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November 16, 2016
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February 28, 2000
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September 21, 1950
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~r .e9 ii-~?ebarlxi +iV G' x'.Fi ` ii.Ai 1 ~NAl 25X1A 'Nr ApRoud For ReloadI~~44Zb~66~~li SP ~R005800~Wb 9NO- ^ INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. OUNTRV Guatemala/France 7UGJECT Activities of t?anuel 'aduardo I:ubner F.ichardson in Guatemala PLACE 25X1A ACQUIRED DATE OF25XIA 2K DATE DISTR. 2le 3ET 50 NO. OF PAGES A2 25X1A NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 0 1. Between tso-hundred-and-fifty and three hundred persons attended a lecture in Guatemala City by prominent Chilean Communist 1.'anuel T_:duardo fubner Richardson on 31 August 1950 concerning the poetry of Pablo i;eruda. The invitations were issued by the Linistry of Fublic education of Guatemala, and the following organizations collaborated in sponsoring the event? Alianza de la Juventud Democratica Alianza Femenina Guatemaltoca Grupo Saker-ti Sindicato de Trabajadores de la '.ducacion Sindicato de Trabajadores Intolectuales y iirti star Revolucionarios Sindicato Ilacional de 11oriodistas 2. Hubner was introduced by Doctor Raul t soguoda, b.".inietor of Dducation,, who described Hubner as a person of political importance in his on country, a roan of letters, and a strong supporter of peace and democratic ideals. C. segueda also described r eruda as a 'great fighter for peace. 11 3. 'ubnerrs lecture lasted an hour and a half, and was devoted almost entirely to the reading of _~erudars poems. Fe concluded with a five-minute eulogy of "oruda, with laudatory comments on his efforts for peace. 4. In the audience, composed mainly of teachers and students affiliated with sponsoring; organizations, source noted the presence of Alfonso Crgartes, former Guatemalan Ambassador to Chile; Alvaro Yugo Salguoro, private secretary of President Arevalo; Virginia Bravo Leteller,, Chilean Corgi Iunist9 employee of the I inistrj of .:dueation; Eugenio Silva Pena, former Gmatemalan Foreign 1'inister; Antonio :`ierra Gonzalez, an official of the Canfederacion de Trabajad.ores do Guatemala (CTG); Victor Manuel Gutierrez, ''ocretary General of the CTG; Jose Manuel. Fortuny, Communist and political loader; tratilde'3 ena Lopez, Communist and officer of the Alianza Femenina Guatemalteca. L-A CONFIDENTIAL. CLASSIFICATION Cbi3 TIAI , . P3AVY tdSRB ~ D{S UTION A1R Y~ .,~ F81 EEII Ap This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL, in accordance with the fetter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States, bPtfmtbdI1#WeaRB tswW00/05/18: CI4 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : fflA-RDP82-00457R005800290011-9 5. A few days before his lecture Hubner said that he had received a letter from France written by Antonio Aparieio Herrera, who is married to Hubner's daughter, Alma IIubner Vidal. According to Hubner, his daughter and son-in- law had been seeing a great deal of the Chilean root Pablo Neruda in their Paris apartment in the quaff d'Orleans. Neruda sent a message to Hubner in which he expressed surprise that his candidacy for the Peace Prize had not been sufficiently aided from Latin America. Apparently Italy and r'exico have proposed r,eruda as the winner of this Prize. But r:eruda told Hubner that he felt he should be supported by all the national 'eace committees in Latin America, especially by those of Chile and Guatemala. Ile urged that cables be sent immediately a&1resced to the Peace Cor i.ttee in Prague, or to, the Comite r"und.ial de la Paz in Paris. Hubner said that Antonio and Alma were planning to be at the station to meet the new Guatemalan tinister to France, inrique 1'unoz ?'eany when he arrived , , Antonio wrote also that i eruda did not intend to go to the station to greet I'Unoz "eary, feeling that it would be lacking in discretion to appear in public with the new minister on the day of his arrival in Paris. 7. From Ilubnergs remarks source said that evidently Antonio and Alma had been in rather close contact with the previous Guatemalan_ Vinister to France, Luis Cardoza y Arapon and his wife during their sojourn in Paris. according to Antonio, the Cardozas left Paris on 1.7 August 1950 via New YorY for .`exico, where source believes they are at present. 8. Antonio also thanked Hubner for "orienting" them concerning the new Guatemalan ?!inister to France, P unoz reany, and assured Hubnor that the information would not be wasted, the same being true, he added, with respect 25 IAthe "secretary in London.TW I7ubrer did not enlarge upon these remarks. 25X1A Corns It is believed that the "socrotar i. on," probably refers to Lorenzo T"ontufar tevas, who was reported i to be going to I ondon for three months and then to Paris as 1 ecratary of the Guatemalan Legation. Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005800290011-9