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November 16, 2016
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February 24, 2000
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September 13, 1950
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For'Release 2000/05/x,8 CIA-RDP82-00457R005800260003-1 COUNTRY China CLASSIFICATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. SUBJECT Corm unist Instructions and Activities in I acao PLACE 25X1 A ACQUIRED ~ DATE OF 25X1 A 2~c9x RETURN I BR RY DATE DIST% 25X1A NO. OF PAGES 0. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 13 Sept. 1950 SUPPLEMENT TbX1 A REPORT NO. , On 22 July 19 4, the Comm mist Special Commissioner's Office in Pa ,o re* cep sd seoret orders? from the Ohinese Cow et South China Sub-Bureau as followee ao Examine thinking and political opinions of party members and ff.;brit a, report on theme b4, Investigate the material resources of the Nationalist government and of co nercial Mims operating on bureaucratic capital in Macao, c., M vise Chinese merchants in Macao to return to the mainland for their investment 0. 2 In order to increase the scope of intelligence activities in Sottth Cbin a0 the SubbIlu eau about 25 July appointed HSIAO Kv e (r ) *~` director of second Secretary Section (Ti Erh Shu Chi V OW;, of the Sub-Bureau, which is responsible for Intelligence Work in Macao and Hong;. Kong " On 28 July, the bI:C ' The South China :,`cab-Bureau activated an intelligence section (Chains; Pao Tsu)(j k fi) on the Macao border, to be responsible for clandestine work. The section consists of fourteen persons, under the leadership of YO Hua,,chiao Personnel of the International Communist Party in Macao at the end of July include the follovringpe * H:* a. GIVEN Man (' } r i !=') liaison officer. b. CHBI Mkt ohou &?, chief of intelligence, age 46, native of Shih Ching Hsiang Hsinhul Hsien (113.06, 22?314), Kwang tunga and relative of t H~r'33 Mate; add Jesse 7 Ping Ma Lu (- ,1 v*) Erh Lung Hou P Q ac (r- i ~,J) a Macao ? Co T'S 9AO Chin but (` 4 )' aka George (Tso-cfting4A-- i ) T'SI AUa adviser of the action group*** of the Macao Special Commissioner's Office; addrens, 21 Rua A.Imirante Costa Cabral Macao. d.? LI Ho ( %0) and other me: bens of s ,, Ting groups who wii:l. work with thy. actton.. group. 25X1A 25X1A a~ n_t? An earlier directive from the some office is quoted Sur- M Comment. 2 J/\ I P?I 5 CIlftll L1 n, identified as in eh4x41b collection Chinese intelligence and as an arms scour. ^,ler; see ITSTAO K'e;'see25X1A 1 LIAITG Pecs., lea or o ~c e Macao action group and committee member of the Macao Association for Liberation of Ilong Kong, Kowloon, and aoi s e 25X A ...,, e I . ? 25X1 A ITA Ling; see W TLT Lan, committee member of the Association for Liberation of r'acao, rHong Kong, and Kcnrloon and head of the organization section of the 25JC ao branch of the South China Politburo; see 25X1A ~ Comment A group activities in Macao arc discussed. in 3c ~,.,c Com ent. This appears to be a new name for the organization 25X1 A reported as the "Far Last Cominform." An international Com- munist organization, or a Communist organization with non-Chinese members, may exist in Macao, but it is to be doubted that it is known by the designation given above. CONFIDENTIAL Persomel previously reported include the following: Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005800260003-1