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December 22, 2016
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February 8, 2011
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June 10, 1950
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r Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0 Wawa 1W COUNT TO P I C..._,.-.w, EVALUATI OIL SiJC RI T/C ~.}A-..i4.l4L CLASSIFICATION Soviet %o .e of German DATE OSTAINEI REFERENCES PAGES 4 ___ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPr_)-_.__... REMIARKS- 1a A trnin c:arrvini 16 tanks .end some trucks observed in Frank ur e-r on 19 iipr 1950, heading townrd Cottbus. A train carrying 20 tanks was an route from Frankfurt/Oder to Cottbus on 20 April 1.950. (1) 2, A train of 45 freight cars carrying AA guns equipped with pneumatic tires was travelling from Frankfurt/Oder toward Lberawalde on 23 April 1950. (2) 3. A train carrying 20 tanks coining from Fuerstenwa .c e, headed toward Cottbus on 23 April 1950? (3) 44 T ienty freight cars loaded with ammunition arrived in Frankfurt/ Oder from Brest Litovsk on 25 April 1950. The cars proceeded to. Leipzig, Dresden, Erfurt and Fuerstenwalde4 A train carrying 10 tanks and truck was observed 50X1-HUM en route from .tip uerstenwalde to Eberswalde on 25 April. 1950. (4) 6. Two new daily leave trains have been running between i r rd .rt /Oder and Brest Litovsk since 15 April 1950. They leave Frank- furt/Odor at 6:35 a4m. and arrive at Brest Litovsk at 7:45 P?m0 7. Trains allegedly loaded with grain arrived daily at Frank- furt/Oder since 14 April 1950. They came from Brest Litovsk and proceeded to Leipzig, flagdeburg, Erfurt and,Wurzen0 CIASSIRCAT I - Dcument No--- o. ~~r--~tt ------/COT TROL ? ; ?L I' f-] Deriassi'ied 0C Class. Changcrd To: TS S Auth.: HR 37CG2 50X1-HUM Date: _ ____- - -- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0 S CRk. T/C0IT T1',0L/U S Q FI 9, A tractor was shipped from Parchim airfield, to Kiotzsche on 16 April 19C (0, Two tank cars containing gasoline were seen on route from Felten to the Parchirn airfield on 16 April 9 I' 1. Three containing gasoline were shipped from Velten to Farchiri o.n l8 :.pri1 1950, wenty-nine heavy-duty flatcars, each carryi g one, tank, Were observed en route fror Parchim to Dr anse on 20 April 19 0 A shipment of 26 tanixs went from Parchim to Dranse on 21 / _ril 1950,, 3, A shipment of 20 tanks was seen en route from Parchim to Sa t ^ k on 22 i 1050- L4. = shipment of about 2 5 mot ros wont from Parehin to Neu aukow on 1 .'prii 1950. (7) 54 One freight car lo?.;ded with t~w,heat-flour from the Parchim grist-mill was consigned tc Dannenwa1de f"-bout 100 soldier , clear th reed-bordered black e_r_aulots, accompanying eight &A guns of about wo mrma caliber, and an undeter:.rined m3..,-,,her of mot r veg'a:rcles entrained at tile Fo "Sam freight yard on 6 lay 1050. C k~ ) 7, Six tan : cars cont=ain.inr, gasoline en route from Velten to Lindau/ti n alt '-acre observed on 1c; x. . of . tr in of 33 flatcars to tided with I;r uc s carryin pontoons 2 and brid e-building material and one , soto:c ao_at and baox- car?s occupied by soldiers, was seen en route fro,: Ta.nger- raraonde to Berlin-harishorst on 21 lay ic)5o. SI-,C .RLLT/CON'Tll v 0 F i ? ICI LS ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0 SECRET/CO TTTROL , `. 1 "ILS ONLY It was s 1d that the train carried a unit which has left Camp {>ossen and the Wuensdorf barracks in late April or early May 1950 enroute to the VJesto 19. Two boxcars loaded with military goods, were en route from Ylarkersdorf to Fuerstenwalde on 21 May 1950. F_ Other shipments observed on the same date in- cluded two- boxcars loaded with infantry weapons , escorted. by soldiers wearing black epaulets, en route from Jessen to Fuerstenwalde a 7 Dresden to Lberswualde, by Dresden cooperative two boxcars loaded with one boxcar . oa:Y e :^, 2 spare par s route rrom n;erwelienborn (Maxhuette) to ildau stores ? and a shipment of 6 trucks including and one sealed boxcar, escor to y an .. cer ana e " EM wearing red epaulets, en route n from Berlin-Schoeneweide toKuestrin-Kietz.F_1 in Doeberitza 20. One boxcar loaded with 1,ooo blankets and 500 mattresses and, according to the freight bill trian.gul r cushions, comin from Dres~?.erz arrived In 50X1-HUM Doeberltz on 22 ay a ruck p Wted tip the cargo 1950. 21. Six boxcars loaded with ammunition were observed en route from Finow to T. 3uskauuPr.amsdorf on 23 '.Jay Transfer of component Units of the 7th Gds Tdlecz Div from Frankfurt/Oder toward Cottbus, presumably to the Liehorose troop training grounds 50X1-HUM (2) Transfer of AAA units r possibly of the MA Div of the Fourth Gds MecZ Army, from Frankfurt/Oiler, possibly to 7rustrowa (3) Movement of component units of the 7th Gds 11ccz Div from Fuersteziw.alde presuxnustrow, was mentioned as receiving station, it can be assumed that the shipment 50X1-HUM belonged to an AAA component of the 18th GO Metz Dive which may have been transferred to " ustrow , along with several other AAA units and 6 Tay 1950. It seems possible 50X1-HUM that this nay be assigned to the 1A Re;t of the 18th 50X1-HUM Geis heez Div, which is stationed in both archim and Perle- ber.;. (3) AAA unit of the 10th GOT Div 50X1-HUM The unit presumably "belonged 50X1-HUM to eerie , za U L s .MA . ieg in Krampnitz of the 10th Gds Tank Dlv, which can thus be considered confirm .ed up to 16 May 1950. This AAA Rect may have been trinsferred to WustrowQ units belonging to the Third Shock Army 50X1-HUM Shipment of motor ven:Lcies and en3,Ineer material of engineer The purpose of the shipment cannot oe bUA]-HUIVI determined. The information again confirms the movement of the 19th Gds LIecz ))iv to Letziing :heath. S, CBLT&0 T'ROL/US OF i' ICILLS ONLY J vo troop shipments wear from i o -s am- Uld ark to ?erieber, on Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R005400500001-0