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February 5, 2001
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July 28, 1950
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~y:m "zialVIUHfdUa r~ ,za INTELLO ] v =, U G:a a' 25X1 A Approved For Rem 400MT/ - 0A' 2-0045'( 4tlA1 y ; a f `~ :. UUNTRY r&ulgar.i a w" n CD NO, /Q SUBJECT City of Ilam anti 25X1 C PLACE ACQUIRED COVpID OATF DISTR w.a L 50 T~ L NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) DATE OF r1rVA V SUPPLEMENT TO INFO, ""% "` REPORT NO. 1. The town of }iarmnli is built on flat, agricultural land in the valley of the L'aritsa river. The only building constructed in tom since 1945 has been an orphanage. In general, the streets are straight and wide and electricity is available for general lighting. Few buildings are higher than two stories, and iany houses have stores on the street floor and living; marters on the second floor. Lost of the buildings are painted white. 2. The most important street in the town is the Stantsiyonria which starts at the railroad station in the center of town and eventually becomes iaskoy higl iay. The important buildings in the town are the n. roviricial Peoples' Council building, the post office building, the National Security building, the Provincial Agricultural Administration building, and the Peoples' Bank. There are also tobacco warehouses, tobacco cooperatives, restaurants, the Party Theater, and the market place, all of which are located on Stantsiyonna Avenue. No monuments or historical buildings exist. 4. The population figure is given as 16,700. The minorities comprise 5 per cent Turks and 2 per cent Armenians in addition to a number of tlosleia and Christian gypsies. No friction seems to exist ar,ong these r:iinoritics. No unnaturalized foreigners are known to live in the town. l.:ost people belong to the .gastern Orthodox religion, but many do riot attend church for fear of Coff unist reprisals, The toa,m has two churches, an old and a new one. 4. The railrod station, called the Gara Harnanli, is located southeast of the town and :ties on tine Istanbul-Central Europe line. There are five tracks at the station which serve for the handling of freight. The rail- road station is connected :ith Svilengrad and glati Dal by a single, standard--gauge track. Three passenger trains and one freight train depart to and return fro;, Svilengrad daily. These trains are pulled by stem loco- motives. The city dogs not have any river traffic or an airport. Local transportation is by horse and carriage and trucks, but taxis are unknown. Them are two bus lines, one of which runs from flaman-Li to Cherepovo to Hlebovo to Topolovgrad; the other line runs from Harmarrli to Dlgarin to Pornostlok (sic) to Glavan. CLASSIFICATION //CO17rROL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY NAVY ;f krRS DISTRIBUTION [STATE~_ # 'ARMY AIR F81_ CONFIDENTIA4 Document No. ----6 .a -------- he Change In class. Daliolussitied Approu E%IgtjWaii20U/ EX 0-2 2 ~ JUN 1918 f1renj TB RECOILS CENTER ILA IEIICATELY AE1ER USE JOBS 'a3 BOX s3 -00457 RO06A 0 3-2 25X1A Approved For Releas 001/03/05 t CIA-RDP82-00457R0Q5400100003-2 (1t C01 THOL -''((-ll U S. TUFF IBC (IA/L3 OILY MATRAL ITV~~ELLIGE:JCE AG'i:,,JCY 5,, The city is a district center which is connected rid inistratively with the province of Stara Zagora. The city -overnrrtent is called the Town Peoples, Council. The militia chief at Ilarmanli is Donchu Kolev. One i Militia ;:ost is located in the center of town and the other east of the town of Bent ovski. No area is ;Uarded by :Bore than the normal number of guards. At night the town is patroled by militia p: ,trots which travel in pairs. The tot?rri is also patrolled by Party niei hers who carry out special Patrol duties. It is the duty of this patrol to stop any strariF~;er in the town and investiate his papers. Also all people who are under suspicion by the militia are subject to continuous investi?;at_ion, but the people of the town are permitted to circulate freely. 6. The rrm, jority of the inhabitants derive their income from the growing and processing of tobacco. There are no factories or enterprises in town employin; more than 1,000 persons. The prices of all consuiaer goods are fixed by the Central Coruierce Departrnerrt in Sofia, and the black market has been su;rressed by intensive .ieasure3. 7, The Communist Party head:1uarters is located on the main avenue in a privately owned building which has been expropriated. Amon(; tile party leaders are the Chairman of the District Peoples' Council, Todor Tsradov; and the Party Secretary Nedeicho (fnu). 8. The authorities have set up ,ublic loudspeakers -which operate tahenever the government wants the people to listen to propaganda, Those Faho possessed radios in the past may still Iteep the.: but only 'Hers=hers of the Co: r:iunist Party may ;purchase nets radios. :/hile officially the o Jners of receiving sets are not subject to restrictions, there are spies vrlro listen Lehind doors and 4vindows, and an individual caught listening to bro dcasts from the Democracies is sent to a concentration camp. 9. Because there is a housiric; shortage in the to:;ri, the Party finds living quarters for any member of the Cor.munist Party ,who arrives on r.,unicipal or government duty, and if necessary to make room., evicts a person ,rho does not favor the regime. It is ir'1Fpossible for a person arriving in town to have a i:lace to live, for the housing authorities control all vacant housin/; facilities. A nc 'comer to the city is not trusted, regard-less of his docu:nentation, unless he is on official duty. Only one hotel- restaurant, the i;orerti g quo. 1, containing 30 to 40 moo is, remains in town and people of all types patronize it. The majorit ,- of the native population own their o.-an hoes, :chile the relationship between taro} orty owners and tenants is settled by the housing authority. 10. The town has a trade school for about 400 select workers. There is one coeducational lyceum:' with about 900 students ran,: ing from 12 to 20 years of age. No institution of .hither learning exists. 11. The city's two motion picture theaters show only Russian films. As for sports, there is a football field and a city park located in the eastern section of the town. 12. Heavy work and insufficient food is the cause of r;oor health w Long the population. Tuberculosis is r:.uch in evidence. L =elides a Lovernrlent hospital there are also aorkers' clinics and dispensaries. The cet:ketery is situated southwest of the town. 13. The military units in and around the town are as follows In 1947 12 Infantry regiment caue to flare- ,nli and occupied the barr-cks of 6 Cavalry regiment which t as :coved to Yar.,bol. One co.,rpany of the infantry re -;i.-aent is stationed at Ivailovgrad. The highest ranking officer at Harcianli i5 a ;/COIMZOL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400100003-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400100003-2 ., '' SJONT~iCL - U. S. OFFICIALS O? LY 25X1A CENTRAL IPdla.LLIGk NCE AGLNCY - 3 .. cC- ENTI major. Also stationed at Harranli is an anti-tank battery of a reoiient of 2 Arrays, This regiuont bras previously located at Har:.anl i.., there trans- ferred to Chirpan and later ordered to Stara Zagora. About the same time as the arrival of 12 Infantry Regiment to Hari ianli, an anti-tank battery of 2 Anti-tank Resri,sent also cano to town and was established in the houses along the city park as ;well as in a tobacco warehouse. Details about their equipi,.ent are not known to source, except that four artillery pieces are25X1A standing outside the warehouse. Tractors are used to draw these funs out of town whenever the soldiers leave foreman practice. Both tractors are of .anuf-acture, the ammunition used. 14. No war preparations :iere noted except that in 1949 an inspection was held of all reserves, transportation vehicles and horses. 25X1X NTROL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY CoNF,IDFNTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400100003-2