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December 20, 2016
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January 5, 2006
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July 24, 1950
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INTELLOFAX 21 Approved For ReleaseccQ/01ffcJ DIEU48 57R005600240001-7 CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY. Soviet Zone of Garmany a;~~ Soviet Rail Shipments in the Soviet Zone of Om. mars 25X1 DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PACES ,,. -----ENCLOSURES REMARKS - 2 3 An elmpty train of 35 boxcars, 1. tank car and 1 co tab- a and V1th 72 axles, 37,3 tons, was 25X'I an route from Haldensieben to raens ear on 24 April 1950r. (1) Other trains seen on 24 April 1950 included a train of 38 boxcars, 21 flatcars and 1 ..ondola car (104 axles, 893 tons, shuttle-train -ern route frog, Rosslau to Jaenicken- dorf with tams a train of 6 boxcars and 21 flatcars 55XX11 (112. axles, 764 tons, shuttle-train en route 5X1 from Rosslau to Jaenic&cen,dorf with tan 7s' t2 j a traJ r$ of 45 boxcars and 15 atcars (135 axles, 3, C31 tons, en route from Viuensdorf to Wittenberg With Soviet troops; a (1) an e)npt~r shuttle ,7-aira of 3 boxcars and 26 flatcars (130 axles 499 tons, shuttle-train 0 25X1 an route from Jaenickendorf to Wittenberg- (3) and an ompt-y shuttle-train of 5 boxcars and 26 flatcars (104 axles, 320 tons, shuttle-train from iaeniokendorf to Wittenberg (3) 3.., Trains seen on 25 April 1950 included a train of 3 boxcars, 20 flatcars and I Tondola car (132 axles, 603 tons, shuttle- train en route from Rosslau to Jaenic?tendorf with Soviet troops, OY a train of 17 boxcars and 26 flatcars (98 tons, travelling frond Koenivsr brueck to eu- ow with Soviet troops; (4) an empty shuttle- train of 8 boxcars, 20 flatcars and 1 -r,ondola car (104. axles 482 tons, shuttle..~traif en route from Jaenicken?25X1 dorf to Wittenberg; (3 a train of 31 boxcars and IP flat- cars (98 axles, 778 tons, en r?ou?9X1 from Viuensdorf to an uniden s e es nation with Soviet troops; (1) an empty shuttle-train of 6 b and 21 flat- cars (11.2 axles 442 tons a on route fr,o?5X1 CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIRCATIOU , rl This document Is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence t Archivist of the Unit tpl toted 'or Next Review Date: 2008 _-REPORT NO._.J Approved For Release 2c6E)NF41?f DM2pp)qTR005600240001-7 25X1 K 4 Jaenickendorf to Iosslau; (2) and an empty shuttle-train of 3 boxcars, 26 flatcars and I gondola car (132 axle , 520 tons, ehuttlo-train IImovin; from Sperenberg to Wittenberg,; (3) ) 4. Trains seen on 26 April 1950 included a train of 8 boxcars, 16 flatcars and gondola car (94 axles, 410 tons, shuttle-train en route from Rosslau to Jaenickendorf with Soviet troops; (2) a train of 6 boxcars and 22 flatcars (112 axlesy 744 tons, shuttle-train an route from 1k,'ittenberg 25X1 to Jueterbog with Soviet troops; (3) an empty shuttle-train of 6 boxcars aac~ 21 flatcars (11.2 axles, 430 tons, shuttle-train 25X1 oi f r; nr; rc,m Jueterbo1; to Luckenwalde for sidetrack- xa ; an empty tray of 38 boxcars (76 axles, 395 tons travelling frog nna1d i 0 F__ K311.1 Uen Do 1 a train of 9 boxcars, 21 flatcars, 8 gond olaecars, w 1 nsdcar; (d) 1 coach (100 axle:a, 885 tons, ' car (and) 25X1 from Wittenberg to Jueterbo /* v j. un. oink boxcars and 17 flatcars (60~ax:les,~ 496etons~ops' 3) m in of 7 gXX11 5X1 going from Jueterbog to Spcrenber r 3. T;n _sov e : troops; a train of 14 boxcars and 29 f a ("" _' '. cars on route from Koenigsbrueck to Neu- k , . 6ov1. , troops ? (4) and t flatcars (so axles, 711 tone, a ra1_n of 2 d 10 ling from Wuensdorf to an unl travel 5X1 troa~as. (1) et as nation with Soviet 5. A I n empty train of and 10 flatcars (80 axles, 406 tons, was on route from Heldenslcben to or on 28 April 1950. (1) 6. 25X1 Rail movements seen on 29 April 1950 included one train of 13 box= cars and IS .mina-r#% (1-r #%A^ .,. ear A,"AJ-%l8l:[tillleci Qestination with Soviet dependents, can~sistin~; of :2i~oxoars~and 19 co chesn of axles, 602 tans, n (t 0 ( ) i 25X1 proceeding, from 3taeastrin r to =adebur,,T_ 7. An empty shuttle train of 20 boxcars and 16 coaches for the repa- t3."iatior of Soviet dependents (78 axles, 516 tons, shuttle-train I I was on route from Berl in-Ruxr r.e1sbur y to Jueterbo/; on 30 April 1950. 8 A train of 8 boxcars l flatcars (78 axles, 697 tons, 25X1 travelling from Luckenrralde to Witten g iVa Soviet troops; (3) and a train of 17 boxcars and 8 coache (51 axles, 333 tons, shuttle trainov going from V`rusterr~lark to 5X1 Jueterbog for the repatriation of . eat dependents, was seen on 4 May 1950. 9. Rail movements seen on 5 May 1950 included a train 18 flatcars (44 axles, 318 tons, a and 25X1 route froua Luckenwalde to Witten a Kr wlth Soviet troops an of 54 boxcars (110 axles, 877 tons, F 1_5 5X1 carrying Soviet troops from L)rewitz boxcars and 10 flatcars a train of 16 (54 axles, 335 tons, 25X1 F_ I moving Sovi;t troops from Kaulsdorfrwna; k6) an empty SEG15 O CONTROL/US 0171,71CUOJS ONLY CONFIDENTIAL SECRET -CON '1 OL/ljS 01'1,IC1AJ.Z ONLY Approved For Release 2006/01/10 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600240001-7 Approved For Release 2006/01/10 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600240001-7 CONFIDENTIAL T-GON'ai-,O /t7 i''~. .~iis ON ~' shuttles-train for the repatriation of Soviet dependents, con- sistin!7 of 30 boxcars, I flatcar, 7 gondo7aa care and 20 coaches (120 axles, 831 tons, shuttle train g 25X1 to Vtieimaxr, and a shuttle-train loin- fr~thenow to Kuestrinin via Jueterbor, where the train, was brought up to 30 boxcars con- sistin,; of 2 flatcars and I8 coaches (103 axles, 1,101 ton39 shuttle-train and for the repatriation of Soviet depen- dents 10. An erilpt`r train of 13 boxcars and 18 flatcars (106 axles. 461 11. A train of 21 flatcars (98 axles, 540 tors shuttle*?tra l and train 14 boxcars, 33 , flatcar .ras, vlt'fi~ cAJC l i,V Lwn3UoP1 y? A.1 d of a. car ' 98 axles, 12t014 tons, mooing from Ere- witz to Halle with _ oops, were seen on 6 74ay 1^5O6 (5). was en route from Neustrelitz to iPuerstenvralde on 7 Alp ay, 1950. i'ri's was an e.:apty' shuttle-train for transportation of nnk 12. Two frei,. it cars loaded with military =:ooem, were en route from Per.1 hers to Jueterbog; on 16 "lay 1950. 13, 4L our fret'' ht cars loaded v,,ith radial en Ines for aircraft, were or, 4- - . -. - route fro" Dno1%m"4* z fro.Y.a Brandenburg to 14 Three frei,p:lit cars loaded w$ tif.:.ed cargo, were en route Teupitz, on 19 May 1950. 25X1 1.5- Two free i:tht cars loaded w3 tr, unidentified cari~~o, were en route from 25X1 Dresden, to Potsdam., on 22 Mnv' 1950. l6., Four frei -ht care loaded v?.Ith a. munition, were en route from 25X1 25X1 25X1 0 25X1 25X1 .....,. - ".,,~U ..;c~1a-.5 _LVUtzc1U v.- - cientiried carsgo Were en route from ~'.er*der to Cottbus a on 26.4ay 1950. lap Two fre i r-ht ,erC er to loaded w l th unidentified ca3r ro were on route from Tor. pau, on 27 May 1950., 190 Your fr. e:t fht cars from fosslaau to :l,oaadet? .with unidentified carom were an route Satzkorn, on 28 %y 1050.. 200 Trains seen on 23 {ay 1x350 Included seven fre I tht cars loaded r,,-, aa..::iuni.tIon en route from F3uckaau-Pra z,?ssdorfy to S erg; and a shIprzent 0f? Item No 16 an route f rora Schoene beck/Elbe, to Pernaau near Berlin,,' *r- lin? 21. Seven tank carts containinr Tasoli hi ne C zer~rrdl II ., . =on P 25X1 25X1 were en route from ?li;ar 25X1 to Cottbus,: on 27 Maty 1950. 22* A:$neteen frei -:t cars loaded with arnrnunition 8asaa 71), were an route from Brest Lit ovs?: 29 to Toepchi.n, travelling via . rankfurt/0der^, on 29 ."ay 150, SEC I, 1 .1 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/01/10 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600240001-7 " .~; `?T''C~1 TROLfU"S 01i'FICIXL,2, ONLY 4 25X1 25X1 23,, . ovennents observed on 30 a:1ag 1950 Included two freIg t cars loaded with nilita r vood en route from Strausber, to Cottbus and one re Thu car loaded vIth tnilitar good., en route from Strausber^,, to Y~lotzschc. Three areIgat cars with gasoline crane or .ere unloaded in i3rand enburg-Alts tadt . 24 One freight car loaded with gasoline cans were seen in Bran= denbur -Neust?adt, on 31 y 1950 It was consigned to 25X1 111iree frei,;ht cars loaded rithl --A Pas4> server cars, corning from Ohrdruf and consl zed to 25X1 II were seen in Babelsberg on the same date. Four Steancxal bound frei rht cars loaded with gasoline cans 25X1 srC'"ra ncvw 28 Vrei-rht shipments observed on 30 Ma 1950 included three frc i at and were seen on 25X1 25X1 25X1 28. One Frei-4.1t car loaded with gasoline cans 25X1 25X1 was en route from Velten, to 25X1 25X1 Satzkorn, on 26 May 1950. One car loaded with gasoline cans was 25X1 25X1 on route from Velten, to 25X1 tildpark, on the same date 27, IIeIl movements on 26 ;,ray 1950 included one freight car loaded with potatoes, en route from I3oelzke to 25X1 25X1 Satzkorn, and ei sht freight cars loaded v . ration supplies, an route from V111rzen to Satzkorn. 25X1 25X1 I Rathenow, was seen on 3 Tune 1950,, Bad Saarow, to F 30. Shipments seen on 4 June 1950 included one frei .~ht car loaded with construction material., an route. from Falkensee tol 25X1 25X1 I IJue?torbog-Altes Las-ear; five freight cars loaded with 25X1 arainunit3 on coming from Brest 25X1 Litovsk en route from 0 25X1 25X1 "ran.kfurt Oder, to Toepchin; and 25X1 two frei..zt cars loaded with ration supplies, en route from 25X1 a'uerstenberg to Satzkorn. 31,.-i . No Soviet military trains were observed In 1'Westrin be, t, seen 5 and 21 41Tjy 1950. 23 May 1950. dispatched for Stendal rag cars loaded with Military goods 25X1 Approved For Releas 4 3N1~ DLN IA~57R005600240001-7 ern route from isenspalterei., 25X1 Satzkorn, and two grei:,,ht cars a ed with ras o line cans, en route from Ve tcn to Olympi- 25X1 sches Dorf. 29, One freight car loaded with boards, ?n route from 25X1 - Cominerats . (1) ;cur trains carrying, units of the 19th cads Meez Div, presumably to the Letzling Heath area (trains were reported bound for Wit- tenberg or an unidentifiend destination). After detraining of . SE T-CGANTf0L/US Osb+ ICIALS ONLY CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/01/10 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600240001-7 .(;l'ALS ONLY 5 Approved For Release 2000b1'/I 01 Q~I~Lq_ ]P05600240001-7 units of the 19th s Metz Div, four empty troop trains re_ turned from Haldensleben to Wuensdorf. (2) Four trains carrying units of the 7th c,ds Tank Div from their Dessau-Rosslau billeting area to the 3, erderpP,ca.rkendorf troop training ;rounds, and one empty train returning. (3) Trains making round trips from 1?ittenberg to the Gbexder-~"ar?ken= dorf troop trainin~T Trounds units of the 6th Gc~s Tank Div. Evacuation of units from the troop trni.nin ; x round1:.i was 25X1 observed a. This possibly was rotation of units. (4) Two trains carr in.~ units of the 4th Gds AA Div to the Wustrow 25X1 Peninsui. (5) Two trains carry n.?; an un en _. a s: 'nn unit possibly be 25X1 longing to the GOF( . (6) Presurnab11 in connection with the reoccupation uft.nach richten Kaserne Halle. 25X1 25X1 (i) the ias n s._,>_ a.i expo in Bad SaarovwpPisskow 25X1 prior to 3 June 1950 - helonr:s to the main fuel sup-, pl ' ,dk ',0L : in Velten section for army units which was Confirmed 25X1 there prior to 2 June 1950.1 1 tiro:-> 25X1 babiy a on rs to an A? supply office the 25X1 a =munition depot in. Toepchin, has been repeatedly re..25X1 ported from TTeupitz; ass ,ie to a :hospital, 25X1 25X1 is assi.cned to the Hq Chief Supply and Adminlstratfive Services of GOYG in Potsdam. I r., c nf5.rr s the "ain Ratior?5X1 Supply Depot No. 8 00 in Satzkorn prior to 28 May 1.950. 0 25X1 25X1 belon-.s to the aarmiun{.tion supply administration in ba- 25X1 mitzscho confirms the army fuel depot in Dresden 25X1 prior to 22 May 19500 was reported for the first time from Eisenspalterei Eberswalde ? tion with a shipment to Satzkorn on 20 7;z 1950. possibly 25X1 25X1 confU5ed v~;ith the m al- n fuel depot in a ten, section for AY units, which was confirmed 25X1 there by another 2 June 1950. r o ? 25X1 babl= belon;s to an A? supply depot in Duckau-Pransdb rf. II 25X1 25X1 , probably is assigned to an AV units is as ss i e&'5X1 to the 253rd Adriu Ian, which was previously located in Jueterbog ,. 25X1 probably belongs to an A? unit. has been 25X1 25X1 repeatedly reported from 1- athenow: probably ass...gne to a s .l nal unit or a s i -,nal depot. has been repeatedly 25X1 reported from Jueter o possibly belongs to an AF unit or AF supply office. is assigned to a .,round unit of a round attack rP;-!1-mPnt 1 25X1 25X1 ome station is loci r-Nohra. The re imsnt has cen confirmed with 'its division at t rdruf troop training 25X1 grounds since 1950. is assi'.7zed to a technical battalion of a r;round attack re