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December 14, 2016
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April 29, 2003
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October 24, 1950
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NfJDENTI Approved FIs0~-!4~ 13-9 5 FO TBO _ T CD NO. SUBJECT 1., Seam, ln" a Association in Shihtao 2. Port Activities, Shihtao PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1 SATE OF INFO. 4 . F~Ye7E O7YED CYiiii iiliii77i YDE EIEAWmm6 OF Y71E EoPIOIAGE AC? 9i3 @3.S.C.. D 2 AVID DQ. AO ABEMDED.. !F5 TEAf3&075810'.'7 00 YHITt QL'VEJAYtG~S, n QVIAgYQ0377ED parson 'S`3 run. 17 A r rro COo'ioi 777 AM UAVI[7E0 o [?. , ' tJJ5 YED !3Y %A'V.. 0GPEODOCY70t7 C!, Y775s FORM M r zonz 37YED. 25X1 r)/` T-- S ~`t~ c 4 Oct 50 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1 SUPPLEMENT TO 1 25X1 REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION l ,, The Seaman ? s Association (Hae aeon Kong Hoe in Korean., Hai Yuan Kung Hui in Chinese) in Shihtao (122-25 36--53) is a Korean trading agency which Der. forms all liaison duties between the Chinese Communist Arty (CGA) and North Korea.,* The association also contacts Korean smuggling boats enter- ing ShihtaoA and those smug-lens who are discovered to be anti-Communist are arrested and turned over to the Korean Democratic Federation in Dairen. The Federation, after investigating the cases; transfers them over to the Ulnistry of the Interior in Pyongyang for final disposition. 2 ~ The association changes the location of its office once every three months The office has a staff of about five men, all Koreans. The manager is named ,.'0 (4' )~ he is 35 years old and a native of Kosong County (120-20a, 34-58), SO vrorkec. for the South I".anc hurian lailroa(' in Dairen during the Japanese of cunation of I !anchuria and moved to Shi.htao after the war ended. The other men i.n the oiiice are all named KLi ( ) and are all natives of South ! yongsang Province., and the Tung Shun T ? ung 36-53) the Yuan i ~ ung Li (} Y. $?rj 'j 4:, 1, At Shillitao (122-:_)5.7 (z~'. ; . I 1) Trading Cc -)anios arc conducting trade for the GCI\ The Yuan Teung Li began trading .ri.th Hong Kong in Pcbr?u ry 1919 dealing crith military sup.)lics needed by the CCA,w The main irrr?ort is ,;asoline. which is shi,),)od from Shihtao at night to various storage tanks in Shantung Province, and the major exports are beans and bean cakes., One 1,700 ton vesre1 males the round trip to Hong Kong once each month. .,, A steel coast guard vessel was purchased by the Shihtao Customs House from Chinnamnc, North Korea, in June 1949. . rior to that date. sail boats had been used to t- card the port. The ship displaces about 10 tons and is equip,'ed with an 80 horse-n over diesel engine. 5. In February 1950, tuelv'e officials, ranging i age from 19 years to 30 years, were employed by the customs house,. Guards,, working in eight hourP shifts.. were on duty twenty four hours each days They were not ,.rearing; unif'orins. 25X1 n ~~o.ens agency _o:r apanese and Korean smug.-lers and as a Chinese Co exist military t The Soar,en s Association has been variously reported as an UOINFIUtN I IAL __ CLASSIFICA_TIO4 f1R~` LTm , NAVY WSR3 DISTRIBUTION STATE t~IIg,+Iy Fran .~ r_.fl VA ' r.r 4?r^ ARMY Next Rev pprpoved2Fo~r ?^'-_Ic 2~3.^~?/08/11: CIA-RDP82-0.04 R 06 40013-9 O l YPIis COi\ F DERITIAL In aocorden@e with the letter of 16 October 1976 crow) the Director of Central 8ntelligence to the Archivist of the United Statas. rrT9QPa$ is faaPe~b r'aded to C ~ 25X1 Approved For Release 20t6Nf1bVff1XC 0 6100140013-9 CEI A:L IN TELLIG-T'.CE AG'.,ITCY in_telli r-;cnce agency. In January 1950., the organization erloyed eight Koroari aEents, trere leaded by a Chinese Con-munist army officor named rTl :+ Jam. CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006100140013-9