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November 16, 2016
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March 15, 2000
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September 28, 1950
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k 3 =CA110N CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 A Approved For R616 IiWtdObt5i48' I AT O 82-0045 ROOO58O0 CD NO, COUNTRY Chile DATE DISTR. 2 - .yap 50 SUBJECT Status of Disciplined Communists in Chile NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE 25X1A NO. OF ENCLS'. ACQUIRED (LISTED BELOW DATE OF INFO. 25X1 X SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The following information has been obtained on the present status of several outstanding members of the Communist Party of Chile who were disciplined by the Party and deprived of all their rights except the payment of membership duet ar?d. ~'a:ty contrib=iltionsi ,'k,se Garcia Tello: He is reported to be completely disinterested in political activities at the present time and dedicates himself exclusively to the medical profession. He reportedly has pro. sented an appeal of the order expelling him from the Party and this appeal is to be discussed at the next Party Congress., i.Iario Contreras Villalon: Contreras also is appealing his exooulsion from the Party. Ile is now in Stockholm, Sweden, where he is studying under a Svcdish Government scholarship. Iaoises Rios Valeuzuela: Ile was formerly a member of the Parbyr s Central Commit oo. Ile was not actually purged from the i"arty but, was placed "on the margin?i, as it is exp~=cssod in local circles. He lost his rights as a militant but he is still considered to be loyal to Communism although he strongly disagrees with the present directive body of the Chilean Communist Party. As a Central Committee member he was considered to be hard work-ing,, loyal and brave; but ho lacked intelligence and showed no qualities for "arty leadership. Francisco Debia Yan.ez: labia is also "on the nargi" as his emulsion from the Party was never ratified by the Political Comrmi.ssionv He was expelled from the Party because of his intimate relationship with Jorge Ascu:I., Vice-President of' the Casa do Credito linoro, who was once a Communist and is now a. member of the Liberal Party. CLASSIFICATION CO TT*^T ??7, This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordan i h ce w t the letter of 18 October 107a f .4 _ rom Director or central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review DAjpmed For Rel CONFIDENTIAL I flnr ase 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDR @D 5~-R 5-S 00(t'-0 4- ENTIAL A Proved For ReleasetDP82-00457ROp;p~90007-0 ~Vr Rp)p~(I Try- 'TP ]T^TCY ,d.1 a1 i~ 6~1a1J 1 si 0i.,,;TIa,Ia 25X1A Dobia, who is now in the mining industry in Coquimbo Proving:, has not been able to accede to Com-unist orders to end his friendship with Ascui, having certain cow _ercia.l Tna.tters pending with the Caja de Credito i inero. Debia is believed to be a member of the Radical Party in Coquimbo at the present times Francisco Prado t ranguiz : Ile is also on the margin". his ex:oulsion from the Party was never published by the Communists. Prado is manager of the Elector Refrigerator factory which esta'bblishment, according to the Communist ner,snaper Democracia, is the best ex.. Triple of ',ow relations should be maintained between capital and labor. llegedl;~, 'ralo is very popular with his employee: and workers, Ile is close to Dario oblete, ; .,ecutit. o Secretary of the Governs nt and, through Poblete, Prado is Intimate with high government figures and is considered by them to be a friend of the government., Pedro Hernandez llernandez although Hernandez is nau renortod to be in- active in Co-mrunist affairs b is still considered "loyal" to the Party. Ile is living in the ?oblaci,n Iavarrote? Santiago, and operates a grocery establisltent in the Calle 3ascunan a cONcIE +-'' . Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R005800690007-0