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November 16, 2016
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March 2, 2000
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October 11, 1950
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25X1A 11TELLBfAt I. Approved For Relsr LV'2obbTiblg,t+ ~*UA-M2-0045 D003_ R 'J O A ART "D NO,. J-4, 8FNT1AL ~;OUNTRY Shile GATE DISTR., 11 OCT 50 OBJECT PCCh Criticism of Its Cells' Activity 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (.LISTED BELOW) DATE OF SUPPLEMENT TO 25VT REPORT NO. 1:, The leaders of the Communir t. Party of Chile (PCCh) are reportedly extremely disappointed in the failure of the Party's cells to carry out instructions received during the past fete months. Particularly disturbing to PCCh leaders is the failure to effect stvveet propaganda, 2, iioreover, regional and local cells have been criticized by the Santiago Regional. Committee for lack- of initiative by their Party militants. The Santiago Committed noted flat work for the Party has decreased about 80 in the past few months. The tiegional Committee is also reported as having stated that "had it not been fo-.? the publication of propaganda pamphlets and of the Communist newspaper Deno foe, , , it could almost be said that the Communist Party did not exist duri~t that period". 3. The Communist leaders hale also found that the campaign to train the members politically and in the tYteories of Communism has not lived up to previous expectationq. The mili;intsr endeavor to win over non'.Communists, particularly factory workers, to Corermism has not been successful. Furthermore, the Communist leaders conpi:; in that there have been few instances of pro-Communist pronouncements at the m, etings of the Industrial Federations, which is con- sidered caused by lack of activity of the industrial cells. The Party's recommendations that sr?;;ll groups neet and study together the articles appear- ing in P%m6cMc have iot been carried out,, 4.. Party loaders are also not pleased with the outcome of their previous instrue- Lions that nilitants r iould observe closely the activities of anti-Communist al?ients operating ?ncag the workers in the capacity of "stool pigeons" and spies on behalf of thi employers and of the police. These spies must exist, the Communists reason. since otherwise the police would not always obtain ad- vance notice of s--nd!.cal meetings. The leaders have therefore reiterated their previous instructioia;;tat ever~r effort must be made to identify those anti- Con unist infonaers.; STATE VI inactivity in roceit months. On the contrary., although perhaps to a lesser degree than the Co-umunists had anticipated, the Party has continued to increase its activities tuitiin labor, political and cultural circles and particularly in the Pro-Poace l~ove~,ant. ere is no evidenc;~ to substantiate the statements regarding the Party's This document Is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. ''cXAfr 16VN0F?WReIease 200 El