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December 14, 2016
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April 13, 2001
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November 16, 1950
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Approved For Release 2001/11/26 :CIA-RDP82-0045780061004 CENTRAL iNTELLtGENCE AGENCY REPORT N0. CLASSIFlCATiON COi~!F3QENTI.IL/CJ+~tTNtJI,~US UFFZCII~,L.S 0 COUN~y USSR (White Russian SSR) SUBSECT Robrin Airfield 25X1A ACQU RED ?ATE OF INFO. DATE DISTR. 16 Novo 1950 ~t0.OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. tLISTED BELOW) SURPLENIENT 7? REPORT N?. The airfield tins about ~3 ltm Brost of Kobrin {2~.o22HI~f~2o12oPd)~ :7hite Russian S5i~9 north of the railx?oad line -~o Brest t itovyk (2~ I~2 QL/52?5?tJ) o Tho f iold could not be observed because of a moods o ~ T~v~.n-~nrine alanes took off individually climbed ov :r the raoods~ and var,,ishod froza vieyra They did not assemble in the air, It teas observed. that the ;Manes retracted their lantain~ Tears :a?tile clir.-bin;;o The grin-en;ine ~~lanes ~vere deii.~i3.tely identified as s~aai-L^i~;h rrln~ raonop~.anes :~ri.th t:~ro r:.~ci~rocatin4 engines ox'~ndin~ a?no~st as ~~~ as the fuyc:la~e, engine rump nat visi~yle, round en;i.ne corrlin;;~ double rudder assembly, landi:~ ;ear retracting r?ar:~ar~a~ tail :vheel F~ut no vase rrhealfl ~ ~Cozti~ento ryespitc~ fide statement on tI?ie ?ocation9 probal~l~* due to error ~n es ?zraation9 the fic;lci is k,~:;la.eved to be the rrno;zn airfield at Kabrin, In the summer of 19~~ the #ielc ~?ras pro~.~a1~.1.tr oeeu,~ied tr,~ jet ~~lanes ?;ahich :?rere allegedly tra~>,sferred to the Far East in uctober l~~tc~4 ~ ~ :.orrs:iento 1^he aircraft are believed to b~ `Lko2 t~ombers, 7ocurr.~nt tea, ----- --------------- N? thar.~e In Class. '~ Decla~s:4kE~l i:-a~s, tt~~r~ryrd To: TS S C Aufl~.: NR 10.2 STATE ARMY 25X CLASStF1CATiON CONFIDEN'MAL/CONTROI~US OFP'TCIALS ONLY AIR NSRB