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November 9, 2016
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May 12, 1999
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October 17, 1950
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Cy A SIFICATION I 1 49- ' ; . 9 I REPORT CD NO.. r ~4AI INT U ENCE P, r RF"Pr-'&T Sanitized - Ap iroved or a ease : DP82-06457ROO 0 COUNTRY Peru SUBJECT APRk Version of the Gram and Gaitan Assassixnatione PLACE 25X1 A 25X1 ~CQUIRED ~ DATE OF 25X1 A INFO. 17 OCT 50 DATE DIS7R. NO.Of PAGES a NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The underground Aprista party in Peru is preparing to print and circulate a leaflet reiterating its stand on the assassinations of Francisco Grana Gar,nd in Perm and Jorge Eliecer Gaitan In Colombia leaflet will make the following points: a. The USSR plotted the destruction of democracy in Peru and Colombia by planning the assassinations of Crana in Lima and Gait an in Bogota4 bo Eudocio Ravines received the orders and the necessary money to carry out the Peruvian cue M and uaas controlled by the Czecho- slovak Legation in Lima,, The vict'nm was chosen to be someone whose death wcauiLd bring about the i'a11 of "Aprismo" in the go nentg and the dissolution of the Buste ante regime o There more three objectivesa to destroy democracy in Peru, to prevent the approval of the Sechura desert oil contract because that a aerent would have aided the Unified States instead of the USSR; and to bring about a military dicuntorship in the shadow of which Communism would prosper. c. Ravines, with much money at his disposal carried out his orders and chose his victim: Grana0 Some Aprista traitors were hired, as well as some paid assassins who possibly came from Cuba,9 among them one "Ortega". They escaped to Ecuador and Chile. d? The mcrder uae timed to interfere frith the Sechura desert oil concession discussions taking placo in the Senate,, when it seemed that the Senate night approve the l? n,., In Colombia h, it was a question of breaking up the Srnter-American Confegenceo Dr. Laureano Gomez had Gaitan assassinated to eliminate cam- that powerful democratic leader and stop his anti-Cox niat paign. Former 1Z.nister Chef Ra jt,, condemned to death by his own former Communist comrades of Pragt shouted to two French cor- respondents,, just before being executed a year ago,, "I declare that I directed and planned from bore the events I n BogotaS" STATE X ARMY FBI FI Document No. --- b-- -------------- No Change In Mass. J M Declassit ed Class. Charged To: TS S C $ itized - Ap t f or Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R006000090006-4 CLASSIFICATION C ONFIDENT IAL Sanitized - Approved F6 1R > T' CIA-RDP82-00457ROO 0006-4 0- CENTRAL INTLLLIGMICL AGENCY fa Moises Mier Y Teran (then Director General of the police) was in the ,pay of Ravines. g. Ravines, Communist agent, was the sinister executor of the orders of Moscow in the Grana case. This is already proved. All that is lacking in the case are the details of the investigation which is going on in the United States, and then the picture will be complette. One of the foreigners who came to assist in the assas- sination has already signed a confession which exposes the entire case m Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R006000090006-4