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December 20, 2016
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January 12, 2006
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July 28, 1950
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LLUtAX I ? .,.{ ;~?.~ t c U-10i"11 U. S, OFFICIALS WILY iNIFORMATI Approved For F PidL ff-NMA4UP ~9457R0 -8 COUNTRY Gorman y (Russian Z once)/poiand SUBJECT General Railroad Conc'itions as of April 1950 NO. OF PAGES; 1 25X1 SCE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. OP THE MUTED STA7I3 WITHIU THE l l #OIHO OP TH3 SIIPIDt AOE ACT aO e8. S. C,. m1 AIlo Sa. AS AURVIDED.. t TF.AMMMSIa&7 OR Tilt UMEATIOL OP ITS CO,BIIflT:i ft {.0Y MAII}EH YO Aft DLIADTfl01 7GD PEIL3019 IS PQQ CD NO, 25X1 DATE DISTP. 28 JUL 50 NO.. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION The following general trends have recently been noticed in connection with the railroads in the Russian Zone of Germany and Polnndo I only S-.10 locomotives would henceforth be used for passenger services, The fire boxes on these looo- motives have not suffered to arV great extent, largely because they have been fired with hard coal.,. The other looomctivesk which haver up to the present,, been used for passenger trains, have had to be withdrawn from service because of the danger of explosions; this is due to the extremely high ricer on the fire box walls resulting from the use of lignite, Spare parts for the locomotives in service will be taken from those which have been withdrawn. New spare parts are no longer available in the T'astern Zone,, Recently a market decrease in freight traffic has been noticeable,, bs cruse of the lack of frh1 ht ].cads:, including potatoes and other agricultural products.. Industry in general has little to forward because of a lack of ra-v materials required for production purposes- Freight traffic, therefore,, consists im inly un.l.oaded rapidly and there is much congestion;, 3. she lack of freight cars for transit traffic is becoming more and more noticeable in recent months it has been found impossible to make cars available at specified dates to cover the requirements of the occupying forces and for the transport of reparations,, A special order has recently been promulgated, therefore., stating that., as regards such cars, the requirements of the occupying forces must have priority and that these cars may not be used for internal German transport purpose 4,, Transit traffic through Poland is now under strong pressure from partisans; this is particularly the case on the line Frankfurt,/Oder--Poseen.Brest-laitovelc,. where trains have been. under fire? The Railroad Administration is therefore, diverting more tr..ins in the direction of the harbor towns of Wismar and Rostock. However? since there is insufficient dock space in these towns for ships, trains cannot be DoctranQjst No. ---- No Chas s I Cl ------- ass. n J I~ SN I"C IF~ittf cI Class, Clfaag*