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November 16, 2016
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April 12, 2000
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August 2, 1950
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INTE1LI)FIX 21 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : OIa) vp-d2=0~' R005600360009-6 CLASSIFICATION -r' Soviet__`Qne of Germarta It, litarv t.-Al Shipments in the Frankfurt/Oder Area EVALUATION --- ---PLACE OBTAINED 25X1A DATE OF CONTE '5X IA DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES REMARKS SOURCE ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 1. One hundred and ninety tank cars containing, fuel passed through the Frankfurt/Oder marshalling yard en route from the U.6.6. .'C. to elten 25X1A between 8 and 22 July 1950, Consignee was Unit 1) 2. Ammunition shipments passing through irankfurt/0d r en route from the U.8.5.1t. between 13 and 21 July 1950 included: Number of boxcars To 16 Nfaf#endorf 10 Koenigswusterhausen 7 urzen 18 5~urzen 3 Muellro se 15 Altengrabow 3. A shipment of twenty tanks from Brest Litovsk to wuellrose arrived in Frankfurt/Oder, on 14 July 1950. There the shipment was broken up and redispatched, with four tanks going to Jena, four to Aamenz, four to hberswalde three to Doeberitz,. three to Stendal and two to Neustrelitz. 25X1A Uni was consignee of all these shipments. (3) 4. !A shipment of 40 trucks was dispatched to Koenigswus ,ernausen on 21 July 25X1A 1950, Consignee was Unit A shipment of 35 damaged trucks went to ''.urzen orL the same day. (4) 5, A train of 14 boxcars occupied by soldiers with red-bordered black -- _ _ --_t ...... -- -"+ as- '17--- AT of series was observed on the i'ue rstenwalde-Frankfurt Oder- o us hue on 10 July 1950. (5) 6. Four 76,2-nim guns and six trucks, including fou were unloaded at tine military ramp of the Frankfurt der rai ro station and driven to the Artillerie Kaserne on 10 July 1950. (6) 25X1 C 25X1 C CLASSIFICATION SF;C T--C0N'KOL/U5 OFFIC1A'LS ONLY Document No. C~N~LNTl~l. If change In Mass. -------------- Dlc:Iass;d#ed Glass. chnn ed To: TS S Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00 6 W0 0 67D. a E0 Date: ,~ i-M- ---- By: ?3_7_ 25X1C Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600360009-6 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005600360009-6