPORT N0. T4I147 DOCII9GpT CORTA4Rf6 4ffi4TORSIATIOF! AGta?CTiR0TH8 pATiORALDCP@R!1!i OP TAR 41RISED 6TAT60 t7lTlttli'SfIR D@ARIgO 6P Tti6 ttB910AA06 ACT 140 D. fl. C., 81 AliD 8I'. Aa AgliRDtID. ISO TRAWJgg840td OR T14IS RIITC4.ATi0Ii OF 4T9 COpTtRTD 411 AAT 61AM19RR TO A@I DAADTIl051>tSD PRRBON i8 PBtk W118RRp DT tLI1W. RIIPtiOGUCTiOA OP IRIS IfOt4D 49 PADRI91'i'E0. THIS fS UNEVALUATEf~ lIVFORMATlOP! the x:,~S (tiaschixaenansl.ei.hs~.atian ~ E'.achinc Lending 8tati~sn) is the most race-.nt enterprise oi? t3~e VEt3 (Volksel~ena netrieh4 ~- rdatior~al3.zer1,~ Thc~ I+Id~-S o~usnateei frog the `aechnieal Japt~trtent o.~ the ~rarious ~dg3 (Farmersr 25X1 P,sutual. Aid Association) Y~Eis Secretariats, and became ei'fectic*e as u~ ~. I-'arch :L9It9~ Tts chief task as a pol.itica3. orgasx xs to inci9.lcats in the aomrnuniwN~ democratic foams snc~ to give cultural assiatanca in cc~n31~nction Frith the ~31ocI:~ ~'axtiea anal paxticularly ~sith thy; SEI) y x his program premises tt~ be davela~ped even more thoroughly ar_d eamplete7:,~ than it has iJeex~ achieved in the Unione 2~ 'Phe Central. l~dministra,tion of the ~,~i,S is located ~.r_ Bexelina Linder its txuthority are the ?.7~.5 Land Admir-ist~?ationi~ of Liec~Cl.en~~t3rg, Brandenburg, Sa~oxX,g*' Saxonyf~nhal$ and Thuriat~iaa 3.n band Saxony there are ~7 PwAS agencies. 3~ Thg Iand Repair DEpot (Landesznaschinenhc~f} is at Dresden--Kl,otv;scl~e, ar~.d there are three I~r$~.s ftepal.r Depots (;{{t.~ -. Kreisrr~ascYl:txxenh~3fe) large repair shUps (Grossrepara,tur-nerkst~S;ten) :Located as follcr~rs: I3ezirk Leipzig;: a T#.~~I at I+leuklix?3tscl: near Lel.pxig., Bezirk Chemnitz: a i4'.rH and l~ag;e repair srrvp at whemnj.t~.-~?I3a?~naa I3ezi.rk Zwickau and i'la~en: a h'P.'T~I at ?l.auexa and a barge repair shop, ~3ezirk, Ostsachsen: has at the pr~:sent tt~me only a 3ar;.-$ repair shop authorizmc~ ixe 7ittau, h,~si ties w: ;~,ch ~.s the ? anci repa.~.r 1~+>,~~ct :%n .~y^esdezi-F:~otuscher: ~,e~. I,I.#~i Land ~lcltn-ini~:~fir4~tzan Office of aaxcr~~r~ she S~~XCx~,~~ Land ~~dn~.inis?tration Cffice is lnc.~ted in Diesden ~1 2C~, ~'ierg;axwl,pn S~ras~se 36 and ~'8a IIead of this offictx is Dixcctog ~eir~lrso:Ld 'tisnschke, vrho is about ~0 a~~ars old, about 165 to l.A?Cl_i~e. This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP82-004578005300270002-6 Approved For Release 2008/06/06 :CIA-RDP82-004578005300270002-6 C~`PR.llb~ TM'lEI~L,I(~E~fCT .~GIId~G`I hAusicy b~x3lci; he is rii.,s;~~.~3ry r~ thure+b on iris ribl'zt h~~nc:r Tn ~.g33 Ige &:Pt71.?''3"."'t~Cl t4 Russia. ~,ttoCiol'. } 9Y3E3 4~A`u f~oA?rl~:rr:~y F~ X'~O~ t.f..E.C%?' II7 s ~:;,~LSy'L'L. XIE ig inn Sr.:D 1'unction-~y. Coranercial director: *?ax ~~r'tlttd?.ir~~; rlis~~tisseu 1~ '.'o~e:lb~;r lgl~9e ( i3ireis~.oa?} Raplaceu toy '~eui~8rt (i`nu) +cf the Centx?ai T'inance Cf'~`icc~; in ~er4in 16 :'ove+~be: ~_9?!9e IIe is an SIJD tunctionar,~~ Chigi technician: F'ittelkof~ (gnu) and i:al,.~necher {f.'nu}, both (7'echn~ Birektor} SID fiunctian:~rf.es9 Cu~.tnre c.Iirectar: Jsschke (gnu), ~ :>rD i'unctaon~ and eon (??ultua?lei~~er} ~~rmed Communist `"t!S ~ auti?r~x~ity;' ~ `'br~"~~~er {f:YU in ~'osseclc8 at ,east 12 of these tractors :ire idle because cranks},afi~s coz:~ic3 not sae procured any~ehere9 an3 as yet txane h~~ve arrived Pram 'iussi a, nor can stay be del%vereci, 1't a :~eetin~ of the x?ep$?esent^tSues of z,ast ~or~e ?"acf~ine 'Lencii rsg "genc3es ~~ ich took gl~~ce in stistrasv an 11 ~:-zrcha the ~"al].o?zriri~; persons, ~cng others, mere presentb ~.v? .fit t~~is ~zeeting J~tciciasch reporae!i th^t 't}zcr~ =:re ~Q0,000 fax?mers io the T;ast ~czne? ai' ~vkz?~ra x.70,000 are `~-.~~:rzo ^tirb:i.n~ xeparte;i there ~.~: (Spe~la~.werlcs~t'~tten) ar~i I.ancl repair depots ,Lancl~;srlaselzine~~}~t~fe) s There ~~re ~=7~ 'tractors av~~a3.~.a3~~.e this ar>rin~, 71,E of ~hic:~ rrr~re dmliverecl i'rc~ the Sa~..e*., Lcni,ot~ and ??~~. aa1? which a~ex?c proi3uced lsst yea~? b~' the I~vationa3i~eci xndustr3.?s~ ~a:-~,~x~ Y:nst year ~.2~,E)00 '~ec'tares ~ebe tillcei on fax'ms of ~.ess then :Give hectaxes, sand ~.t7os',~30 hect~es on i'ar;res tiet~seen fave anc3 ten hect