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November 16, 2016
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February 28, 2000
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September 28, 1950
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aUBJ FCT 25X1A Approved For Re1ease`2OOO/d5h UN f' OAi.E OfS- k >)3 %ros: Lion of Con3,mun:ist-Front Teohnica1 Group NO. OF PAGES I to !..-=rant inn holi ri..an Corridor 10, OF EWOLS. (L4STCD ?3ELOW) 25X1A 25X1X 25X1X SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. : The, front orp anization of the Cor rui.st Party of Chile (PCCh~ , 1xor:n as the CC';rculo do Isturli.ns de :in--err_eros, l.rQQuitectos y Tecnico.e, or Gr+ipo de ` eoni_eos, is actively combattia > the proposed government plan to grant Bolivia a corridor tot the Pacific Ocean, The Grano de T.oenicos is f3lloiI n he rCJCh line,, and is attackirv the plan as nart of a Yankee n of to gain ontrol over Chile $ s econ~- The .o anL7.ation had planned a xo_'.)m on the subject to aka niace on 2 ` . 1950)., but the moving was postponed becar.:so of the death of 1.1z-turro August Aiior andri t'alut , on 21 August. The pr^inc:i, ?al. sneakers at the moeting, which 3 s scheduled to take glace soon,, Y-.11 be Gu:il.ler;ao del odr :gal president of 'g he i'r Peace Coimni.?ttc e and Abraham lcait;caL '4'he sne kcor will ,a.ttcrant to demo v3trate that they proposed government plan to use the wat? rs of La' o Titicaca in '3 Livia to irrigate the northern Chile cre .er: regions has not been based on technlca.l. tidies and should be or)posecL aanc the deal vrith Bolivia -v iU according to t e `:he,s.s of the forum speakers, a:,'or the interests of the United Mates to '-a d~'tri-_,ant of Chilean `.nVeres f?i~ t 1i'_LL he suggested that the governmenw. 3p?rte cte an then ono oc ~~};['.h. was r?isczz;:;sod at the Hf hth National Assembly of Chile an Enginr erg This project .n vc..ve'J.?. harnessing the steam di1 ch 1-se pes frorn the (round at 11 .01 ri'aiteo;i in 't.r cauma Province in. north Chi:. ThE Cozzrr;ta.r: st--ir,; a_inad hchn ..ca?;.:Yx'caxx~ i maintain t ) !i t e power' obtained from `1aL`T'C si rg the stoa.'?1 '_.1 be chew ) ind mou d: eliminate Lhe rssent i r)ertation of tetrolerzrn. to. produce ei. ctr;c:yty ox, the cop-o7cr aa.,td nitrate industries in northern Chlle, The 4echnic ans i;.d_