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December 21, 2016
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June 3, 2008
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October 9, 1950
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40044WAA All .'.- _ )PA ~I~Ti::.5 -~i'k?.; ':rk`'C'. T. C f'.* T. - :iTr-r tr Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R005900670001-7 INFORMATION REP " CD NO. COUNTRY Czechoslovakia DATE DISTR.. SUBJECT M ..:.itsry Air Force Academy at Pardubice NO. OF PAGES 3 and Ilradec Kralove PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 51'alb OOCOE16N3' COABTftII iUPOdiFfATIOt3 APPCC(1T3JTR6 #VtTtOffiAb D@6'fl OP Th'E 'k3Rfl1 LTAT89 SRIT141h "46 016MNINO OF YNa ESP1011Aar AO? 90 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 9 OCT 50 The three-year cadet training program at the Military Air Force Acaden r leads to a commission as lieutenant in the air force. The first two years are spent at the Acade at the Hradec Kralove airfield, about five km. north of Hradec Kralove (05171) near the village of Vekos. The third year of schooling is spent at Pardubice, where advanced flight training is given, The reason for the transfer of advanced training to Pardubice is that the airfield at Hradec Kralove is not large enough to handle S-199 (Me 109) planes used for fighter training. The training program at the Academy is as follows: a. First year: From I October to 28 October the new cadet receives infantry training using model 98 rifles, 7.92 mm "Schwerzlose" machine gux, German gas masks and other German war booty. A few old pieces of Soviet equipment were also used. After this indoctination 'period the actual schooling begins. Theoretical training includes Principles of Flying, Theory of Flight Navigation, Meteorology, Engines, General Tactics. Neapons, Theory of Fling, Connunications, Chemical Warfare. Intelligence Service, Quarter- master Service, Service Order, Mathematics. and Geography. The study of Russian is oblign.tory; in ?addi vl.on, the cadet must siucty a second Ian'.. gunge, either English, French, German or Hungarian. Physical training is required. At the end of the first year, day and night flying is taught in elementary trainers,, the C 1.06. The first year class consists of 80 cadets., SPATE ,ARMY b. Second year: Theoretical training includes Theory of Flight, Navigation, Meteorology, Engines, Air Tactics, Aerial Weapons and Gunnery, Night Vision, Recogni- tion, Bombing, General Tactics, Organization, Communications, Order of Service, Quartermaster Service, Military History, Hygiene, Political En- lightenment, Intelligence Service, Mathematics and Geography. Blind flying is taught in a link trainer; advanced flight training is taught in C 2 Arrado plane; ; aerial gunnery is taught with live ammunition and with cameras coordinated with the machine gurus,, Physical training is required. The CONFIDE TIAL NSRS I DIS I TRIeUTiONN I - } ( .._..L~L.~_ar..t ------ - I ------ - clays ,---- i T l ifocChan a in- uecIass,riiesa Class. Ghanrr-d To 1't . 0125X1 Auth.a HH 70.2 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R005900670001-7 Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R005900670001-7 1:JJ~~ .a.ra'::s 't'heory of Fir ng (Ballistics) In':ratry :era.pons Air Force Wannons Order of Service ?n_f.zation Or !m Re ,o nitiozn n!rlish ;ian 1.a.thematics Ueat;r. a -h " Intelligence Service Chemical eJarf sire Fl yin- Instruction , PPJID T Force Acadery at Pardubice include; Senior Sergeant Lovotinsly 3tLaff Sergeant Janke c: 6. Personnel of the I ,ill t xy Air Ccr'r?a.ndin ^ Officer De-,uty Commanding Officer Training Squadron Cora-:an=der Flyin ; Instructors 1'a.jor Pi1.ip it 11 It IV n tt Con.rnndor of th.e Navig-tion Section ao1 uty Cor tinder of the Nap i g.-etion Section Navig-?tion Officers Link Trainer Officer The following planes are being ak II-c-adec Kralove Air Force Captain Air Force Captain Au t?nick q Air Force Captain Kra-ms Air Force Carta.. Kraus Air Force Staff Car-tain Jan Turek Air Force I;ajor Iadis:Dav Coch Air Force Lt. Colonel Baja Air Force i ajcr Sterba General Vojan (retired) 1'ajor A. I;acenauer Air Force Lieutenant Vo j na:r Air Force Captain Srejka1 Air Force Captain Au rnielp- I?=a j or Josef H3.avaty Staff Captain Josef Lorene Lieutenant. Carek Lieutenant 3voboda Air Force iJ .jcor Julius %rr ozd; he was transferred to Brno r Air Force Staff Cal -Lain Rolek; he left to attend the :ar College in Praha. Air Force Staff Gartain Skarvad , a forr er member of the Czech Army in -ngland. Air Force Lieutenant Bozikc Air Force Lieutcant Sas D:achon J3laa.I. G.rzn a.r Stef anok: First Lieutenant Lieutenant Kyscla Lieutenant 'Uzica. Kuskry.a Fichtl Pivronka 3r~a.nt Prcchazka Staff Captain 1Jy used n. t the Military Air Academy: !5cher (Aero) C 1014. 30 planes 31-Acker (Zlin) C 106 20 A C 2 40 Siebel C 3 3 Piper Cub 3 Ga.p (Scorch) 2 Spitfire -I('9 (I`3--1o9) '.;'r ado C 2 Bicker (7lin) C 106 Cap (Storch) Piper Cub aiebel. C 3a and C 3b (for navigation and about 40 planes about 10 3 1 2 15-20 corrunic^tion training) r,"rm Si+ 3 'i/COT?TROL U. .. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2008/06/03: CIA-RDP82-00457R005900670001-7