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December 22, 2016
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January 31, 2012
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September 27, 1950
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..C ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2 .REPQRT SOVie t Rail T.'n~rorrte?n i?.c ; ,~ f-. h~, ~;.,qr.; .,a. _.r ra ~._.._ _..._ DATE ?F CQNTENT DATE OE3TAI N E P,EFEREiVCES~~ PAGES ~ ENCLC9SURES (~o. ~ rv~c)_~,.____~. REMARKS o S?~c 5F ~.tns 9 about 2QO sc~lciers anti four tr'~:cf;s mere unloaciec; in ":olrr~rstedt on 25 !~*a~ttst 1950a boxes Jere ~~ ne 1naa7 re at:~~znition ~i1ed besn de the ~~i~ht trael~ at the t:olr~irstedt r?~ilx~o~n ~~~.a~~ nog R~row. i.l:r. :~~i-~ stG:ut7.xd~, .a~r?y ~;ne ~?.rnani.tlono (2) 50X1-HUM - o? ~,~ used trucks td3.t?3 nZII:I~erS o~ -LI?~~ - - - ~-`._,~_ ,,, ?~~.,,, ?ij ~? ?u~,~5z ire txe on oz" Pol~do o One baxc~,,g? loac?eci with 34 crotos co ntai.nin~ ~rz~adstones I}r d ~Z es . eici: to i~Tuellrose on ~, ;;;o~to~ber 19500 t3) ~95~ co.~in0 50X1-HUM and f row the 50X1-HUM Rail ship~.ents obserrred at the Fr~n?r.S'urt/Odor frei~;~lt yarc: bet~eea2 29 .~u~ust ant? 1 ?e` tc3mber 1950 included; Four bo~~cars ~~r. th ~ailitary Goods tanY~ cars f'ue~. Far'cymgive tank cars taittl .fuel Fro~tmT'o and Dat? Brest Litovsk to 4TCSS!'Yl 29 t~u~tzst Brest LitovsY. to O'E~.ten 2g dlu~,ust Brest Litovsk: to 'V~eltan 29 ~u~vs-I; ~vo boxcars Fra~;furt/Oder~Basa ~~ith military border to .~a1d= (;Dods si.c'1.~':G'rsClOrf ~~ .riLlar.,11St ~~ ^.~ .--_~: i U;l, in accordanca vr;.;i ;;la fe.[ar cf 1u October 1373 from i~it i=;rector of Central Intcllirence to tiro ~: chivist of th? United States. Flext Peview Date: 2008 ?? dc" ~~m~nt is heroby re0rad~~u t~ C`,I_A~i(FI~?.A3'I~119 c~r~~._~+nrrmrr~- lrrn r1T?~+rn~s-~re nrTr~ ~?cume . q Na ~~~ n (4~''t~e s 'ti ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2 ;4 `F `~? ~. v~E~~OTdTI~t3~,/US ?r,~TCIAi, 2 S ~xor~ ~o aid Da.~e Ten boxcars I~'~aa~~~?'c/C~dex bo~rde~ ~.3i t~?y loads to Sa~~koa as 30 ~u~zst Vivre fiat{ c~?s ~'pa~al~xu~t/Osier bo~de~ ti~.fih .~uelo ~ to ~Te3.ten 31 ~tlagust vivre ita uclas T+'x?~I~'u Oder box~de~? to ;~zax?~en 31 Au~?us~c 1line trucks to Itoen.~svvt~ster~ hausen 33 ~u~tasfi Si.~c boxcars .~ F'racli??~.~u,/Oiler b?rder nit3.on to A,:a~debua?B~~Bucltaum ~?~asd?r~? ~. Se~t~ber I~Iis~e boxcars ~ri.i~h Fx~anl~.?ur~/Odes bortle~? a~.2~.tary foods to Bat~Itors~ 'i 5egatcmber The tra;~a cue from ?thc dix?ecfiio~a cf Oaxesfiro~ headed tourard deust~?e1ifi~, ~~?) passed through the rleubr~a~adenbtxrC ~?a.ilxoad staviono 11 guns o~ about 2O rm caliber,?and 2g trucl~s ~~) Oar ~ Septer~bex~ ~.9~0 a train og ei?Int boxes occupied by soldiers vr~earin~ ~?ed~-borcered blacl: epaule?~s~ an uude v~3~'ni %led ~taa~tber ~y~, ~.c~,'"%t;~$ ~'Zr1.81d'r IIo ~.lytar~ shiprients in ei~;hec' tai ~?ociioa~a passed ~cl~ou~;h the ISues ~r?ira~aeustac~t ra.i3..,~oad. station bet~:cen ~.3 AuOus?~ ~~d ~' Sw;ote~!bep I.95Oo Co~aents , a ican?t sbutt~.e~train ~oiri~ ~'ror Sa.t~ICOx~: to 4~Tolmir~ 50X1-HUM s?Le c on fife soutreaste~a edCe o.f ~et~lir~r Ileath oxa 2 ~1U Rue ~Om head~taax?ters va~it s o~ uhe oar r; ~;e ;~;~ It~~r obser veil ;.n the Sat~Iro ar+~a.o The uni v pos.. sibly v~~ ~ S~' artill.e~,7 elF~n~:nf, of -t,Yie Fourth G~cls a,`~em~ ~r~y which xlt ~ ~rs;~M 1-'-nom Fieatli possib~.~ for traia~i~.~ de~s~ns~c~:~ations held. b~~ ele~r~ents off' the First Ode ~,ec~ l~g~s apid tb.~ I;i - hth Gds ~ o ~) ~ .a.s sv~..s~on so v~en ?~ ~ . T~OS~I~OS~/IIS OF.~'1:C2~1I~ OlYI,~ ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2 ~ ~'~C(7r;TFiC?7a~Ua C}T~~GS ".Y. a OadL~ ,~ ~5~ ~b co~ox~ex~~ o~ the ~6~. ~z~ o~' ~~e .res~a~f?'~~i G~?s Pp:eo~; ~~~,~- a~~~urner~. to i~CS ~a~e s~~;a,~~.on ~~o~ `~,~e ~,s a~?o~aa _1~.~ z< m c~.b~'-ki~l. S~~ t~o+~de d AL~.+ ~.r~J~ V'd ~ts ~ .t~~..~~ ,J~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/01/31 :CIA-RDP82-004578006100570004-2