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November 16, 2016
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March 27, 2000
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November 3, 1950
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~C,~ R ~ 5{ . a~ C SSIF1CAT ION , _ ; Approved For Rel ` 00~D7t 5tMN( fiAF P82-0045 1 25X1 A COUNTRY Argentina CD N0. DATE DISTR 3 T OV 50 INFORMATION REPORT CONFIDENTIAL SUBJECT Statements "ade by :"finis ter of Economy .?res NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE 25X1A ACQUIRED _ DATE OF INFO. 25X1 X 1? 25X1X NO, OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. ,lthough trade with Great Britain is at the present time at a standstill, '.res is opt_'.ni.stic about future relations p=ith Great Britain, because he has received that at last the =>ritish Government is recognizing th._t its "proposals were not ethical" and that very soon the British C-overnmert will offer higher p=rices for Igentine meat. It:Lly has been buying large amounts of meat in .rgentina and, according to res, the rger:tine Government does not care if Italy is reselling the meat to the United Kingdom., as Italy= is paying; good prices to Argentina 2. Prospects for an improvement in trade between Spain and :rgenf,ina are quite poor, since ?'rgentina has been "let do,.-.n" by Spa l,n, according to ',res. 3~ Commercial relations with the United States are steadily improving. Argentina has increased shipments of canned meat, hides and other products to the United States to such an extent that the .rgentire Govern .ent h:_s been forced to cut down on the exportation of these products in order to avoid shortages in Argentina of those products used for internal consusiption. ccording to ;.:es, United States Secretary of Co.aaerce Sawyer will visit :rgentirla next month to "complete some pending negotiations." 4? Business with Chile is very had at the present time and res estimates that Chile owes _.rgentina ap-roxi,iately US.'20,O001O009 :res believes that the Chile=an Government is trying to cut down this debt by increasing; ship::-eats of copper and other products to .rgentina. Ho; ever, this effort is not meeting with success because the copper mines are not owned by the Chilean Govern:,ento* Argentine is going to improve its commercial relations with sereral Latin ~nerican countries within the next five months 6. The :rgentine Government is continuing to purchase all the essential materials it can in foreign m^ ,r;Lets so that it will be fully prepared ti. ,en .,orid III 5rea:s out. CONFIDENTI CLASSIFICATION .- ;'m: a Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RD 82 00457k 00610061Ono l 4 ,,K 'a.s. Char a To: TS S 0 HR 10.2 Cate: --2-3_JUN_J97. R y 7, Approved For Release 2000/05/18 IA-RDP82-00457ROO =O>:.: 'T't',L a TL TT.~.Ic ?2:c,, _~:; ,_. ..GZ;:CY 2 - ,,,,,VFIDENTIAL the rgentine peso :NV be further devaluated in the Co_afnent. The inference as that the :,,rocs owned by the United States were not coli aboratirig the Chilean Govern.. Ent in this res,,)ect., CpNYIDENTIAL 111 j Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R006100610007-4