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November 9, 2016
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April 19, 1999
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October 17, 1950
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4, 19 - Approved For 154p01#111/ 1.!4i;NciorE ?P.L. CO f.VDt SUBJECT Communist Directives and Activities in racao -r- CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AG EWA REPCRT pf1457R00600016 CD NO COUNTRY China PLACE 25X1A ACQUIRE DATE OF It4FO. ?1 25X1A DATE MIR. 17 OCT 5 NO. OF PAGES 3 25X1A NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. 25X1X niTATET 'ARMY On 4 August 1950, KU Ta-tsfun Ct/ 413- ),* deputy mayor of Cantoni, arrived ':;acao in pureuance of his duties as direc...ior under the South China Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party. On the day of his arrival he called a secret conference of the entire pereemnel of the Uaeao Communist Special Commissioners Office at the Men Kuang (iT ) Trading Coupany.e* On the following day he nade en ine,eeetion of the dacao office and departed for Chungshan (113-36o 22-22). The directives issued at the conference were as follows: a? Eembers of the Special CommissionerTs Of:ice who have not revealed their identities are prohibited from doing so future activities? b. Purchases of materials for overland shipnent are to be increas..d?, Co Prepare for a sudden change In the situation in September and October. EeMbers of the group were told concerning; this directive that if American forces opencd a second front in Korea Sde0 Tse-tung would invade Vietnem and would ofobably attack Taiwan at the name time. Part of the Cameunist offensive -eruld be the capturing of militazymateriel in Hong Kongo which it was estimated could not defend itself more than five days. On 19 August the racao Special Commissioner. Office received m secret order from the South China Slfb-Bereau outlining directives for an unJerground struggle. The text of the message follows: nin order that re party members can take over the heavy responeibility for world liberation o we should intensify our urderground operations to meet the circumstances and to coordinate political, military, and econorAc develooments. The following are general directives: (a) Keep close watch over activities of key officials of the local government. (2) Keep close watch over local material prcperty, r? 3 f.r.---7/ CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFicA-rION F-17.CN TIT IC G 7271rs 7, 0171,'Tirr 01 7 y NAVY TNSRB DISTRIBUTION ICTITCPP-C3117,1 771)17-rr .1! AIR I CITICIT3,1! 30.117TTITIV-1/.! C riT/lT"' RETURN TO ARCRPAS & RECORDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE Approved For Release 1999/09 CkitiLk Leement No. ro Cbango Ir Deolassitcal Class. Changed Te: S ." ? HR 1-2 9aleclkepP82-00457R9p699169 ' MIR Approved For Release 1999/ EU) 457R006000160007-5 lbS PET/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -2- 25X1 A (3) Keep close watch over the activities of Nationalist agents, (4) Persuade unemployed youth to return to China, (5) Promote more overseas Chinese investments; absorb overseas remittances. (6) Infiltrate personnel into various social classes for activities. (7) Intensify international democratic propaganda, Your office should proceed aggressively with work on the seven foregoing items and should submit systematic reports to this sUb-bureau four times monthly," Immediately after receiving this directive?tne members of the Macao Special Commissioner's. Office held a conference at the Nan Kuang Trading Company and appointed three persona to carry out the orders outlined. These were MA Ting Oft. 4 s'4**CHIEN Chih-sheng fiL Ihnxi LIANG (74,4 ).*** n:S A's ' About the same time, the Macao Democratic lienenvs Federated Association received orders to train women intelligence workers. The Association split into two factions each concerned with controlling the,intelligepcp training, the New Democracy Association (Hsin Min Chu Hsie Hui) 147 "-iT) and the Overseas Chinese Association (Hua Chqiao Hsieh Hui) ( 094). The mater was finally settled by LIANG Pvei with the suggestion Zhafeach faction train a separate g7up. The New Democracy Association is to train a grouptpt the Hao Chiang (4-7',1, ) Middle School under the direction of TUtTan (R, ,i4t)9*31-* the Overseas Chinese Association a group at the ?Ching HU (0._;,413) Nursesv School, under the direction of LIN Liu-thien (0,M of)., Each group will include twenty students in the first class. The Chungshan EOC formed a political training class about mid August, meet- ing in the Kung Pei (41-,, An) Customs Building. at La Chi Shan (ft 3,4i, 04 ) Fifth District-. The subjects taught are dialectics, Commnnism, history, the theories of Lenin, Marx* and Engels, and MAO Tse-tung 1s new democracy. Classes are held 7Tonday? Wednesday, and Saturday from 0800 to 1200,. Instruction is under - the direction of a Soviet Ma-kve-fu ( 1i ),-.J ) (?Llakev) for special students, The ?curse has two groups ofstud3nts: a, Proteges of Kv0 Lin OM ) and ano-S)viet Friendship Association:. 111 Meng-chi. )58s8HHfr WING Hao-ming 4.14 aq )1,r.4:8,nr F:2 1G P " ei ( HSIEH Tsai-sheng 4.14. j1,Hm, LIANG Clnih-ehlh ( 4,1; b. Proteges of TU Lanqs Sino-Soviet Cultural Association: CH" 13N Kuo-eil eh (el, CilAin Ch'ing- ( HSU ".7ei-kene; (fi LIU Kuang-pvu (g:d ) YEH Chin-i ( 4) )**M8 LI Thu-hui ) The All-China Federation of Trade Unions has approved membership for the Macao Federation of Trade UnionS. This organization is enjoined to support pro-Communist elements in Macao SETET/CONTRCI, -U,S aFFICIAIS ONLY CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006000160007-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : C-144641i : ? -e` 1 I I 06000160007-5 /ger- sr _laic ormali - U.S. OYiiICIATI3 MIT ' 25X1A C7317:T1AL 11717,11.,ITTITC77, ATTITCY 7, An individual named crcri* has bean re)ortod to be 7ory influential in .7.Iacao, although a private ci:-.A.zen During t;lowar ho provided liaison between the Eacao govern-ent and the Japanese, for which service he re- ceived UK ,250,000 per month, Ho is said to give orders to 2edro Jose Lobo in the liacao government. 6. The Ching Hu hospital and the Ching Hu Primary School in lacao are controlled by Communist elements. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A MMconferences and inspections, mostly Pf military. activities, within Comment. KU Ta-tsrun has participated in a number of Communist the snr:mg and summer of 1950. The lirectives he issued are similar to those 1.)revious/ygiven to !lace.? Communists by the Central South China Bureau. See 25X1A omnont. KU has not hitherto been reported as deputy mayor o.: Cantons but is deputy governor of Kwangtung. omment. This company has been proviously identified as a ,onnunist front organizatianntose p::'emises are often used for such meetings and which purchases for the CCP in Ilacao; see SC-44613.t.. Connent. These individuals have been :previously described as ommunist leaders in !cacao, rticularly in comecton with Hong Nong-ITacao activities. See 25X1A Comment. This nano was received in Cnglish? without characters, an. las not been identified. Lobo has been previously reported as connected with various Chinese, -part.t.cularly 2U Tack-yam; see See 25X1A Comment. 2revious references on the students are as J. OLLO'J CMG Chring-hui, 17=G ?lei, and HST.-111 Tsai-sheng. SeMME 25X1A HSU '1ei.kenr may be the man reported Jammu HSI= -Vei-chien? and in as HSI 'ei-kreng. 25X1A :"A :long-chi may be identical with 1.1A :Jan-chri in 25X1A mro- Nac.:ming. See 25X1A couTnoL u.s OTIICIAIS OILY CONFIDENT! t Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006000160007-5