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November 9, 2016
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March 27, 1999
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September 22, 1950
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!Ad:, CONFIDENTIAL' ? CENTRAL 1NTELLIGrfv.,::: AcENcy 1-?.c.,,_ucti 140. ? Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP87-IIINI-57R0058004u000j-o INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) fiJBJECT UisoollaneouS Railroa(l information 25X1A- 'LACE ,\CQUIRE DATE OF 25X1X DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES 25X1A 22 SEP 50 NO.OFENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Recently renarat-ions trains ''rom Halle and Gflsten have been routed through Berlin-Temnelbof, notwithstanding orders to use only the freight outer ring. The burden on the single-track ring is frequently so heavy that it becomes necessary to run rough Tempelhof or typass the city entirely on a very wide rerouting. The trains sent through Tempellsof consist mostly oI sealed cars carrying cement lime, sugar, textiles and crated machines. They are routed then via Pankow, Pasewalk and Rostock for sea shipment to Russia. Occasionally trains hauling alcohol pass thro,,gh Temrelhof en route via Brest to Russia. 2. Regular shipments of lignite briquettes are made from the DDR to Sweden. These go by rail to Stettin. The shipments are in accordance with a t:,7ade agreement between the Soviet Union aqd Sweden. j, The following 21st of Reichsbahn nrorerties and installations In the Vest Sectors of Berlin are guarded by three shifts of railway police in the strength indicated. Police carry either Carbines or pistols. Number of Police Pr ,Shift S-Bahn Betriebswerk Papestrasse 1 to 6 Treptower alterbehnhof 6 Bahnhof Rermannstrasse Anhalter Bahnhof 6 RBD Schdneberger Ufer 1 to 6 Bahnhof Wannsee, including Betriebswerk 1 to 6 Gdrlitzer Bahnhof I. to 3 Bahnhof 7riesterweg 12 Bahnhof Steglitz 1 Bahnhof Zehlendorf 2 to 4 Bahnhof Grunewald, including Betriebswerk and Ausbesserungswerk 1 to 12 .Bahnhof Spandau-Test 2 to 6 CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION 41;61ern...11:0 DISTRIBUTION ARMY ,1", )J AIR STATi7_11;,7 NAVY FBI NSIZEI 01.? This document is hereby regraded te CONFIDENTIAL 'n accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Approved112411k41644110191991891B9tesCIA-RDF Next Review Date: 2008 82-0 .5-ixtris CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A Approved For NAtittuann)903/LOBL II, 14 7111 ? 820)461R005800490003-6 Bahnhof Westend Bahnhof Zoo Bahnhof Charlottenburg, including Fernmeldemeisterei Lehrter Bahnhof Bahnhof Moabit ,ctrber of rolice per Shift 1 to 6 to 6 to 5 1 to 2 1 to 3 4. All cars loaded with renarntions from the area of RBD Berlin are brought to the Berlin-Rummelsburg marshalling yards, to be made un into renaretions trains. These trains lenve the DDR at Frankfurt/Oder. To this roint they are .accompaned by a squad of six Volksnolizei, From Frankfurt/Oder eastward, train hauling important reparations goods are nrotected by Soviet soldiers. Some few nroceed without any nrotection. Reparations trains arriving within the area of RBD Berlin already made un ? are routed over the yards at Bahnhof-B 10 in Lichtenberg and then proceed to the border crossing point of Ktstrin for further transit to Russia. RBD Berlin has a daily quota of 15 repara- tions trains ner day lo dispatch to the border. A Soviet office within the RBD Berlin assigns transnort and rriority numbers to all reparations trains. In accordance with the DLR Law for the Protection of Internal Trade, freight trains may not run through the freight yards of either West or East Berlin. This nieces a heavy strain on the freight outer ring and means that trains are required to run on the average from 80 to 100 additional-kilometers. It frequently results in waybills' being separated from shirments and handling delays of from 12 to 14 days are not uncommon. 6. Household goods and excess baggage of Russian officers and soldiers returning to BlASSib are loaded on Monders, Wednesdays and Fridays at the SchlesischerBahnhof and Bahnhof Wildpark in the SovietSector of Berlin and the Soviet Zone near Potsdam resnectively. On these days from seven to ten box cars averaging ten tons of goods each are loaded. Approximately 300 tons ner week are shipped out. Around the middle of June, General Kotikow alone had two cars loaded with his own personal effects, while It. Col. Popoff, until recently liaison officer to Feichsbahnamt 1 of RBD Berlin, shinned one and one-half cars. 7. Construction work in the area of RBD Berlin had by 30 June 1950 been completed to only 19.7 percent of plan. 80 During the first quarter of 1950 the income of the Reichsbahn had fallen off to the amount of DM-41,900,000. This was 10.63 perceat under the nlanned quota. 9. It is nlanned to have the Basanetz for the Reichsbahn in the entire DDR in full operation by the end of 1951. The central for the system is located in the main headquarters building of the Reichsbahn. 10, The conditions of the new wage contract with employees of the Reichsbahn, provide for general ray reductions, general reduc- tion in allowed annual leave, reduction of the official notice of dismissal period from six months for employees of over ten years standing to a period of fourweeks for everyone, discon- tinuance of arbitration over points of difference between emrloyer and employee. 11. The main stations in Potsdam, Prenzlnu, Dessnu, Magdeburgj and the Schlesicher Bahnhof in Berlin are acheduled to be fully restored during the years of 1950 and 1951. The track capacity of the stations in Pritzwalk and in Rostock is to be expanded to accomodate heavier traffic, Approved For Release 1999A ?-41' ?- 11*- ADMIT 1)05800490003-6 SiOetiff CONFID NTIAI ? -Approved.For Release 1999/09/ TRDP82-004o7R005800490003-6 25X1A CiOTRAL Ii LLIG. CE AGL-IXY -3- - 12. During 190 and 1951 further bridge building and bridge rerairs are contemrlated on the following lines: Bodenbach to Dresden., Neukirch/Lausitz-Test to Bischofswerdal reissenfels to Bebra. Aditional line imrrovements rlanned for the years 1950 and include double-tracking on the following stretches: Aschersleben to Wistent Niederschlema to Wilkau-Hasslau, Reitwein to Ktstrin- Metz. Approved For Release 1999/09Arg-RDP82-00457R005800490003-6 CONFIDENTIAL