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December 15, 2016
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May 6, 2003
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August 11, 1950
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JJEC ,ACOUIRED DATE Nra. ,',Uv7iSfricATiciemit Approved For ReioaktoVAMOs .44 c.7 $11(014 Im7ort P7.1 fol. no C=loc7,:i, noe.cs1 o^- 25X1 25X1 %O457ROOOf6 0ATE OW:Ia.. 11 AUG 50 NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS. ilIST17D EiELovn SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1 2M10 r:q 1 (4 Pages) ? coiTTAIKS iteFutTataM frZrWit ? CrTITE9 STATM TIITTIJELi TUE iTlEitail40 o ru TinoW111 ACT 5C,' ? c? ANN SY, A5 AZSEE45C41. ? CjlZOt Ot NM tIEVELATION !TS CONYENFS IN ANY NAME'S TO ha C--1.11E3TOOnireT. PE111301,1 IE! 4 11:5;CT* kr!' IWO. nrnocuratom opiVs MR14. gg: .41 25X1 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION According to para. 11 of the Government decree 158/1947 Sb., by which bin 235/1922 Sb. is being carried out dealing with the new arrangement of foreign trade statistics, I declare, won agreerent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs end Foreign Trade that: Para. 1 Persons resPonsible for the rerorting foreign trade statistics In accordance with para. 12 of Government decree 158/1941 Sb, shall report the source of imarts in accordance with the following list: Currency Area I 101 USSR (with the Mongolian Peoples, Republic) Currency Area II (People Pemocracies) 201 Albania 202 Bulgaria 203 Hungary 204 Poland 205 Rumania 301 Yugoslavia 304 Austria Currency Area III Carrency Area TV (a) 401 Gernan Temocratic 1-epublic CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 CLASSIFICATION g#4044-0/ ARWFY WAVY NSRC DISTRIBUTION I AM _ FPI This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 2003/08/05: -? ? 25X1 113oc No ? la S s fi Was g Au IA-RDP Pe891.74,0 ge0t71)002-6 25X1 7, Approved For Release fAiffifff CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -2- 0070002-6 25X1 Currency Area IV (b) 402 Germany (French, British and American zones, Bremen and Hamburg) Currency Area V 501 Belgium (with Luxemburg) 502 Belgian colonies (Belgian Congo, Ruanda, Urundi) e03 Denmark (with the Faroe Islande and Greenland) 504 Finland 505 France (with Andorra, Monaco and the Sarre ) 506 Algiers 507 French Equitorial Africa (Gabon and Middle Congo), Ubangi-Shari, Chad and the Cameroons under French mandate) 508 French liest Africa (Mauritania,. Senegal, French Guinea, Sudan, Togo, Ivory Coast, Pahomey) 509 French Morocco 510 Indochina (Annam? Tonkin, Laos, Cambodia, Cochin China, Kwangchow) Tunisia 512 Other French colonies (French Uest Indies, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, New Hebrides, Chandernagor, Hew Cale- donia, Karikal, Kerguelen, Madagascar, "ahe, Martinique, Miquelon, St. Pierre, Pondichery, Reunion, French Somali- land, Tahiti, Yanaon) 513 Iceland 514 Italy (with San TTarino) 515 Lebanon 516 Netherlands 517 Indonesia 518 Other Butch colonies (Curacao, Surinam, Netherlands New Guinea) 519 Norway (with Snitabergen) a 520 Greece (with islands in the Aegean Sea) 521 Syria 522 Spain and Spanish colonies (Ceuta, Fernando Po, Spanish Guinea, Canary Islands, Spanish Morocco, Rio de Oro, Spanish Sahara) 523 Sweden 524 Switzerland (uithlAnehtenstein) 525 Trieste Free Territory 526 Turkey 527 Other countries of Currency Area V (Eritrea, 3yrenaica, Libya, former Italian Somaliland, Tripoli, the Vatican) 528 "To the order" Currency Area VT (sterling area) 601 Afghanistan 602 Australia 603 Great Pritain and North Ireland British West Africa 604 Kigeria (with Lagos) 605 Gold Coast 606 Gambia, British Cameroon, Sierra Leone, British Tom 607 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 608 British Honduras 609 73ritish Malaya (Straits Settlemant, Federated -alayan States, Perak, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Trengganu, Johore) 610 Ceylon 611 Gibraltar 612 Hong-Kong 613 Jamaica 614 Southern Rhodesia 615 Cyprus 616 Trinidad 617 Other British colonies (Aden, Lesser Antilles, British Arabia, Ascension, Bahamas, Bahrein Islands, Barbados, CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 Approved F II I; I -O"; IIA 'OH 5500070002-6 ? Approved For MURAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -3- 0070002-6 25X1 Eermuda, British Forth Borneo, Brunei, Falkland islands, viJi, British Guiana, British New Guinea, St. Helena, Kenya, Ualta, rauritius, Ilyassa, Northern Rhodesia, Sarawak, Seychelles Islands, Singapore, British Somali- land, Tanganyika, Tristan da Cunha, Uganda, Zanzibar) 618 Burma 619 China (including Formosa, Johol, Manchuria, Sinh4ang? Tibet ,,nd Centrql ronaolia) 620 Elypt 621 Abyasinia 622 India 623 Iraq 624 Iran 625 Eire 626 Israel 627 Union of South Africa (ulth -echuanaland, Basuto] and, Swaziland, and South-West Africa) 621 Liberia 620 Pakistan 630 Feu ..aaland (with Samoa) 631 Other countries or Currency Area VT (Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Yemen, Nepak, Transjordan, Siam) Currency Area VII (dollar area) 701 Argentina 702 Bolivia 703 Brazil 704. Costa Rica 705 Dominlcan Republic 706 Evador (wibh Galapagos Islands) 707 Philiopine Islands 708 Guatemala 709 Haiti 710 Honduras 711 Chile 712 Japan 713 Canada and Newfoundland 714 Colombia 715 Korea 716 Cuba 717 rexico 718 Nicaragua 719 Panama 720 Paraguay 721 Peru 722 Portugal 723 Portumso East Africa 724 rortugume 'jest Africa 725 Other Portuomm colonies (Azores, Daman, Pin, Goa, Portu- guese Guinea, Portuguese Congo, racao, -adeira, Principe islands, St. Thomas Island, East Timor) 726 Salvador 727 United States of America (with Alaska) 728 Uruluay 72? Venezuela 730 Other countries of CurrenayaArea VII (Guam, Hawai1a Carolinea, Varianas, Oceania, Porto Plco, neutral Tangiers) 731 Czechoslovakia Para, 2 This notice becoass effective 1 January 1950. President of the State Statistical Office Dr. Fajfr, o.h. Attachment: Import Plan of the Czech Chamiaala Industry for 1949. CONFIDENTIAtt 25X1 feeRtRili Approved For Release 2003/08/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005500070002-6